Media Supported US Stoked Hong Kong Violence and Chaos

Media Supported US Stoked Hong Kong Violence and Chaos

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Establishment media are mouthpieces for powerful interests, supporting what benefits them at the expense of peace, equity and justice — notions they abhor.

Throughout months of Hong Kong protests turned violent in recent weeks, they support what’s going on.

If similar rioting, chaos and violence occurred in one or more US cities, they’d denounce it strongly — not when directed against a US adversary, no matter how lawless.

Endless protests and violence in Hong Kong have US dirty hands all over them — ignored by establishment media, blaming city authorities and Beijing for what’s been orchestrated from and directed by Washington, using local proxies to do its bidding.

The NYT falsely called months of Hong Kong violence “leaderless,” describing Beijing authorities as “dictatorial” — ignoring US war on humanity at home and abroad, its one-party state with two extremist right wings, democracy in the country pure fantasy.

US elections when held are farcical. Money controlled dirty business as usual always wins. If the process changed anything, it would be banned.

According to the propaganda bullhorn NYT, Beijing is “tr(ying) to convince the public in China that foreign agents and local conspirators are inciting unrest in Hong Kong, hoping to create chaos.”

The Times called reality “propaganda.” It cited a fake news Reuters report, headlined: “Exclusive: Amid crisis, China rejected Hong Kong plan to appease protesters” — citing unnamed sources, one’s with no legitimacy.

China’s Global Times (GT) slammed the report, calling it “fake…attempt(ing) to misquide public opinion,” adding:

“Reuters acknowledged” that it had no access to information it cited, relying on dubious sources instead, feeding the “news” service rubbish.

“It is believed the unnamed sources are fabricated, or they are fake news conspirators,” said GT, adding:

“This fake story has arrived at a critical moment during the Hong Kong crisis and was aimed at sowing discord between China’s central government and” Hong Kong authorities.

The Times, Reuters, and other Western media are propaganda machines, featuring disinformation, Big Lies and fake news, suppressing information diverging from the official state-approved narrative.

The Times: “(P)rotesters are only defending their beloved city, a beacon of liberty, equality and human dignity” — by inciting violence and chaos, attacking government buildings and police, throwing bricks and firebombs, setting barricades ablaze, and harming the vast majority of city residents, victims of their lawless actions.

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT gave feature op-ed space to two leading US proxies — street thugs masquerading as democracy supporters, a notion US policymakers tolerate nowhere, especially not domestically.

Did Joshua Wong and Alex Chow actually write the op-ed bearing their names, or did Times ghostwriters, in cahoots with US dark forces, do it for them?

Rhetoric used suggests the latter, similar to what’s in articles and commentaries by Times’ columnists and correspondents.

The broadsheet and other Western media are acting as a collective mouthpiece for endless violence and chaos in Hong Kong, serving US interests, not the vast majority of the city’s seven million people.

The likely ghostwritten Wong/Chow piece falsely blamed Beijing for rioting in city streets by them, other US proxies and their followers — CIA dirty hands likely orchestrating what’s ongoing endlessly.

Its specialties include staging color revolutions and coups, assassinating foreign leaders, interfering in foreign elections, undermining independent governments, propping up allied despots, waging drone wars, running black site torture prisons, and other dirty tricks.

Are CIA dirty hands all over violence, rioting and chaos in Hong Kong? Bet on it!

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