Where is Iran’s Adrian Darya 1 Heading?

Where is Iran’s Adrian Darya 1 Heading?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

No nation may legally impede the right of other states to engage freely in commerce with trading partners of their choosing.

The US ignores international laws, norms and standards, operating by its own rules exclusively.

Iran’s Adrian Dayya 1 super-tanker has been sailing in Mediterranean waters since released from illegal confinement in Gibraltar on August 18.

Trump regime illegal attempts to block its transit by wanting the vessel seized, blacklisting it, and sanctioning its captain failed to deter its voyage so far.

Treasury Department under secretary Sigal Manelker falsely accused Iran of “attempt(ing) to mask and sell (the vessel’s oil cargo) illicitly to fund (its nonexistent) malign activities and propagate terrorism (sic).”

They’re US/NATO/Israeli specialties, not how the Islamic Republic operates. The Trump regime threatened (illegal) sanctions on nations, entities, and individuals supporting the Adrian Darya 1 — their legal right.

The free world considers the US, its military, intelligence apparatus, and imperial partners the greatest purveyors of aggressive wars, state terrorism, and other high crimes over a longer duration than any other lawless regimes in world history.

It’s unclear where Iran’s Adrian Darya is heading, first believed to be Greece, then Turkey, possibly Cyprus, now maybe heading toward Syrian waters, its legal right if so.

The vessel is not “blocked property,” as Trump’s Treasury 

Department said on Friday. An Iranian spokesman said its cargo was sold to an unnamed buyer.

Pompeo claimed the vessel is headed to Syria. An unnamed non-US source said it’s heading toward Iskenderun, Turkey.

Since leaving Gibraltar, the vessel changed course several times. Turkish Foreign Minister Melvet Cavusoglu said the Adrian Darya 1 is en route to Lebanon.

Tehran denied making a statement about the vessel’s destination. Wherever it’s going is Iran’s legal right, US efforts to block its transit flagrantly unlawful.

On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal said the Adrian Darya 1 “is set to offload its cargo to smaller vessels that will take (its crude oil cargo) to Syria,” adding:

The Trump regime’s State Department “is working to disrupt what it sees as the vessel’s Syrian plan, according to (an unnamed) US official.”

On Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif slammed the Trump regime, tweeting:

“US denied us means of defense: We built missiles & US complains.”

“US denied us nuclear fuel: We made it & US complains.”

“Now US engages in piracy & threats to prevent Iran from selling oil to traditional customers.” 

“Stop nagging @SecPompeo: We will sell oil to any & all buyers.”

On Friday, Zarif said the Trump regime “is pushing a new sort of violent unilateralism, an extremist unilateralism, which destroys all the foundations of global order,” adding:

“Multilateralism is the best countermeasure against” hostile US actions. Trump and hardliners surrounding him use unacceptable “coercive measures (that) threaten the lives” and welfare of ordinary people.

“(T)hat is why Iran and China rightly called these actions by the United States economic terrorism.”

Multilateral “dialogue and working for the common good and common destiny” are the best ways to counter hostile US actions.

In China, meeting with its Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Zarif praised Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative for greater regional integration, involving over $1 trillion in investments.

A Chinese industrialist called it “our internationalization strategy like a tiger with wings added” — opposed by the US because the initiative and others head China toward becoming the world’s leading economy in the years ahead.

Zarif called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) “a program and a process to bring about greater economic connectivity and greater economic growth and development to the countries within the BRI,” including Iran and scores of other countries worldwide.

Beijing and Tehran maintain close ties. China continues buying large amounts of Iranian oil, rejecting unlawful US sanctions.

A Final Comment

The US demonizes all its adversaries, aided and abetted by establishment media, operating as press agents for its hostile imperial agenda.

In its latest remarks about Iran, the Trump regime’s State Department continued its litany of bald-faced Big Lies.

It falsely accused Tehran of “continu(ing) to foment regional conflicts.”

It lied about Tehran’s legitimate ballistic missiles program, breaching no international laws, agreements, or Security Council resolutions.

It turned truth on its head about Iran, falsely accusing its authorities of “hold(ing) foreign citizens hostage, brutaliz(ing) its own people…sponsor(ing) terrorism on an unprecedented scale,” and breaching the JCPOA.

All of the above apply to the US and its imperial allies. None of the above is how Iran operates.

The US under both extremist right wings of its war party is humanity’s greatest threat — Iran its valued ally.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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