Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Venezuela and Kosovo

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, Venezuela and Kosovo

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Endless US aggression in Syria rages, prospects for restoring peace and stability to the country dim.

The US and its allies continue supplying ISIS and other jihadists with weapons, munitions, and related support.

On Friday, Fars News reported that “a US military convoy comprising 108 trucks, carrying military vehicles and equipment entered Ein al-Assad Air Base of Western Iraq from the neighboring Jordan via Erbil border crossing.”

Regular US convoys deliver weapons, munitions, and military equipment to Pentagon bases in Iraq, Jordan, and Syria.

Iraqi MP Saham al-Mousavi said “ISIL terrorists are massively supported by the US through training, weapons shipments and airborne relocation.”

The same goes for other regional jihadists in Syria and Iraq. According to Syrian military expert Hessam Sho’aib, ISIS terrorists infest Iraq and Syria, the CIA and Pentagon arming, training, and directing them, adding:

“The US has come to know that it cannot conduct any kind of military operation against Iran, and therefore it has resorted to (using) terrorist groups to carry out terrorist attacks as a much cheaper scenario for the region.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on Pentagon terror-bombing of Idlib province’s deescalation zone — on the phony pretext of striking an al-Qaeda training camp, its fighters supported by the US.

The attack was likely part of the US effort to counter Syria’s offensive in the province against US supported terrorists.

Russia slammed the incident, saying the Pentagon airstrike occurred “without advance notice to Russia or Turkey,” calling the attack “indiscriminate,” causing “great losses and destruction.”

MZ slammed Germany’s response to the Idlib deescalation zone attack, Berlin claiming it lacked “complete information” about what happened.

MZ: “What does this lack of ‘complete information’ mean? What is needed to provide it?” 

“When steps were taken in response to the Salisbury incident with no proof whatsoever, we were told that ‘there was adequate information,’ which no one had seen.” 

“So when the world saw and the media broadcast that the US attacked Idlib, and that the US also said this, the German Government said there was no complete information about this. How is this possible?”

“Berlin (falsely accuses Russia) of targeted bombing of the civilian and humanitarian infrastructure in Idlib.” 

“We have regularly given (its authorities) exhaustive and objective evidence-based explanations concerning the (false) accusations made against Russia.”

Germany is allied with US aggression against multiple countries, Russia combatting it in Syria by aiding government forces eliminate US supported terrorists.

“Venezuela’s radical (US backed) opposition” continues engaging in disruptive activities, MZ explained.

There’s no ambiguity about who invented Guaido, who backs his usurpation tactics.

Trump regime hardliners want Venezuela’s social democracy eliminated, seeking another US imperial trophy, along with gaining control over the country’s vast oil resources.

The US created “parallel government” has no legitimacy, operating in flagrant breach of international and Venezuelan constitutional law.

MZ: “The lack of legal grounds in Washington’s actions is revealed in a perfect way as many of Guaido’s so-called ministers have long been working for organizations sponsored by US NGOs.” 

“It confirms once again that the White House is not willing to let the Venezuelan people independently agree on a political settlement to this domestic conflict in strict compliance with the Constitution.”

Separately, MZ explained that “alleged Venezuelan refugees (are) receiving training (in Colombia) to provoke violent acts in Venezuela,” adding:

Many were “transferred to a British military base in Guyana, but the truth is that these are people who came to receive training and integrate sabotage and spy groups.”

In late August, the Trump regime established a so-called Venezuela Affairs Unit (VAU) in Bogota, Colombia.

Its mission is all about aiming to oust legitimate Venezuelan President Maduro, wanting hardline/anti-democratic US-controlled puppet rule replacing him.

MZ: “How can (Trump regime hardliners) speak of the restoration of constitutional order (in Venezuela) when everyone supported by Washington” aims to eliminate it.

Time and again, on the phony pretext of democracy building, US regimes “promote their own interests (which are totally unrelated to the interests of the peoples and countries in other regions), interfere in the domestic affairs of sovereign states, and use force and illegal unilateral sanctions, bypassing the UN Security Council,” MZ explained.

The US wants all sovereign independent nations transformed into vassal states, by brute force if other methods fail — what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

Kosovo was a casualty of the Clinton co-presidency’s rape and dismemberment of Yugoslavia. It’s run by thuggish, US installed, puppet president Hashim Thaci, an unindicted drug trafficker with ties to organized crime, nicknamed “the snake” for good reason.

MZ: “Kosovo continues turning into a (US supported) terrorist stronghold. A whole territory has been taken away without asking anybody and against the decision of one more sovereign state, Serbia.”

“(We were) told that Kosovo is a land of opportunities. Obviously, the opportunities should not be for terrorists only. Civilians should also have some opportunities.”

They’re terrorized instead — with full US support and encouragement. EU countries go along, rarely ever challenging US imperial aims.

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