US/Taliban No-Peace/Peace Talks

US/Taliban No-Peace/Peace Talks

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Sunday, Pompeo called talks with the Taliban dead, no agreement forthcoming without “significant commitments” from its authorities.

On Saturday, Trump cancelled what he called secret talks with the Taliban and (US-installed Afghan puppet) president Ghani to be held separately the following day at Camp David because of a Kabul attack — a dubious reason.

On September 6, so-called US Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported that Ghani’s visit to Washington was “postponed.”

An unnamed Kabul minister said it was over a so-called draft US/Taliban peace deal he opposed. Afghan Tolo News reported similar information. Were the Taliban actually coming? Talks with US officials have been held in neutral territory.

If held Sunday , ill-timed talks would have been around 72 hours before the 18th anniversary of US Afghan aggression.

The Taliban reject talks with Ghani and his officials, calling them US puppets.

Pompeo and Bolton undermined US/North Korea summit and related talks, likely sabotaging Afghan talks the same way, wanting endless wars, deploring resolution. More on this below.

The US doesn’t negotiate. It demands all nations and groups like the Taliban bend to its will, how hegemons operate.

US imperial aims are unparalleled in world history, waging war on humanity worldwide, seeking control of planet earth, its resources and populations, wanting challengers to its dominance co-opted or eliminated by wars, color revolutions, or old-fashioned coups.

From inception, the US has been a warrior state — first seeking sea to shining sea dominance, post-WW II seeking it worldwide.

US global dominance depends on maintaining the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, along with unchallenged US military power.

Both pillars of its strength have been weakened by China’s growing economic strength, Russian super-weapons exceeding the West’s best, and other nations rising in prominence — multi-world polarity replacing US unipolar power. 

US supremacy is declining politically, economically and militarily because of its endless wars, ruinous military spending, neglect of vital homeland needs, and unwillingness to change. 

Following the mischaracterized “good war,” its ruling authorities invented enemies to attack, first targeting nonbelligerent North Korea preemptively in June 1950, its government falsely blamed for US aggression.

Pre-9/11, Taliban officials met with US oil giant Unocal in Houston, regarding construction of a trans-Afghan pipeline.

The 1999 US Silk Road Strategy Act aimed to develop US regional business opportunities, along with undermining, destabilizing, and isolating Russia, China and Iran—a new Great Game to control strategically important Eurasian resources.

Clinton co-presidency talks with Taliban officials broke off in 1999, resumed by Bush/Cheney, again ending unsuccessfully.

The mother of all US state-sponsored 9/11 false flags followed. Planned months in advance, premeditated war on Afghanistan was launched four weeks later — raging endlessly for nearly 18 years, the longest US war in modern times.

US forces came to Afghanistan to stay, permanent occupation planned. Tens of thousands of private military contractors supplement them. 

So do countless numbers of CIA controlled paramilitaries and intelligence assets — there to stay, not leave, even if most Pentagon forces are withdraw, subject to return by presidential order.

Occupying Afghanistan is all about controlling its highly valued resources potentially worth trillions of dollars, constructing oil and gas pipelines across the country, controlling it as part of a plan to encircle Russia and China with US military bases, and maintain Afghan opium production used for heroin.

What the Taliban eradicated pre-9/11, the US restored. It’s a bonanza for money-laundering Western banks. The CIA relies on drugs trafficking as a revenue source. 

Whatever the US agrees on with negotiating partners isn’t worth the paper it’s written on — repeatedly breaching treaties, agreements, and other commitments at its discretion.

Hegemons can never be trusted, time and again the US pledging one thing, then going another way.

Prospects for peace and stability in all its war theaters are virtually nil. 

All post-9/11 US wars of aggression rage endlessly — supported overwhelming by both right wings of its war party.

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