UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Big Lies on Venezuela

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Big Lies on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Like her predecessors, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet serves US-led Western interests.

Since taking office in August 2018, she reported a litany of Big Lies about Venezuela. Earlier, she falsely accused President Maduro of “destabilizing (the) region” — ignoring US dirty hands for what’s happening.

She consistently and repeatedly ignores the Trump regime’s all-out war on the Bolivarian Republic by other means, imposing unlawful weaponized sanctions, threatening an illegal act of war blockade — wanting its economy crushed, its people immiserated.

She falsely blames Maduro and other Bolivarian officials for US high crimes committed against the country.

In July, she lied accusing Venezuelan civil and military forces of “arbitrary detentions, ill-treatment and torture of opposition elements,” along with “excessive use of force during demonstrations.”

She turned truth on its head, claiming the “rule of law in Venezuela ha(s) been profoundly eroded.” 

“The exercise of freedom of opinion, expression, association and assembly, and the right to participate in public life, entail a risk of reprisals and repression.” 

She lied accusing Maduro’s government of “arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment, sexual violence…enforced disappearances, (and) extrajudicial killings” — US, NATO, Israeli specialties, not now Bolivarian Venezuela operates.

She ignored US theft of $130 billion of Venezuelan assets since 2015, according to its Russian envoy Samuel Moncada.

On September 9, she was at it again, addressing the UN Human Rights Council, saying the following:

“(T)he economic and social situation continues to rapidly deteriorate, limiting the enjoyment of economic and social rights of millions of people.” 

“The economy is experiencing what may be the most severe period of hyperinflation the region has seen, affecting the ability to purchase basic foods, medicine, and other essential goods.” 

“As of today, the minimum salary is equivalent to 2 dollars per month, in comparison with 7 dollars in June, meaning a family would need to earn the equivalent of 41 minimum monthly salaries just to cover the basic food basket.” 

“The de facto dollarization in various sectors of the economy is exacerbating inequalities. Public services continue to face serious and recurring outages, which are particularly intense in Zulia state.  Fuel shortages outside of Caracas have exacerbated this situation.”

Fact: All of the above claims failed to explain US responsibility for what’s going on in the country.

Fact: Since early 2016, Venezuela’s Local Provision and Production Committees (CLAPs) distributed subsidized food to around six million Venezuelan families, around two-thirds of the population, part of the nation’s participatory social democracy.

Fact: Venezuelans in need are aided by the Bolivarian government, devoting most of its resources to social programs, polar opposite how the US and other Western states operate, exploiting their people, not serving them.

Fact: Trump regime hardliners falsely claimed the CLAPs program is a money-laundering operation, diverting billions of dollars to Venezuelan officials and private contractors — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Fact: They want the program undermined, aiming to starve Venezuelans into submission, part of their war on the country by other means, committing high crimes against the nation and its people.

Fact: World community nations and UN are doing nothing to denounce US responsibility for what’s going on. 

Fact: Right-wing European and Latin American regimes support it, including unlawful sanctions and grand theft of Venezuelan assets.

Fact: In cahoots with US-led Western and fascist Latin American regimes, Bachelet largely ignored US high crimes against humanity committed against Venezuela and its people — supporting the victimizer over its victims, mocking the office she holds, its agenda against human rights, not for them.

She lied claiming “chronic malnutrition” exists in parts of the country, ignoring CLAPs program food aid to needy Venezuelans. 

True enough, Trump’s sanctions war severely impacted Venezuela’s universal healthcare system, causing numerous deaths and human suffering — a Nuremberg-level high crime gone unpunished.

Bachelet falsely accused Venezuelan police of “possible extrajudicial executions,” while ignoring violence and vandalism committed by US-supported anti-government thugs.

She expressed support for US-backed/anti-government NGOs, complicit with the Trump regime’s anti-Bolivarian social democracy, wanting Maduro replaced by a subservient pro-Western puppet.

Bachelet was silent about the Trump regime’s anti-Bolivarian unit in Colombia — involved in arming and training paramilitaries to conduct cross-border violence and sabotage.

The extrajudicial Venezuela Affairs Unit’s mission aims to oust legitimate Venezuelan President Maduro forcefully.

It’s all about the Trump regime’s scheme to eliminate Bolivarian social democracy, facilitating US control over the country’s vast oil reserves.

Instead of explaining what’s going on in Venezuela, Bachelet focuses on blaming its authorities for US high crimes on the state and people — supporting the regime change plot by failing to denounce it.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry Deputy Minister of Multilateral Affairs Alexander Yanez slammed Bachelet’s earlier report after visiting the country weeks earlier, saying the following:

Her “report ignored the information gathered by the high commissioner herself during her visit to the country, but was based on 558 interviews, of which 460 were conducted outside Venezuela.”

“In other words 82% of (external) sources consulted do not live in Venezuela.”

There’s little doubt that 100% of sources outside the country, and likely most internal ones, want Maduro replaced by pro-Western puppet rule and Bolivarian social democracy eliminated.

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