Trump Open to Hearing Iran’s Peace and Security Initiative?

Trump Open to Hearing Iran’s Peace and Security Initiative?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The US has been hostile toward Iran since losing its stranglehold over the country, its resources and people in 1979 — wanting it regained by brute force if other methods fail.

Trump heads the most ruthlessly dangerous regime in US history, operating extrajudicially at home and abroad, waging war on humanity, abhorring peace, equity and justice.

On Tuesday at the UN General Assembly in New York, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will present a regional peace and security cooperation plan to regional and world community nations.

Calling it the Hormuz Peace Initiative, he’ll urge a regional “coalition of hope,” adding before departing for New York:

“The UN General Assembly is a perfect opportunity for nations, including Iran, to express their views, and (for us) to explain to the world about the unjust measures being implemented against the Iranian nation, as well as the complicated regional issues,” adding:

“This year’s trip to New York bears particular importance. We felt that Americans do not want the Iranian delegation to interact in the United Nations, or that they are afraid, or that our remarks are too bitter for them to hear, and they may have reasons to prevent our speech from influencing US public opinion.” 

“If they don’t want this, we have to insist to go there at different levels. We have rationality and reasoning on our side.” 

“Today, we are going to the United Nations while Americans have increased their sanctions on the Iranian people to such an extent that they say there is nothing left (to target), and they have recently restarted sanctions.” 

“That means the utter (Trump regime) desperation. (It’s) sanctions and maximum pressure have failed to bring any result for them.”

“It is clear that Americans are pursuing other objectives in the region by making allegations. The US secretary of state is constantly making unreasonable remarks, and unfortunately, I have not yet (heard him) speak logic, and this is among the wonders of history.”

The US “wants to dominate the whole region (including) Saudi oil.” What’s going on is a pretext “for an increased” US military presence in the region — the source of endless wars, instability and lack of security.

The Houthi attack on Aramco facilities “was the result of Saudi, US, UAE, and Zionist aggression on Yemen.

“If they stop the aggression, Yemenis will not stop taking retaliatory measures.”

At the UN in New York, Rouhani will also hold talks on the sidelines with counterparts of friendly/nonbelligerent countries.

He’ll conduct interviews with international news agencies, and will hold a press conference to set the record straight on regional issues making world headlines.

The initiative he’ll present includes peace, security, economic and other issues.

All regional countries are urged to join with Iran in preserving and protecting security for all.

He rejects destabilizing outside interference in the internal affairs of Middle East nations, mincing no words, stressing:

“Any outside effort can never bring peace and security, as we have observed in the case of the US which couldn’t establish security wherever it set foot in the region since 2001.”

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said regional countries alone should provide security for all, the US and other outside nations excluded.

At the same time, he expressed willingness for Russia to be involved in Persian Gulf maritime security as Tehran and Moscow agree on what should be instituted.

Iran will not yield to US bullying and other hostile actions, he stressed, adding:

“We are resisting an unprovoked aggression by the United States. I can assure you that the (Trump regime) will not be able to bring us to our knees through pressure.”

“Abandon the illusion that Iran can be defeated by pressure.”

Time and again, Trump notoriously says one thing, contradicted later by something entirely different — why virtually nothing he says is credible.

On Sunday, saying he’s “open to hearing” Rouhani’s regional peace and security plan rang hollow.

As US president, he fronts for the imperial state, Wall Street, other predatory corporate interests, and his own.

He signs off on US wars of aggression, economic wars on Iran and Venezuela, other hostile actions worldwide, and neoliberal war on the vast majority of Americans — abused, not served by the executive, congressional, and judicial branches of government.

Dark forces run the US no matter who holds key elected, appointed, and other bureaucratic positions.

Presidents pursue dirty business as usual or face removal from office by electoral manipulation, impeachment, or darker means.

Just societies would welcome Rouhani’s initiative. US rage for unchallenged global dominance prevents it from getting out of the starting gate.

As long as its objectives are unchanged, endless US wars of aggression and by other means will rage — peace, equity and justice rejected.

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