NYT War on Truth-Telling Journalism

NYT War on Truth-Telling Journalism

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

With attribution to Chicago journalist Mike Royko: “No self-respecting fish would want to be wrapped in a” Times paper. He said it about Murdoch broadsheets. His remark applies to the Times and other establishment media.

The Times is both apologist and press agent for monied interests running the US, exploiting ordinary people everywhere for their own self-interest. 

On domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, the Times supports privilege over peace, equity and justice.

It’s hostile toward all sovereign states the US doesn’t control —on its target list for regime change.

Time and again, it features disinformation, Big Lies and fake news rubbish over journalism the way it’s supposed to be — banned in Times editions on major issues, notably on geopolitical ones.

On October 8, it published an anti-Russia propaganda piece, falsely claiming the Kremlin has a “top secret unit…to destabilize Europe,” citing unnamed so-called security officials.

They’re likely Russophobes infesting the US intelligence apparatus, similar to ones behind the scurrilous Russiagate and Ukrainegate scams.

Virtually always when maliciously demonizing a sovereign independent nation, the self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind provides no credible evidence backing its claims — because none exists.

No major power has done more for furthering world peace and mutual cooperation with other nations than Russia.

None more ruthlessly operates the other way than the US — with branch offices in European capitals, Tel Aviv, and other locations worldwide, Russia’s peace offensive up against its war machine on humanity.

The Times long ago abandoned truth-telling journalism, its credibility as a reliable source of news, information and analysis shattered.

Its latest anti-Russia propaganda piece is pure fiction. It resurrected the Big Lie claim about Kremlin involvement in poisoning Sergey and Yulia Skripal in the UK — the incident a likely joint CIA/MI 6 operation, maybe with Israeli Mossad involved for good measure.

The Times: Unnamed “Western security officials (who may not exist) concluded that these operations, and potentially many others, are part of a coordinated and ongoing campaign to destabilize Europe, executed by an elite unit inside the Russian intelligence system skilled in subversion, sabotage and assassination.”

Citing unnamed sources is always suspect. Accusations without verifiable evidence backing them are baseless. 

The Times provided none, claiming a Russian Unit 29155 “is mobilized” against Western nations, adding:

It “underscores the degree to which the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, is actively fighting the West with his brand of so-called hybrid warfare — a blend of propaganda, hacking attacks and disinformation — as well as open military confrontation.”

The above is how the US, NATO and Israel operate, especially their endless “military confrontation” against nonbelligerent nations threatening no one.

In Israel’s case, it notably reflects its viciousness against defenseless Palestinians, the US partnering in its high crimes of war and against humanity.

According to the Times, Moscow is involved in diabolical anti-West activities. Truth is polar opposite.

To its discredit, Russia is overly accommodative to the US, UK, France, and other EU nations involved in political, economic, financial, and trade war on its interests — instead of fighting fire with fire, especially against US dark forces.

The Times repeatedly revisits the Big Lie that won’t die rubbish about alleged Russian US election meddling no evidence proved ever happened — again because none exists.

The Times: Unnamed “American officials say two GRU cyber units, known as 26165 and 74455, hacked into the servers of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign, and then published embarrassing internal communications.”

Fact: No hacking occurred. Information was leaked by a Dem insider to WikiLeaks, material published by the group, no crime committed by anyone — other than by the US intelligence community, Dems and media supporting their Big Lies.

Citing the Russiagate Mueller witch-hunt probe, the Times failed to explain it laid an egg, uncovering no illegal or improper Trump team connection to Russia, no evidence of Kremlin US election meddling.

The Times claiming a secret Russian GRU unit is “carry(ing) out…extreme malign activity…across Europe” is utter rubbish, not a shred of evidence presented backing the claim.

CIA, Mossad, and likely EU intelligence community assassins target individuals their countries want eliminated time and again.

Under White House counterterrorism advisor/later CIA director John Brennan, the Obama regime ran a Murder, Inc. operation globally.

It included targeted killings and drone wars. Brennan devised Washington’s so-called “disposition matrix” — a mafia-like hit list operation established globally.

Under Obama, his predecessors and successors, US special forces death squads operate covertly in around three-fourths of world countries, eliminating US enemies, including targeted US citizens.

The Times: “The Kremlin sees Russia as being at war with a Western liberal order that it views as an existential threat.”

Its agenda is polar opposite. No matter how grievously it’s maligned by US-led Western actions, it goes out of its way to curry favor with their leadership.

Notably it fails to accept that as long as it’s free from US control, normalized relations with its ruling regimes remains unattainable.

The US is its “existential threat,” not the other way around as the Times falsely claimed.

It lied claiming Putin authorized “a team of Russian assassins…to murder Aleksander Litvinenko…in London.” No credible evidence suggests it.

In 2006, the former Russian Federal Security Service/KGB official died from polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome poisoning in a London hospital.

Russia was automatically blamed for his death. No evidence suggested it, just baseless accusations with nothing backing them. At the time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed them.

The specious Times report with lots more in it reads like material drafted by US intelligence officials, given the broasheet to publish.

It’s the Times’ latest anti-Russia hit piece with no credible evidence supporting it — typical of how the self-styled newspaper of record operates, a mouthpiece for diabolical US interests.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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