Endless Trump Regime War on Syria Continues

Endless Trump Regime War on Syria Continues

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The scourge of US imperial is all about smashing sovereign independent nations, transforming them into vassal states, plundering their resources, and exploiting their people for maximum profit-making.

It’s about replacing sovereign independent governments with US-controlled puppet regimes serving its interests.

It’s about achieving unchallenged global dominance, creating ruler-serf societies everywhere, force-feeding neoliberal economic terrorism, enforced by police state harshness.

It’s about creating tyrannically ruled societies worldwide, unsafe and unfit to live in, democratic governance prohibited everywhere.

It’s about perpetual war to enrich merchants of death and destruction, peace and stability considered threats to national security.

Obama-launched aggression in Syria, escalated by Trump, continues endlessly in its 9th year with no near-term prospect for resolution, a notion bipartisan warmongers in Washington and supportive media press agents abhor.

October agreements with Ankara by the US and Russia OK’d Erdogan’s cross-border aggression in northern Syria — on the phony pretext protecting Turkish security, combatting terrorism, and concern for Syrian refugees, ignoring his revanchist aims.

The latter is what his aggression is all about. It continues despite claiming its cessation days earlier.

On Friday, Southfront reported that “the Kurdish group’s commander-in-chief” Mazlum Abdi rejected terms Russia and Turkey agreed on, saying:

“Some of the(m) don’t serve the interests of our people. Our opinion was not taken ahead, and we were not a part of the agreement.”

At the same time, he thanked Russia for its efforts. The agreement calls for Kurdish YPG fighters to withdraw 30 km from the Syrian/Turkish border, joint Russian and Turkish patrols, along with Syrian forces replacing them.

In its latest edition, the Wall Street Journal reported continued clashes on Friday between Turkish and Kurdish fighters, belying Ankara’s suspended military campaign, adding:

“…Turkey and its local allies have been conducting a ground assault, including artillery shelling on several border villages, forcing thousands of civilians to flee,” according to Kurdish sources.

“Turkey didn’t comment on the claim, but accused the Kurds of targeting its forces. The Turkish presidency’s press office said five Turkish soldiers were injured Thursday.”

According to former US army special forces/Ranger officer David Eubank in northern Syria:

“Turkish airstrikes have not stopped any day during this so-called ceasefire…They attacked all day yesterday from noon until night.”

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry denounced the Trump regime’s reoccupation of northern Syria after pretending to withdraw.

Its spokesman General Igor Konashenkov called sending hundreds of US troops and heavy weapons to control eastern Syrian oil fields “international state bandit(ry),” adding:

“Neither international law, nor the American legislation…can justify the US troops’ goal to guard Syrian hydrocarbon reserves from Syria…and its people.”

On October 25, Russia’s Defense Ministry issued the following statement, saying:

“Russian Defense Ministry comments on the statement of the head of the Pentagon on the retention of the US military personnel group in Eastern Syria, allegedly ‘to prevent Islamic State access to oil fields.’ ”

“A statement by the head of the Pentagon, M. Esper, about a certain need to retain a group of American troops in Eastern Syria ‘to protect the oil fields” from “Islamic State terrorists’ should not be bewildering.”

“Absolutely all hydrocarbon accumulations and other mineral resources located on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic do not belong to the IS terrorists, and definitely not to the ‘American defenders (of) IS terrorists,’ but exclusively to the Syrian Arab Republic.”

“Neither in international law, nor in American law itself — there has never been and there will never be a single legitimate task for the American troops — to protect and defend the hydrocarbon accumulations of Syria from Syria itself and its people.”

“Therefore, what Washington is doing now, the seizure and armed control of oil fields in Eastern Syria, is, put it simply, an international state banditry.”

“The real reason for this illegal US activity in Syria lies far from Washington’s proclaimed ideals of freedom and counter-terrorism slogans.”

“According to the presented images of the space intelligence of the Russian Defence Ministry, Syrian oil before and after the defeat of the IS terrorists on right bank of the Euphrates, under the (so-called) protection of the US military, was actively extracted and massively sent by fuel trucks for refining outside Syria.”

“At the same time, Washington officially announced sanctions for the supply of petroleum products to Syria, which apply not only to American companies, but also any others.”

“Under the protection of American military personnel and American PMC groups, fuel trucks from the oil fields of Eastern Syria are being smuggled to other states.” 

“In case of an attack on such a caravan, special operations forces and US military aviation are immediately involved to protect it.”

“By the way, oil production itself is carried out using equipment provided by leading Western corporations bypassing all American sanctions.”

“The oil exportation contract is implemented by the US-controlled company Sedkab, created under the so-called Autonomous Administration of Eastern Syria.” 

“And the income from the smuggling of Syrian oil through the brokerage companies interacting with it goes to the numbered account of American PMCs and the US intelligence agencies.”

“Given that the cost of one barrel of Syrian smuggled oil is 38 US dollars, the monthly revenue of this ‘private business’ of American public services exceeds 30 million US dollars.”

“For such a continuous financial flow, free from control and taxes of the American state, the Pentagon and Langley leadership will be ready to guard and defend oil wells in Syria from the mythical ‘hidden cells of the IS’ forever.”

Will Russia follow up its hard-hitting straight talk above with tough actions?

Or will it continue calling the US as a “partner” and “colleague,” failing to challenge its imperial rage, its endless wars of aggression, its high crimes of war and against humanity, its war by other means with unlawful economic terrorism against sovereign states threatening no one?

Will it continue its weak-kneed policies in dealings with the US — or will it finally come around to understand that the only language hegemon USA understands is toughness?

Anything less shows weakness, exploited by the US to its advantage.

It’s long past time for Russia to turn a page and deal with the US as an adversary bent on its destruction.

Recognition of reality and acting appropriately is the only sensible way to counter the scourge of US aggression.

Anything less is unacceptable submission to its will — operating like a colony, not a sovereign independent state!

One more thing. Once again, Trump said one thing and did something entirely different — added proof that nothing he says can be believed, his credentials further burnished as the US liar-in-chief, never to be trusted.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.


My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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