Trump Lauds CIA Coup in Bolivia, Threatens More of the Same Elsewhere

Trump Lauds CIA Coup in Bolivia, Threatens More of the Same Elsewhere

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump is a front man for the imperial state, supporting its wars of aggression, economic terrorism, and other hostile actions.

He serves the military, industrial, security complex, Wall Street, Big Oil, and other predatory corporate interests exclusively.

He’s guilty of flagrantly breaching international and constitutional law, betraying the public trust, and bragging about his hostile to peace, equity and justice agenda.

All of the above are high crimes and misdemeanors, legitimate impeachable offenses, not phony ones pursued by undemocratic Dems.

In response to the CIA-orchestrated coup against democratically reelected Bolivian President Evo Morales — staged to eliminate democratic rule in the country, wanting it transformed into a US vassal state — Trump lauded what happened.

He turned truth on its head, praising “the Bolivian military (for) abiding by its oath to protect not just a single person, but Bolivia’s Constitution (sic),” adding: 

“We are now one step closer to a completely democratic, prosperous and free Western Hemisphere (sic)” — code language for aiming to replace legitimate governments in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua by similar actions.

US hegemonic aims are all about seeking dominion over planet earth, its resources and populations, wanting pro-Western puppet regimes worldwide serving US interests — naked aggression, economic terrorism, color revolutions, and old-fashioned coups its favored tactics.

After losing support from Bolivia’s military, his firewall protection from US rage to replace him with fascist tyranny supporting its interests, he resigned and left for Mexico to avoid blood in the streets — CIA dirty hands all over what’s gone on in the country, planned long before his October 20 democratic reelection.

According to Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrand, Morales’ forced resignation is “a coup because the army requested” it, its leadership serving US interests, flagrantly breaching international and Bolivian law.

Morales formally requested asylum in Mexico, Ebrand explained, adding it was granted for “humanitarian reasons, and the emergency situation currently experienced in Bolivia.”

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry expressed “alarm” over “dramatic development of events” in Bolivia, adding:

“(C)onstructive solutions through dialogue (sought by Morales with opposition elements was) crushed by the opposition in an orchestrated (CIA) coup” in cahoots with anti-democratic Bolivian fascists.

“We are alarmed by the dramatic developments in (the country), where the wave of violence, unleashed by the opposition, prevented the completion of Evo Morales’ presidential mandate.”

“We call on all political forces of Bolivia to common sense and responsibility, find a constitutional way out of the situation in the interests of peace, tranquility, restoration of manageability of the state institutions, the rights of all citizens, and socioeconomic development” — polar opposite US hegemonic aims.

Time and again, (US-installed) UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres disgraces the office he holds, consistently failing to observe UN Charter provisions he’s sworn to uphold.

They notably include preserving and protecting human rights, supporting world peace and stability, denouncing wars of aggression, and respecting fundamental international laws.

He one-sidedly backs US-led Western and Israeli interests — disdaining the rights and welfare of ordinary people everywhere.

Instead of denouncing the coup in Bolivia to eliminate democratic rule, he issued his pre-scripted/pro-Western hollow statement through his spokesman, saying:

He “urges all concerned to refrain from violence, reduce tension and exercise maximum restraint. He calls on all actors to abide by international law, notably fundamental human rights principles.”

The above is code language, expressing support for coup d’etat events in Bolivia instead of denouncing them — acting in cahoots with US imperial interests, never denouncing its aggression, economic terrorism and other hostile actions.

Before departing for Mexico on Monday, Morales said the following:

“Sisters and brothers, I leave for Mexico, grateful for the detachment of the government of that brother town that gave us asylum to take care of our lives,” adding: 

“It hurts to leave the country for political reasons, but I will always be pending. Soon I will return with more strength and energy.” 

According to Bolivia’s attorney general Juan Lanhipa, 34 members of the nation’s electoral commission, including three Supreme Electoral Tribunal members in La Paz, were arrested and detained — tyranny replacing Bolivian democracy rearing its ugly head following Morales’ resignation and departure for Mexico.

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa denounced the (CIA orchestrated) “coup” in Bolivia, forcing Morales to resign — calling the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS) “an instrument of US domination.”

Interviewed on RT Spanish, he minced no words stressing: “Of course, there was a coup d’etat” in Bolivia.

He denounced the insubordination of the the country’s military, breaching “a constitutional state of law,” adding:

“If Evo Morales did not resign, there would have been a bloodbath because there was no public order.”

Bolivia’s military backed the CIA orchestrated coup, “forcibly remov(ing) a president who has won the election widely, with more than 10 points.”

He’s Bolivia’s democratically elected and three-times reelected leader. What happened post-election “destroy(ed) the rule of law.”

US-supported fascist tyranny won round one. Leaked audio tapes of discussions between Bolivian  anti-Morales fascists and likeminded/anti-rule of law hardline US Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bob Menendez.

In response to Morales’ October 20 reelection, they called for nationwide strike actions, setting “government party” buildings ablaze, attacking the Cuban embassy, and establishing a “civil-military transitional” dictatorship.

On Monday, thousands of pro-Morales supporters rallied in La Paz and elsewhere against the coup forcing his resignation.

Bolivia’s military proved it was in cahoots with the CIA plot to remove him from the office he democratically won for the 4th time — demanding his resignation and refusing to challenge violent anti-government protesters.

In contrast, soldiers were deployed against pro-Morales supporters, using live fire and other hostile actions to disperse them.

The struggle for Bolivia’s soul continues. Most of its people support Morales.

The fate of the nation and democratic rule hang in the balance. A people-supported counter-revolution is needed to restore what was lost.

It’s the only acceptable response to US hegemonic aims, wanting Bolivia transformed into a vassal state, its democracy replaced by fascist tyranny beholden to US interests.

What’s unacceptable should never be tolerated by ordinary people anywhere. 

Popular resistance against US imperial rage is the only option. Nothing else can work.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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