CIA House Organ WaPo Blames Bolivia’s Evo Morales for Langley’s Coup Against Him

CIA House Organ WaPo Blames Bolivia’s Evo Morales for Langley’s Coup Against Him

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The CIA’s existence makes peace, equity and justice unattainable at home and abroad.

The agency earmarks governments not submissive to US diabolical interests for regime change — color revolutions, old-fashioned coups, and targeted assassinations its favored strategies, along with an array of Machiavellian dirty tricks that would make mafia dons blush.

The neocon Washington Post operates as Langley’s house organ, publishing agency press releases disguised as news, information and opinion.

WaPo blamed Morales for the CIA’s coup, forcing him to step down and seek asylum in Mexico — acting to avoid mass bloodshed and avoid assassination.

What establishment media suppress is what’s most important for everyone to know — notably how their government ill-serves and exploits them, serving powerful interests at their expense.

Notably since the neoliberal 90s, each new US regime exceeded the worst of its predecessors, the nation heading for tyranny and ruin — risking possible global war to achieve long sought hegemonic aims.

Its dark forces seek unchallenged global dominance, wanting planet earth colonized and controlled, its resources looted, its people exploited as virtual serfs — state terror in various forms their favored strategies.

According to WaPo, Morales deserves blame for the CIA’s plot to depose and perhaps kill him. If the latter is what Langley intends, he has nowhere to hide.

Their hit men assassinated JFK, RFK, MLK, and numerous foreign leaders. If Morales challenges their coup, he’ll likely be targeted for elimination.

Like the NYT and other establishment media, WaPo reinvents history. It falsely accused democrat Morales of “grow(ing) increasingly autocratic (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

It turned truth on its head, claiming he got Bolivia’s electoral tribunal “to falsify the results of the Oct. 20 vote so as to hand him a first-round victory” — another bald-faced Big Lie.

When evidence doesn’t support accusations made, they’re fabricated. WaPo presented none backing its claims because it doesn’t exist.

Pre-election polls showed Morales had a double-digit lead over lead challenger Carlos Mesa.

So-called anti-Morales “angry Bolivians” were and remain CIA recruited thugs, enlisted and paid to rampage, the scenario similar to what played out in other countries where Langley staged color revolutions and old-fashioned coups.

The strategy is called swarming. What appears to be spontaneous political uprisings are well-planned weeks or months in advance against ruling authorities the CIA targets for regime change.

The playbook includes establishment media-supported strike actions, mass street protests, violence and vandalism, as well as whatever else it takes to topple a targeted government — wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing it.

That’s what happened in Bolivia against Evo Morales, a developing story continuing to play out, his supporters taking to the streets against what happened, military forces and police that betrayed him mobilized against them.

They set up roadblocks and barricades. Violent clashes continue. Judas goat military commander Gen. Williams Kaliman said the following:

The military will use what he called “proportionate force (sic) against acts of vandalism groups that cause terror in the population (sic)” — targeting coup victims while supporting the CIA-backed perpetrators.

Police chief Yuri Calderon made similar remarks, saying: “This mission begins today and will end when peace will be restored throughout the Bolivian territory (sic).”

The above remarks are all about support for Western finance capital and Bolivian fascists against the rights, welfare and safety of ordinary Bolivians.

WaPo’s report read like a CIA press release, promoting the Big Lie about election irregularities, falsely claiming anti-Morales elements “took to the streets all over the country” — failing to explain they were and remain CIA rent-a-mobs.

The broadsheet turned truth on its head, claiming no coup occurred, adding: “No troops stormed government offices, and the army has so far shown no interest in taking power.”

CIA coups can elevate generals to power or fascist politicians they support, the outcome the same either way.

WaPo falsely called former Bolivian president, runner-up to Morales in the October 20 election, Carlos Mesa, one of the country’s “more responsible leaders…attempting to preserve constitutional order.”

Fact: He’s a neoliberal harshness-supporting pro-business, anti-populist figure, with close ties to the US. WikiLeaks cables revealed evidence of his collaboration with US officials against Morales.

WaPo: “His downfall was his insatiable appetite for power (sic). He was unable to accept that a majority of Bolivians wanted him to leave office (sic).”

Polar opposite is true. He was democratically reelected on October 20, exceeding the 10% threshold required to avoid a runoff. 

Claims of electoral irregularities included no supportive evidence because none exists.

WaPo: “(A)ll sides ought to be supporting the OAS position (sic), which calls for an end to violence (sic) and ‘an urgent meeting’ of the National Congress to “ensure the institutional functioning (sic) and to name new electoral authorities to guarantee a new electoral process (sic).”

The “process” Langley and its WaPo house organ support elevates figures to power who support Western interests at the expense of ordinary people.

The Washington-based OAS is a US imperial tool with no legitimacy.

Morales tactically erred by letting the organization audit the October election results — assuring irregularities would be invented in its assessment.

None were revealed, just accusations without supportive evidence. Bolivia’s process under Morales has been open, free, and fair.

It’s polar opposite the debauched US money-controlled system, rigged to assure dirty business as usual wins every time.

One-party rule with two extremist right wings runs things, in lockstep against peace, equity and justice — currently feuding over the nation’s leadership under Trump.

It has nothing to do with his dirty business as usual agenda, everything to do with winning an election he was supposed to lose to recklessly dangerous media darling Hillary — the people’s curse, not choice.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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