Reinvented NYT History of the CIA’s Coup in Bolivia

NYT Reinvented History of the US Coup in Bolivia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A coup by any other name doesn’t change reality. Merriam-Webster calls them “violent decisive exercise(s) of force in politics; especially the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government.”

Not according to NYT reinvented history, supporting whatever the US does no matter how lawless, ignoring its flagrant abuses of power on the global stage, what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

The Times suppresses US-instigated coups. It falsely accused Bolivia’s Evo Morales of “brazenly abusing the power and institutions put in his care by the electorate (sic),” adding:

“(H)e…shed his legitimacy (sic)…forcing him out…the only remaining option (sic),” falsely claiming his departure will help “restore (Bolivia’s) wounded democracy (sic).”

Fact: Nothing in the Times propaganda report mentioned the coup responsible for forcing his resignation and departure to Mexico to be safe from rampaging CIA recruited street thugs — responsible for Langley’s orchestrated violence and vandalism following his October 20 reelection.

Fact: Morales was democratically elected and reelected four times, Bolivia’s process open, free and fair.

Fact: It’s polar opposite the US money-controlled system, a one-party state with two extremist right wings, most politicians bought like toothpaste — the debauched process wholeheartedly endorsed by the self-styled newspaper of record.

Fact: It champions fantasy democracies in the US and its client states — opposing the real thing in Bolivia, Venezuela and elsewhere.

The Times falsely accused Morales of using power “as license to perpetuate his rule and to defy the institutions and laws of democracy, including constitutional term limits he himself had enacted,” adding:

“(W)hat brought (him) down was “arrogance” (sic) — what defines US, NATO, Israeli actions, not how Morales operated, nor Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro.

The Times turned truth on its head, claiming Morales aimed “to crush any institution that stands in his way” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

The Times: “Morales…concentrated power in his hands and planted loyalists in key institutions (sic).”

Fact: Majority legislators and judges backing him support democratic values and the rule of law — governance the Times abhors. 

The Times: “(T)he highly fishy vote on Oct. 20 (sic) proved to be the last straw for many Bolivians, who took the streets (sic).”

Fact: Violent street protests against governments free from Washington’s fascist boot are a CIA specialty — thugs recruited to rampage against them, including imported paramilitary elements.

The Times: “The citizens who went into the streets in Bolivia were not seeking to reverse Mr. Morales’s social or economic reforms (sic), from which many of them benefited, but to uphold democratic rules and institutions he tried to subvert (sic).”

Fact: The cold hard indisputable truth is polar opposite the above bald-faced Big Lies.

The Times never met a sovereign independent government opposed to US imperial rage it didn’t want smashed and replaced by pro-Western puppet rule.

Following Morales’ resignation and departure to Mexico, Bolivia’s fate is up for grabs — the next post-CIA coup chapter yet to unfold.

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