Bolivians Rally for Evo Morales to Return

Bolivians Rally for Evo Morales to Return

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Thursday, thousands of Bolivians rallied in La Paz, the country’s political capital, against the illegitimate toppling of President Evo Morales — chanting: “Here we go, civil war” for restoration of democratic rule.

They demand that self-declared, unelected, coup d’etat president Jeanine Anez resign – a hard-right political nobody with no legitimacy, a figure who unconstitutionally usurped power in the resource rich Andean nation.

No constitutional provision permits installation of a senator as president. Article 169 states:

“In case of impediment or definitive absence of the president of the State, he will be replaced in office by the Vice President and, in his absence, by the President of the Senate, and in the absence of this by the President of the Chamber of Deputies. In the latter case, new elections will be called within a maximum period of ninety days.”

In cahoots with the CIA and internal anti-democratic fascists, Bolivian military and police attacked pro-Morales protesters with tear gas and live fire.

At least a dozen Bolivians were killed, over 500 injured, hundreds arrested for demanding restoration of democratic freedoms over fascism.

Telesur reported that (CIA recruited) “(o)pposition gangs attacked numerous politicians of the ruling Movement Towards Socialism, looted Morales’ house, and burned the residences of several high-level politicians.”

On Tuesday, head of the Bolivian Workers Center, the country’s main trade union confederation, Juan Carlos Huarachi said the following not followed through on so far:

“To the political and civic leaders that have caused all of this chaos…we give you 24 hours to restore constitutional order, social peace and the unity of the Bolivian people.” 

On Thursday, Morales said “(m)y resignation letter is at the (legislative) assembly. If the assembly does not adopt it, I will return. At the moment, I feel that I am capable of appeasing Bolivia,” adding:

“Dialogue with the participation of the United Nations, the Catholic Church, and mediating countries will bring peace to Bolivia.”

Morales was democratically elected and reelected four times. He’s the country’s legitimate president, stepping down to avoid blood in the streets — what most often accompanies coups, this one no exception.

CIA-orchestrated military and police supported mob violence was responsible for Morales stepping down. It continues against his supporters.

Positive developments Thursday saw Movement to Socialism (MAS) MP Monico Eva Copa sworn in as Senate president, along with MAS parliamentarian Sergio Choque chosen lower house Chamber of Deputies president.

Pro-Morales supporters retain control of Bolivia’s Legislative Assembly for now, tenuous at best without military and police support.

On Thursday at the BRICS summit in Brasilia, Brazil, Vladimir Putin said a “power vacuum” exists in Bolivia, calling things in the country similar to Libya, “a worrisome signal,”  adding:

“For our part, we are ready to cooperate with any government that receives a legitimate mandate of the people.”

“(T)here are elements of external interference, but they always emerge where there are internal issues.”

Russia recognized the illegitimate Anez regime. It has commercial interests in Bolivia, discussed in a same day article. So does China.

According to Bolivia’s National Industry Chamber, commerce in the country sustained over $1 billion in losses because of continuing weeks of political crisis and violence.

Bolivia’s history of popular uprisings against fascist regimes holds hope for restoring democratic governance to the country.

Change takes time. New elections when held will likely be manipulated to install pro-Western fascist rule.

As of now, MAS legislators hold 25 of 36 Senate seats and an 88 to 42 lower house majority, what could be lost by fraud when new elections are held.

Popular revolution alone can restore what was lost. It won’t be televised. 

US-led Western and internal establishment media support the coup and street violence enforcing it.

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