Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Israel, Bolivia and Chile

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Israel, Bolivia and Chile

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

I wish I could share Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s (MZ below) optimism on Syria.

Calling the country “largely stabilized” ignores illegal US/Turkish occupation of about 30% of its territory.

It also doesn’t explain the challenge posed by tens of thousands of heavily armed, US-supported jihadists holding millions of Syrian civilians hostage in Idlib province, as well as pockets of US-supported ISIS and other terrorists in the country.

MZ admitted that much remains to be accomplished to restore peace and stability throughout Syria.

MZ: “Despite the ceasefire introduced by the Syrian army with Russia’s support in Idlib on August 31, (US-supported al-Nusra) terrorists continue to shell government troop positions and nearby towns,” adding: 

“Every day, 20 to 30 such attacks by the militants are recorded. There has been an increase in activity of the local residents in the de-escalation zone itself.” 

“They are protesting the terrorists’ stranglehold. In particular, demonstrations are being held in Saraqib, Beenish, Taftanaz, al-Kafrun and Maarat al-Numan.” 

“The terrorists are trying to stop these civic actions, disperse the crowds and put up aggressive resistance.”

Disruptive US efforts aim to undermine activities of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva, wanting endless aggression and occupation continued, restoration of peace and stability prevented, reconstruction blocked.

MZ noted that “over 464,000 refugees and over 1.3 million IDPs return(ed) to their (home areas) since July 2018” — efforts by Syrian and allied forces making it possible, notably Russia’s involvement.

Commenting on the no-ceasefire/ceasefire between the Netanyahu regime and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, following preemptive Israeli aggression, continuing on Friday, MZ “welcome(d)” a halt in fighting that’s ongoing.

Calling on the US, NATO, or Israel to show restraint is an exercise in futility. Aggressors operate by their own rules exclusively, doing whatever they please.

MZ “call(ing) on Israelis and Palestinians to exercise restraint” ignores the right of long-suffering Palestinians (especially illegally besieged Gazans) to respond to unprovoked Israeli aggression in self-defense.

Urging “resumption of a meaningful and effective negotiation process with a view to achieving fair and lasting long-term peace in the Middle East based on the well-known UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative” ignores the no-peace/peace process whenever initiated because the US and Israel reject it, wanting endless conflict and chaos continued.

MZ’s remarks on Bolivia paid no heed to reality on the ground,  saying nothing about the CIA orchestrated coup, replacing democracy under Evo Morales with US-installed fascist tyranny, instead remarking:

“We presume that the appointment and most importantly – the legitimacy – of (Jeanine Anez as) head of state must clearly fit into the legislative parameters of the country’s Constitution and serve to unite and not divide the nation (sic),” adding:

“Russia is interested in a stable, politically and economically sustainable Latin America, including Bolivia, with which we have close relations of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. As you know, this is our position of principle.”

Anez is an unconstitutionally self-declared, unelected coup d’etat president with no legitimacy.

Peace, stability, equity and justice are undermined by coup d’etat fascist regimes, ruling by brute force, serving privileged interests exclusively, cracking down hard on nonbelievers — notably on democracy supporters, independent truth-telling journalists, human rights workers, and ordinary people demanding their rights.

Weeks of protests in Chile are all about rebellion against neoliberal fascist rule, ordinary people exploited and abused, ruling authorities partnering with monied interests against the public welfare.

Ordinary people demand billionaire/fascist president Sebastian Pinera’s resignation, new ruling authorities replacing him and his cronies, better wages, education, healthcare, and pension reforms, along with a new constitution, stressing equity and justice for all Chileans.

MZ commented on false accusations of Russian involvement in street protests, notably by US hardliners and supportive media, saying:

“We have stressed a number of times that Russia, unlike other members of the international community, does not practice interference in the internal affairs of foreign countries,” adding: 

“We develop relations with all Latin American countries based on equality and mutual respect, with strict adherence to the UN Charter and other standards of international law.” 

“Russia’s interest lies in Latin America being stable and politically and economically sustainable. Only in this way will the region become a pillar of the emerging multipolar world.”

Among major countries, Russia is the leading proponent of world peace, stability, and mutual cooperation among all nations.

US-dominated NATO and Israeli aims are polar opposite, pursued through the barrel of a gun and other hostile actions.

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