Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Bolivia

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Bolivia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that (US-supported) al-Nusra and allied terrorists continue to shell “residential areas more than 20 times per day (with Western, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi supplied weapons), and (are) trying to seize new territories.”

Liberating Syria requires eliminating their threat, along with ending US/Turkish occupation of the country’s territory — Washington and Ankara part of the problem, preventing the solution.

MZ: “(US-supported) ISIS sleeper cells (are operating) east of the Euphrates” river.

US theft of Syrian oil complicates things further, showing the Trump regime’s “reckless disregard for international law.”

“We consistently advocate the restoration of Syria’s unity and territorial integrity on the basis of dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds, as well as other ethnic groups to the east of the Euphrates.”

The hostile US agenda is polar opposite, waging endless war, rejecting restoration of peace and stability to Syria — the same thing true of all its war theaters.

In spite of enormous difficulties, Russian good faith efforts enabled almost half a million Syrian refugees to return to their home areas.

Investigative media reports “contain(ed) evidence of (endless) war crimes” in Afghanistan by illegally occupying US and UK forces, said MZ.

Local residents accused foreign troops of dozens of murders, cases closed with no charges.

MZ: “In particular, there was an execution of four Afghan children by a British commando.” 

“The children were definitely not engaged in any terrorist or dangerous activities, and were not involved in any extremist attacks.” 

“They were having lunch at home. A spokesman for the UK Ministry of Defense (lied) calling (charges) ‘unsubstantiated allegations,’ ” whitewashing cold-blooded murder.

“(I)t was reliably established that the British intelligence agencies forged documents to shift the responsibility for the killing of unarmed persons to the Afghan army.” 

“The investigators obtained videos that show how British, not Afghan, soldiers shoot at unarmed Afghan civilians.”

Throughout over 18 years of US aggression in Afghanistan, Pentagon warplanes, drones, and ground forces were and continue to be responsible for millions of casualties — the chapter in US history one of its greatest crimes.

While trillions of dollars are spent on mass slaughter and destruction in multiple theaters, vital homeland needs go begging.

Accountability for US crimes of war and against humanity is never forthcoming. The world community is complicit for failing to enforce international law.

So are establishment media for supporting what demands condemnation.

MZ: “(L)ack of regard for the local population has created a favorable environment for these crimes” — the US, UK and other foreign occupiers bearing full responsibility.

According to Bloomberg News, Trump regime hardliners lost confidence in their Venezuelan designated puppet Guaido — now plotting “more aggressive (regime change) strategies,” citing US sources familiar with plans.

MZ’s confidence in dialogue between Maduro and US-supported opposition elements is unfounded.

The Trump regime continues pushing for replacing Venezuelan social democracy with pro-Western fascist tyranny.

MZ: Continued “radical opposition’s attempts to provoke new rallies look simply absurd” — notably because of small numbers turning out.

Most Venezuelans despise Guaido and what he stands for. He “failed to achieve any results during” months of his illegitimately declared self-presidency.

“At the same time, we can see that the (US supported) radicals are actively promoting the idea of strengthening external pressure on the Venezuelan government as well as on government agencies and legitimate authorities of other countries in the region,” MZ explained, adding:

“Washington’s drive for a stubborn policy of sanctions pressure on Caracas speaks volumes and is confirmed by new statements made by US officials.” 

“In particular, I am referring to the statement by US Special Representative for (regime change in) Venezuela Elliott Abrams.” 

“The impression is that the US Department of State, which is called upon to seek diplomatic solutions to international issues, is becoming increasingly focused on the anti-diplomatic style…”

MZ and other Russian officials clearly understand that diplomacy isn’t in the US vocabulary — pursuing its agenda by pressure, bullying, intimidation, brute force, and other hostile actions.

On Bolivia, MZ failed to condemn the CIA orchestrated plot that forced democratically elected and reelected President Evo Morales from office, instead saying the following:

“We have noted the recent stabilization of the situation in Bolivia thanks to the mediation of the special representative of the UN Secretary-General,” serving US interests, she failed to explain.

“The so-called transitional Bolivian government (the people who are now running the country), the leadership of the Movement for Socialism party and other political forces agreed on…early presidential and parliamentary elections, as well as a draft law on reconciliation and respect for the citizens’ rights, in accordance with which the authorities undertake not to persecute for political reasons the supporters of the former head of state Evo Morales.”

From La Paz, Bolivia, the country’s political capital, here’s what independent journalist Wyatt Reed said:

Weeks after the CIA coup, “non-stop violence unleashed by the military has given way to an uneasy calm, with the new regime having largely achieved its goal of pacifying the country through a combination of iron-fisted political repression and co-optation of former MAS leaders and the heads of the strongest opposition social movements.”

Anyone considered a threat to coup authority faces “arbitrary detention, harassment, and threats.”

Days earlier, an Argentinian Delegation in Solidarity with Bolivia denounced the coup regime’s “crimes against humanity” since seizing power — based on firsthand interviews and other evidence gathered, a statement saying:

“We have verified that the repressive system set up by the de facto government has caused dozens of deaths, hundreds of arbitrary detentions, thousands of wounded, innumerable cases of apprehensions, torture, rape and other crimes against the physical, psychological and sexual integrity of the victims, who are men, women, children, elderly and members of groups.” 

An uneasy calm can give way to more of the above at any time if Bolivians demand freedom over fascist rule in place.

A woman in La Paz told Reed that she “can’t go out at night because of all these thieves and rapists lurking about.”

If US-installed coup authorities retain power, everything Morales achieved for ordinary Bolivians will be lost.

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