Al Jazeera Anti-Syria, Anti-Russia Propaganda

Al Jazeera Anti-Syria, Anti-Russia Propaganda

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On all things relating to US aggression in multiple theaters, Al Jazeera (AJ) reports read like Pentagon/CIA press releases, similar to Western establishment media propaganda..

AJ’s latest disinformation report on Syria resembles numerous others, ignoring high crimes committed by US-supported terrorists, blaming government and Russian forces involved in combatting them.

Citing al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets as its source, falsely calling them “rescue workers,” AJ wrongfully accused “Syrian government and Russian forces (of) kill(ing) at least 18” civilians in terrorist-infested Idlib province.

Like Western establishment media, AJ calls US-supported cutthroat killer terrorists in Syria “rebels” or “opposition forces.”

It also cited the one-man UK-based and funded pro-Western Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) imperial mouthpiece, publishing rubbish given him by his handlers, falsely claiming 20 civilian deaths over the weekend in Idlib by Syrian and Russian forces, including eight children.

A White Helmets disinformation tweet said: “At least 18 people have been killed since the morning, including children and entire families, by brutal raids via Russian and (Syrian) warplanes and helicopters. Villages and town centers in Jabal al-Zawiya #Idlib were targeted creating a despicable massacre of innocents.”

AJ falsely claimed a “government offensive forced hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee their homes (by repeatedly violat(ing) a fragile ceasefire.”

AJ ignored about three million Idlib residents held hostage as human shields by US-supported al-Nusra terrorists. It said nothing about multiple incidents of daily shelling of residential areas by their forces — falsely blaming Syria and Russia for their high crimes.

Here’s how AMN News reported the latest fighting in and around Idlib:

Russian “attack choppers (struck) jihadist(s),” along with ground attacks by “the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) 4th Armored Division…to weaken the jihadist forces in the Idlib countryside.”

Attacks by Russian and Syrian forces are all about combatting US-supported terrorists, aiming to liberate Syrian civilians, not harm them.

On Sunday, Southfront reported that jihadists in Idlib “launched…a salvo of rockets at civilian areas” in government-held areas, adding:

Local residents blamed the Jaysh al-Izza “radical group…a close ally of” al-Nusra that controls most of Idlib.

These elements escalated “attacks on (Syrian) military and civilian areas around Greater Idlib.”

They bear responsibility for civilian deaths, falsely blamed on Syrian and Russian forces by Al Jazeera.

Separately in Syria and likely other US war theaters, the Pentagon is using a so-called AGM-114R9X low collateral damage missile to conduct targeted assassinations — the weapon’ sword-like blades penetrate steel instead of explosives to kill, slicing victims to death.

The US, NATO, and Israel use an array of terror weapons against targeted nations, groups and individuals, repeatedly committing crimes of war and against humanity — naked aggression the highest of high crimes.

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