Media Cheerlead Tory Electoral Triumph in Britain

Media Cheerlead Tory Electoral Triumph in Britain

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Throughout the political campaign ahead of Thursday’s UK parliamentary elections, establishment media one-sidedly supported hardline PM Boris Johnson-led Tories over Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn’s progressive change agenda.

Now basking in the afterglow of preserving dirty business as usual — wealth, power, and privilege benefitting at the expense of ordinary Brits — they’re cheerleading Thursday’s triumph of continuity over the public welfare. 

The UK owned, funded and controlled BBC featured anti-Corbyn propaganda throughout the campaign.

On Friday, it headlined “Boris Johnson hails ‘new dawn’ after historic victory.” His Tory triumph over progressive change under Corbyn-led Labor assures continued neoliberal war on ordinary Brits to more greatly enrich privileged ones — what the BBC and other UK establishment media support.

Other UK media headlines were as follows:

London Guardian: “Tories secure majority as Corbyn says he won’t lead Labour into next election…Boris Johnson leads Tories to historic general election win”

UK Independent: “Boris Johnson thanks switching Labour voters for landslide victory, as Corbyn under pressure to quit immediately”

London Telegraph: “Johnson meeting with Queen after landslide victory”

London’s Daily Mail quoted Johnson in bold upper case letters, saying: I WON’T LET YOU DOWN” — meaning privileged Brits exclusively at the expense of ordinary people.

The London Times: “Johnson hails emphatic win for Tories”

The London Observer showed an image of Johnson with a figure dressed up as Santa Claus.

Media cheerleading for Johnson and Tories resonated on the other side of the pond.

NYT: “How Conservatives Won in a Landslide,” saying:

“(W)ith a solid majority now, Mr. Johnson will have command of his party and of the House of Commons, and the power to press on with his domestic agenda” — featuring neoliberal harshness the Times ignored.

WaPo: “Boris Johnson wins majority, while Jeremy Corbyn says he won’t lead another general election campaign”

Johnson was quoted boasting: “Getting Brexit done is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British people.”

Brits for Brexit will likely have second thoughts when Johnson begins privatizing the National Health Service and stiffens neoliberal harshness with a mandate to do what he pleases for Britain’s privileged class.

Wall Street Journal: The Tory triumph “vindicates Mr. Johnson’s gamble on throwing the Brexit question back to the voters by seeking a mandate for his revised deal with Brussels,” adding:

“(L)arge Tory gains also offer hope of restoring some semblance of sanity to British politics” — likely meaning dirty business as usual continuity on steroids ahead.

AP News: “UK’s Johnson claims Brexit mandate as Tories secure majority”

Reuters: “Britain speeds towards Brexit as Johnson wins large majority in election”

Fox News: “Trump congratulates UK”s Johnson after historic wins, hints at new trade deal”

CNN: “Boris Johnson storms to victory”

ABC News: “Conservatives win landslide majority in UK election”

CBS News: “UK election landslide prompts Boris Johnson to tout an ‘irrefutable’ Brexit mandate”

Al Jazeera: “After election victory, Boris Johnson promises January 31 Brexit”

When reality of what Johnson and Tories have in mind for Britain’s privileged class at the expense of ordinary people follows post-election harrahs, they’ll know his “new dawn” comes at the expense of their rights and welfare.

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