Trump’s Letter to Pelosi, Media Respond

Trump’s Letter to Pelosi, Media Respond

by Stephen Lendman

Published by the White House on the eve of the expected impeachment vote, establishment media responded as expected.

A day earlier, the NYT expressed frustration over what it called a “barely functioning” impeachment process, bemoaning about “no check on the president,” falsely accusing him of “def(ying) the Constitution” — ignoring phony Dem charges against him.

Polls show public opinion split largely along party lines — about half the electorate for and against impeachment.

The self-styled newspaper of record has been militantly hostile toward Trump since entering the race in June 2015, especially after triumphing over media darling Hillary.

Throughout the campaign, the broadsheet virtually served as her press agent — falsely calling her “one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.”

Fact: She was the most ruthlessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history — unaccountable for war crimes, racketeering, perjury, and influence peddling.

The Bill and Hillary crime family operated the Clinton Foundation money laundering racket for self-enrichment — while masquerading as a charitable NGO. For the Clintons, “charity” begins at home.

Following publication of Trump’s letter to Pelosi, the Times called it a “rambling six-page…diatribe… full of unproven charges, hyperbole and long-simmering grievances,” adding:

“(E)xtensive evidence (sic) uncovered…by the House Intelligence Committee (led to) accus(ing) (him) of engaging in a corrupt scheme to enlist a foreign power for his own political benefit in the 2020 election (sic), followed by an effort to conceal his actions by blocking congressional investigations (sic).”

Fact: No evidence suggests Trump engaged in improper or illegal dealings with Ukrainian President Zelensky. He debunked false claims otherwise.

Fact: He did nothing to block impeachment proceedings by refusing to participate in the scam and urging regime officials to go the same way.

Other headlines responding to Trump’s letter were as follows:

Washington Post: “Trump rips Democrats for ‘attempted coup’ on eve of likely impeachment”

Washington Post: “On impeachment eve, Trump repeats the crime” — falsely claiming he “and his team continued to commit the very offenses for which” he’s charged, presenting no evidence proving it.

AP News: “House nears impeachment as Trump decries ‘vicious crusade’ ”

Reuters: “On eve of expected impeachment, Trump lashes out at Pelosi, Democrats”

ABC News: “Trump sends Pelosi letter railing against impeachment as ‘illegal, partisan attempted coup’ ”

CBS News: “In 6-page letter to Pelosi, Trump vents about impeachment”

NBC News: “ ‘Crusade,’ ‘spiteful,’ ‘unfettered contempt:’ Trump lambastes Pelosi over impeachment in blistering letter”

Fox News: “Trump tells Pelosi in blistering letter that Dems are ‘declaring open war on American Democracy (sic)’ ”

CNN: “Pro-impeachment protests span the country ahead of historic vote” — ignoring an evenly divided electorate on the issue.

The impeachment train left the station, likely arriving at its destination Wednesday. 

The GOP-controlled Senate will exonerate Trump of phony charges against him.

Effort by undemocratic Dems and supportive media will continue to assail him as long as he remains in office, making up stuff along the way, ignoring serious wrongdoing he’s guilty of because they’re complicit.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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