Trump Regime Escalates US War on Iran

Trump Regime Escalates US War on Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s been ongoing by other means since the Islamic Republic ended a generation of US installed fascist tyranny.

Trump escalated things earlier by unlawfully withdrawing from the JCPOA nuclear deal, an international agreement unanimously adopted by the Security Council — making it binding international and US constitutional law under the Supremacy Clause (Article VI, clause 2).

Following the pullout, he’s been waging economic terrorism on Iran, aiming to crush its economy and immiserate its people.

Hostile US actions toward the country are all about wanting it returned to vassal state status, along with seeking control of its vast hydrocarbon resources and eliminating Israel’s key regional rival.

Has Trump been manipulated to wage hot war on Iran? Was assassinating Soleimani the first shot fired, prelude for more to come, seeking an Iranian response as a pretext for US aggression?

If launched, it’ll pose the gravest threat to regional and world peace since endless post-9/11 wars of aggression began.

Senior Iranian National Security and Foreign Policy Commission member Mojtaba Zonour earlier warned that Tehran would retaliate swiftly if its territory is attacked.

Its military can hit regional targets with destructive force in minutes, he said, adding:

“Only seven minutes are needed for (an) Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv.”

Iranian Aerospace Force commander General Amir Ali Hajizadeh earlier said “(i)f the enemy makes a mistake, our roaring missiles will come down on them.”

On Saturday, Iran’s IRGC spokesman General Abolfazl Shekarchi the “Americans have taken an irreversible step,” adding:

“In case of (US) war (on Iran) or any confrontation, the Americans will suffer severe damage and if they do any madness, Iran’s response would be tougher.”

“We will set up a plan, patiently, to respond to this terrorist act in a crushing and powerful manner.”

“We are the ones who set the time and place of our reciprocal response.”

On Friday, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei warned that harsh revenge awaits the US criminals, President Rouhani making similar remarks, tweeting the same day:

“The flag of General Soleimani in defense of the country’s territorial integrity and the fight against terrorism and extremism in the region will be raised, and the path of resistance to US excesses will continue. The great nation of Iran will take revenge for this heinous crime.”

On Friday as well, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi slammed Germany’s response to Soleimani’s assassination, supporting the Trump regime’s action instead of denouncing it, saying the following:

“The American action was a reaction to a series of military provocations for which Iran is responsible (sic),” adding: 

“We also see with great concern Iran’s activities in the region (sic). We stand before a dangerous escalation.”

Mousavi: “The Islamic Republic of Iran regards the German government’s stances in support of brutal and unilateral US actions which are against international law as complicity in these actions, and Iran reminds the German government of General Soleimani’s key role in fighting the terrorism of Daesh, whose continued existence would have endangered the lives of countless number of people even in Europe.”

Iran’s Judiciary Spokesman Gholamhossein Esmayeeli said Tehran will sue the US in the International Court of Justice for assassinating Soleimani, adding:

“This brutal act was a violation of human rights and all international rules.” 

“Martyr Soleimani was the official guest of the Iraqi government officials as a high-ranking (Iranian) official, and a foreign state has committed this crime in Iraq.”

“The criminal US government’s measure to martyr General Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and their entourage is a terrorist act from legal view point and a clear instance of state terrorism.”

Suing the US won’t help, Iran understands. Its ruling authorities operate by their own rules, flagrantly breaching international law repeatedly.

Dem US Senator Chris Murphy slammed the Trump regime for Soleimani’s assassination, calling it “the equivalent of the Iranians assassinating the US secretary of” war, adding:

If a foreign country went this far against the US, “we would unquestionably consider that an act of war that demanded a disproportionate response.”

US/Israeli anti-Iran covert operations have been ongoing for years.

In 2008, the Bush/Cheney regime signed a secret finding with Israel, authorizing covert actions against the Islamic Republic.

They included targeted assassinations, funding opposition groups, destabilizing the Islamic Republic, Syria and Lebanon, as well as preparing for war on Iran.

Has it begun with no official announcement? Does the Trump regime intend terror-bombing Iranian territory? Is that a planned shoe to drop? Are more US assassinations of Iranian officials planned?

Do Trump regime hardliners intend launching WW III? Extremists in charge of Trump’s geopolitical agenda make the unthinkable possible.

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