Slamming Trump’s Apartheid Annexation Scheme

Slamming Trump’s Apartheid Annexation Scheme

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The scheme’s unveiling unleashed an avalanche of criticism and revulsion about what fulfills Israel’s wish list at the expense of fundamental Palestinian rights — abandoned by the Trump and Netanyahu regimes.

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) responded sharply to Trump’s scheme.

Its director Jeff Halper said it “reaffirms what Israeli policy has in fact done ‘on the ground’ over the past 53 years” — dunam by dunam theft of historic Palestinian land, the world community doing nothing to prevent what’s been ongoing all these years.

Halper noted that once Israel’s apartheid wall route was known, ICAHD prepared a map that corresponds to what the Trump/Netanyahu scheme released.

B’Tselem called it swiss cheese with Israel getting the cheese, Palestinians the holes.

The scheme is a “non-starter,” Halper stressed. In 1948, Israel stole 78% of historic Palestine, taking the rest in June 1967, including Jerusalem, designed an international city by the UN.

For at least the past half century, a two-state solution was never an option for the US and Israel.

Today it’s unattainable with Israel controlling over 70% of the West Bank, including its most valued areas, Palestinians isolated in unconnected cantons.

According to Halper, the Trump/Netanyahu scheme leaves them with “15% of their country…truncated into 4 cantons: three in the West Bank” surrounded by hostile settlers and Israeli security forces, the other in besieged Gaza.

Settlements and other Jews-only development are here to stay, annexed to be part of Israel, along with the Jordan Valley.

Occupation by another name continues, including Israeli control over the entirety of historic Palestine, including its borders, airspace, resources, and offshore waters.

“Palestinians are left with a sterile bantustan,” said Halper with “no contiguous territory, no border with the Arab states, no control over water or other vital resources, loss of Jerusalem as a religious, cultural and political center, not to mention its loss as a tourist site — economically non-viable patches of barren land, whether you call it a state or a prison.”

Along with decades of state terror, wars at its discretion, and other forms of persecution, Israel “demolished about 130,000 Palestine homes since 1948, 55,000 in the OPT since 1967,” Halper explained.

Trump gave Palestinians a choice. Accept what’s unacceptable or Israel will steal all of historic Palestine.

“Trump’s plan — which is actually Netanyahu’s plan (and agreed upon Gantz and 95 out of the 120 members of Israel’s parliament)  — simply recognizes the judaization of Palestine begun 125 years ago, and gives the green light to completing it,” said Halper.

Resistance against Israeli colonization, occupation and apartheid is the only viable option against what’s illegal under international law.

It’s essential for Palestinians to rid themselves of the corrupt PA, serving as Israel’s enforcer for special benefits to Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies.

Betrayal pays well. He, his family, and corrupt cronies enriched themselves by selling their souls to Israel.

A new way is the only way for long-suffering Palestinians. Under the status quo worsened by the Trump/Netanyahu scheme, they’re doomed.

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