Media Opposition to Syria’s Liberation

Media Opposition to Syria’s Liberation

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

Whenever the US goes to war or plans one, establishment media operate as imperial press agents, making them complicit in the highest of high crimes.

With Syrian forces advancing against US/Turkish supported jihadists in Idlib province, media propaganda war rages against their liberating struggle.

They continue calling Obama’s war, escalated by trump, a “civil” conflict — despite nothing remotely “civil” about US aggression, using ISIS and other jihadists are ground forces.

Militantly hostile to all sovereign states on the US target list for regime change, the NYT published an anti-Syria wire service report in its latest edition.

Featuring disinformation and Big Lies, an AP News report published by the Times falsely blamed Syrian forces for crimes on civilians committed by US/Turkish supported jihadists — calling these cutthroat killers “rebels” and “opposition forces.”

AP turned reality on its head, falsely claiming “millions” of Syrians “refuse to live under government rule,” ignoring how they welcome and embrace government forces when towns and villages are liberated.

Saying “Turkey has troops in the region” ignored its illegal occupation that’s all about advancing wannabe sultan Erdogan’s revanchist aims, opposing conflict resolution, not supporting it.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post published similar disinformation.

Ignoring dozens of daily shelling incidents by US/Turkish supported jihadists against government forces and residential areas, WaPo reported that Syrian troops killed and wounded Turkish forces — failing to explain they’re involved in aiding terrorists, not combatting them.

As long as Turkish troops illegally occupy Syria and remain in harm’s way in support of jihadists, they’re vulnerable to attack by liberating government forces — what WaPo and other establishment media don’t explain.

The Wall Street Journal headlined “Turkish Troop Losses Mount After Clash With Assad Forces,” failing to explain Erdogan’s support for anti-Syria jihadists, his forces operating in the Syrian Arab Republic illegally.

The Journal quoted Erdogan regime foreign minister Cavusoglu, roaring: “Our glorious army will continue to do whatever is necessary” — an aggressor force, not a liberating one.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov expressed concern about anti-Syria jihadists in Syria.

The 2018 Idlib deescalation zone agreed on by Putin and Erdogan is used by US/Turkish supported jihadists as a platform for daily attacks on government troops and civilians.

According to Reuters on Tuesday,   talks in Ankara between Russian and Turkish diplomats on the situation in Idlib failed.

Erdogan and his henchmen want Syria’s liberating struggle halted.

Russia supports Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity, putting Moscow at odds with Ankara and Washington.

A Final Comment

According to Jordan-based Al-Hadath television on Tuesday, Syria forces gained full control over the strategically important 432-km M5 highway, connecting Damascus to Aleppo.

In response to the latest developments in Syria, Trump’s envoy for regime change in the country James Jeffrey headed to Ankara to discuss the current situation with Turkish officials.

Separately, Syria’s military said its forces continue making territorial gains in Idlib, around 600 square-km of land liberated from US/Turkish supported jihadists.

Most civilians in areas they control are prevented from leaving through humanitarian corridors established for their exit by Syria and Russia.

Held captive by terrorists as human shields, establishment media suppress this information, truth-telling about US aggression and support for jihadists banned in their reports.

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