Big Lies Drown Out Hard Truths on Syria’s Liberating Struggle

Big Lies Drown Out Hard Truths on Syria’s Liberating Struggle

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US-led Western media lie, deceive and otherwise misinform and disinform news consumers who follow their propaganda rubbish.

Hard truths on Syria and other US wars of aggression against nonbelligerent states are consistently suppressed.

Victimized nations are blamed for high crimes of war and against humanity committed against them.

At the present time, Syria is notably in the news. Nine years of US aggression and jihadists it supports devastated the country and its people.

Yet President Assad is wrongfully blamed for his nation’s liberating struggle. 

The same goes for Russia, providing aerial support for government troops, combatting ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists that the US and its imperial partners back, supplying them with funding, heavy weapons, other material support, training, and direction by US special forces and CIA operatives.

Media take their cues from US and other Western pro-war officials. 

The same goes for world body officials. 

Like its secretary general Antonio Guterres, UN high commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet is an imperial tool, time and again blaming nations victimized by US aggression for high crimes committed against them.

Hostile to Syria’s liberating struggle, she falsely blamed Damascus and Moscow for high crimes committed by US/Turkish supported jihadists in Idlib province, saying:

“Entire families, some who have fled from one corner of Syria to the other over the course of the past decade, are tragically finding that bombs are part of their everyday life (sic),” adding:

“How can anyone justify carrying out such indiscriminate and inhumane attacks” —falsely referring to Syria and Russia?

“Civilians fleeing the fighting are being squeezed into areas without safe shelter that are shrinking in size by the hour.” 

“And still they are bombed (sic). They simply have nowhere to go.”

Fact: Syrian forces aided by Russian aerial operations are liberating cities, towns and villages in Idlib and Aleppo provinces so displaced Syrians can return to their homes.

Fact: Syrian civilians are held as human shields in terrorist-controlled areas.

Fact: US/Turkish supported terrorists shell government forces and residential areas multiple times daily with Western/Turkish supplied weapons, using Idlib’s demilitarized zone as a platform for aggression.

Fact: No Russian or Syrian bombing of civilian areas occurred, no attacks on hospitals or schools used for their intended purpose — a US-led NATO specialty, along with jihadists they support, their high crimes falsely blamed on Russia and Syria.

Bachelet supports US-led aggression and jihadists used as imperial foot soldiers.

She opposes Syria’s liberating struggle, an OHCHR press release calling for cessation of hostilities.

Continuing the liberating campaign is the only way to free Syrians held captive by US/Turkish supported terrorists.

Her office falsely claimed that “93 percent” of civilian deaths “were caused by the Syrian government and its allies” — a bald-faced Big Lie. 

She lied claiming their warplanes struck “10 medical facilities and 19 educational facilities…either directly hit or affected by strikes close by.”

She lied claiming Syria and Russia terror-bombed “displacement camps” for Syrian refugees.

Saying “(t)hey are now at a higher risk than ever, with little hope or guarantees for a safe and voluntary return to their areas of origin or areas of their choice” ignored hundreds of thousands of liberated Syrians able to return to home areas — thanks to government and Russian operations against US/NATO, Turkish/Israeli/Saudi supported jihadists.

Calling for Syria and Russia “to allow humanitarian corridors (from) conflict areas” to safe ones ignored ones already established by their forces.

Urging accountability for war crimes, Bachelet said nothing about US aggression, nothing about Pentagon terror-bombing high crimes, nothing about millions of casualties in all post-9/11 US wars, millions more earlier — nothing about the most egregious human rights abuser over a longer duration than any other nation in world history USA.

Last Friday, an unnamed Trump official commented on his regime’s Syria agenda. A litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed.

He or she lied accusing Syria and Russia of causing a “humanitarian catastrophe” affecting millions of civilians in Idlib province.

He or she lied blaming Damascus and Moscow for US high crimes, others by its imperial partners and jihadist foot soldiers.

He or she lied claiming Syrian civilians prefer “stick(ing) with ISIS” in areas they controlled…rather than return to government controlled areas — a despicable insult to millions suffering from US aggression and its cutthroat killer jihadists, trained by US special forces and CIA operatives to commit atrocities, falsely blamed on government forces.

He or she lied claiming Syrian forces fired on US patrols, ignoring the illegal presence in the country of Pentagon and allied forces, along with their jihadist foot soldiers.

He or she called for a ceasefire in Idlib, wanting Syria’s liberating struggle halted.

Time and again, Assad minced no words, saying the campaign for Syria’s soul and its people will continue until the entire country is liberated from the scourge of foreign occupiers and their terrorist proxies.

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