Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Afghanistan and Julian Assange

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Afghanistan, and Julian Assange 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) discussed ongoing US forever war in Syria — things acerbated by Turkey’s cross-border aggression, supported by the Trump regime, Western media and the UN by calling for Damascus to cease its liberating struggle.

Whenever ceasefires are declared, the latest one on January 9, US/NATO/Turkish supported jihadists breach it.

MZ: Despite the latest ceasefire, jihadist fighters “continued shelling nearby towns and government military positions.” 

“Over 1,800 instances of shelling and more than 430 attacks involving heavy weapons have been recorded over this time period.” 

“More than 160 civilians have died and about 350 have been injured.” 

“The losses are even heavier in the Syrian army, with over 450 fatalities and over 1,100 injured.” 

“In addition, the (jihadists) have launched 10 attacks against Russian military sites, including two instances with multiple launch rocket systems against the Khmeimim airbase.”

Since February 3, Turkey’s Erdogan regime shelled Syrian forces and civilians repeatedly, killing around 20, injuring dozens more.

Turkish troops are fighting alongside al-Nusra and other terrorists, aiding them combat Syrian forces.

MZ: “Clearly, given the circumstances, the Syrian army has to fight back.” 

“With the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, it is conducting the Dawn over Idlib operation which focuses exclusively on the terrorists who are holed up in the de-escalation zone.”

“(T)he Syrian army liberated the city of Aleppo and its suburbs which made it possible to immediately start rebuilding peaceful life there.” 

“The city’s international airport took its first passenger flight from Damascus after an eight-year break. Air service between Aleppo and Cairo will resume soon.”

The battle to liberate Syria from US/NATO/Turkish/Israeli/Saudi supported jihadists has a long way to go.

Russia is committed to aid Damascus combat the scourge of terrorist fighters and illegal foreign occupation — to protect the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Addressing the situation in Afghanistan, MZ noted the US/Taliban agreement signed in Doha on Saturday.

Despite the ceremonial signing, over 18 years of US aggression and occupation continue.

The US came to Afghanistan to stay, the same true in all its post-9/11 war theaters and the former Yugoslavia — nations raped and destroyed by US regimes.

They were preemptively attacked to control them and their valued resources.

In Afghanistan, the US also wants to construct oil and gas pipelines across the country, wanting its territory used as part of a plan to encircle Russia and China, along with maintaining opium production used for heroin.

The Taliban cut a deal with the US that’s highly unlikely to stand the test of time.

The US proved it can never be trusted, breaching international law, treaties, conventions, and bilateral agreements with other countries time and again.

Whatever the US agrees on with negotiating partners isn’t worth the paper it’s written on — commitments abandoned at its discretion.

CIA operatives infest Afghanistan with no intention of leaving. Paramilitaries they control serve US imperial interests.

Their existence and the CIA’s presence in Afghanistan, on the phony pretext of combatting terrorism the US supports, makes restoration of peace and stability in the country unattainable.

It’s true whether Pentagon forces stay or leave, the former virtually certain, the latter foolhardy to believe.

MZ noted the fragility of deals with the US, citing the following:

“1. The instability in the US political system;

2. Their permanent political partiality and focus on internal interests, the interests of its own political and possibly financial and economic groups;

3. The unpredictability of US foreign policy, which leads to direct threats to the existing international order,” adding:

Lots more about the futility of dealing with the US can be added to the above list.

MZ called the police state prosecution and persecution of Julian Assange “beyond the pale” — his mistreatment what only despotic regimes could love.

If extradited to the US, kangaroo court injustice awaits him, virtually certain to prevent him from seeing the light of day as a free man ever again — despite his innocence of phony charges against him.

According to medical experts, his condition in London’s maximum security Belmarsh prison is critical.

MZ: “The whole (free) world has already qualified Assange’s case as a blow to the institution of investigative journalism and free and independent media, as a catastrophic attack on basic human rights.” 

“Such punitive measures as regards a journalist in the 21st century are absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful” anywhere — the US and UK exposed as fascist police states.

“We urge the human rights community and the related international organizations to firmly express their position and to do what they can to see justice triumph in his case.” 

Julian Assange is the victim of many crimes but the worst has not yet happened” — handing him over to the Trump regime for crucifixion. 

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