Erdogan Regime Escalating War in Syria He Can’t Win

Erdogan Regime Escalating War in Syria He Can’t Win

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Turkey’s Erdogan is an enemy of regional peace, stability, and the rule of law.

A menace on the world stage, time and again he proved untrustworthy, operating like the US — breaching promises made.

An ally of Trump regime aggression in Syria, his self-serving agenda is all about annexing northern Syrian, especially its oil producing areas, along with enriching himself, his family members and cronies.

Throughout years of US aggression in Syria, he allied with ISIS and other jihadists to advance his imperial aims — what his current cross-border invasion is all about, using al-Qaeda fighters as proxy troops while pretending to want regional peace and stability.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency on Sunday, the Erdogan regime downed two Syrian warplanes in Idlib province airspace — both reported to be Russian-made, one believed to be an Su-24 supersonic aircraft, the other a ground-attack L-39.

A Russia’s Foreign Ministry statement refuted reports of an Su-24 downed by Turkey in Idlib airspace, calling them “fake” — Russian aircraft in Syria operating normally, it said.

Time and again, Erdogan regime reports proved false, Russian ones accurate.

Turkey’s war ministry lied claiming Syrian planes threatened the regime’s aircraft. Reportedly pilots of downed aircraft ejected and landed safely in government controlled areas.

On the same day, Syria’s military closed the country’s airspace over Idlib and surrounding areas, saying any aircraft considered hostile will be shot down, adding:

“Turkish regime’s forces are continuing to carry out hostile acts against our armed forces, which are operating in Idlib province and its surroundings whether through targeting our soldiers who are facing terrorists directly, or through providing all forms of support to the armed organizations which are on the list of terrorism according to the international law.”

“These repeated Turkish hostile acts will not succeed in saving terrorists from the strikes of the Syrian Arab Army, and they prove the Turkish regime’s disavowal of all the previous agreements including Sochi memorandum.”

“Based on the adherence of the Syrian Arab Army to its constitutional and national duties in defending the sovereignty of the state and protecting its security and territorial integrity, the Army and Armed Forces General Command announces closing the airspace for flights and for any drones over the northwestern region in Syria, particularly over Idlib province.”

A Turkish drone used by jihadists in Syria was shot down, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency.

Last month, Turkish-supported jihadists downed downed two Syrian army helicopters, reportedly using US-made shoulder-operated, man-portable surface-to-air-missiles (MANPADS), able to down low-flying aircraft and helicopters.

It’s unclear whether Putin can restrain Erdogan when both leaders meet later this week in Moscow — to prevent further escalation of conflict in Syria that could risk possible confrontation between Turkey and Russia?

Separately, Russian media reported that the Erdogan regime arrested Sputnik International’s Turkish editor-in chief, along with three of the new agency’s staff members — reportedly for doing their jobs, putting out information Erdogan wants suppressed.

Sputnik published an article on Turkey’s Hatay province titled: “The Stolen Province: Why Turkey Was Given A Corner Of Syria By France 80 Years Ago.”

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Turkish thugs broke into the homes of Sputnik journalists in Ankara, accusing them of spying and treason for working as Russian journalists.

Reportedly they ended up in police custody, were interrogated and released — elements involved likely linked to the Erdogan regime.

An enemy of Syrian sovereignty, he’s an untrustworthy partner of Russia. 

Heading a fascist police state, he imprisons homeland critics while waging state-sponsored terrorism in Syria — a tinpot despot fooling no one.

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