Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Libya, Venezuela, and Trial of A US Spy

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Libya, Venezuela, and Trial of a US Spy

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US launched aggression for regime change in Syria continues endlessly in its 9th year because Republicans and Dems reject conflict resolution.

The situation is greatly complicated by Turkey’s wannabe sultan Erdogan’s revanchist aims.

Days earlier, his forces in northern Syria shelled government troops, his latest aggression after breaching another agreement with Putin in early March.

On Friday, Southfront reported that over 2,800 Turkish military vehicles and thousands of troops conctinue operating illegally in northern Syrian territory, mainly in Idlib province.

“The Turkish military buildup in Greater Idlib indicates that Ankara is preparing for a battle against the Syrian Army rather than” observe ceasefire Erdogan agreed to, according to Southfront.

US troops are illegally deployed in northern and southern Syrian territory with no intention to leave.

Ceasefire exists in name only. Israel terror-bombs Syria at its discretion, its warplanes operating from its own or Lebanese airspace.

AMN News reported “tensions are running high in northwest Syria” as government forces and US/Turkish supported terrorists “trade attacks.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) failed to discuss the above developments in her weekly press conference, instead saying:

“Work is underway to stabilize the situation in Syria, primarily, on the basis of the guarantor countries’ existing agreements under the Astana format,” involving Russia, Iran and Turkey, adding:

“In Idlib, the Russian and Turkish military are working to implement the Russian-Turkish Additional Protocol of March 5 to create a security corridor along the M-4 motorway and to establish regular joint patrols.”

Like earlier, Erdogan breached his agreement with Putin, once again showing he can never be trusted.

US/Turkish supported terrorists in northern Syria continue attacking government forces and civilians — heavy weapons supplied by Washington, other Western countries and Ankara.

MZ didn’t explain. She did say that “radical units (aka US/Turkish supported terrorists) in the (no-deescalation) deescalation zone” prevent an M-4 highway security corridor from being established.

Instead of neutralizing or eliminating jihadists as agreed on, Erdogan supports them. Like the US, he’s an enemy of regional peace and stability, an enemy of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Since the Obama regime in cahoots with NATO waged preemptive war on Libya in 2011, the country has been a virtual charnel house for nearly a decade, its people immiserated.

MZ called ongoing fighting a cause for great concern, a truce agreed on by warring sides breached straightaway.

A political settlement remains unattainable because endless conflict and instability serve US imperial interests.

Commenting on US war on Venezuela by other means, MZ denounced Trump regime efforts to replace President Maduro with US controlled puppet rule.

A bounty was offered for his capture and removal from office. US warships blockade Venezuela’s coastline on the phony pretext of interdicting illicit drugs the CIA and Wall Street banks profit hugely from in cahoots with the underworld and their drug trafficking suppliers.

The Trump regime continues “to undermine and disorganize Venezuelan authorities at a time when they need to mobilize the response potential of the nation to the coronavirus challenge” said MZ. 

US hardliners pretend Maduro has no external support, clearly not so.

Exhortations by MZ and other Russian officials for US ruling authorities to respect international law and sovereign rights of other nations fall on deaf ears in Washington every time.

The only language they understand is force, diplomacy with the US a waste of time, achieving nothing.

US spy Paul Whelan is on trial in Moscow on espionage charges. Trump regime claims of his innocence defy reality. He was caught red-handed.

MZ earlier explained that Whelan’s “spying activities have been properly documented, and, remarkably, have never been refuted by US officials” since his arrest in December 2018.

If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. He was detained pre-trial because he’s a flight risk if released on bail.

MZ compared his situation with Maria Butina — arrested by US authorities in July 2018 for being a Russian national.

A private citizen with no government connections, she was falsely charged, convicted, and imprisoned for being an unregistered Russian agent, what she never was.

“(S)he committed no offenses,” MZ stressed. After months of imprisonment on phony charges as a political prisoner, she learned the hard way how police state America operates.

In late October last year, her ordeal ended. Free and back home, she was able to openly discuss her ordeal for the first time.

She was studying for a master’s degree in the US, not operating as a Russian agent.

In contrast, Whelan was caught operating as a US spy. Claiming he was in Russia as a tourist was and remains false.

MZ: “(I)n Russia for intelligence purposes, (he) was caught red-handed while trying to obtain secret information.”

Unlike Butina’s mistreatment, Whelan has been treated much better than he deserves by Russian officials.

He lied claiming he was denied medical treatment.

MZ: “(H)e was offered the option of having a minor surgery if he considered that it was needed. He refused it.”

His claims of medical mistreatment are “completely groundless. They are not true.”

“The court also allowed him to have telephone calls with members of his family in the United States.”

His trial was delayed until March 30 to give him and counsel time to study charges against him and prepare a defense.

MZ: “Apparently, as we understand it, he was in no hurry and well aware of the convincing evidence” against him.

Legal proceedings are ongoing “in strict accordance with Russian laws, and in compliance with all the appropriate rules and procedures.”

He’ll be judged fairly according to the rule of law — polar opposite how the US operates, by its own rules extrajudicially.

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