She’s Back: Nikki Haley’s Anti-China Rage

She’s Back: Nikki Haley’s Anti-China Rage

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Neocon hardliner Haley is an ideologically extremist hawk on the far-right fringe of US politics.

Like other extremists in Washington and their supporters, she’s militantly hostile toward sovereign states on the US target list for regime change.

As former Trump regime UN envoy, she was an embarrassment to the position she held, using her platform to “tak(e) names” and urge retaliation against nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to US interests.

Straightaway after assuming her post in 2017, she provocatively said “(y)ou’re going to see a change in the way we do business.”

Along with other hardliners in Washington from both right wings of the one-party state, her goal was and remains achieving US dominance over planet earth, its resources and populations — endless wars and other hostile actions their favored strategies.

Haley is back with a website called “Stop Communist China.” She’s part of a US hard right-wing cabal that’s aiming to “prevent China’s growing influence.”

Big Lies and deception about Beijing’s successful model and its ruling authorities are her featured tactics with remarks like the following:

“China’s Communist government needs to be held accountable for their role in lying about the coronavirus pandemic (sic), and the US Congress needs to respond – now.” 

“Join us in our fight to stop China from gaining influence in America and around the world.”

Last July, capitalist to the bone Forbes magazine praised China’s development since the 1970s, saying the following:

“…China is the world’s leading export nation, ahead of the” US. 

Its economic achievements are remarkable by any standard. 

“(N)ever before in history have so many people escaped poverty in such a short time as in the past decades in China.” 

“According to official World Bank figures, the percentage of extremely poor people in China in 1981 stood at 88.3%.” 

“By 2015 only 0.7% of the Chinese population was living in extreme poverty.” 

“In this period, the number of (extremely) poor people in China fell from 878 million to less than ten million.”

Whether these numbers are  accurate or not takes nothing away from China’s rapid rise on the world stage as a dominant economic power in a remarkably short period of time.

Forbes claims China’s success “provides clear evidence of the power of capitalism.”

China’s development is attributed to developing a successful economic model that’s different from and free from US control, not victimized by its exploitive practices.

Last August, Ellen Brown explained that US/Western-style neoliberalism “met its match in China.”

Over 80% of its banks are state owned and controlled, loans made to public and private businesses on favorable terms to stimulate longterm growth.

Brown: If “businesses cannot repay the loans, neither the banks nor the businesses are put into bankruptcy, since that would mean losing jobs and factories.”

“(N)on-performing loans are just carried on the books or written off. No private creditors are hurt, since the creditor is the government…”

China considers its system superior to the West that’s focused on short-term profits by private enterprises.

China’s successful model is superior to the West’s “unfair trade practices.”

US policymakers want China’s system replicating America’s. They want control over the country as a US vassal state.

Michael Hudson said the Trump regime “wants the Chinese to be as threatened and insecure as American workers.”  

“They should get rid of their public transportation. They should get rid of their subsidies.” 

“They should let a lot of their companies go bankrupt so that Americans can buy them” on the cheap.  

“They should have the same kind of free market that has wrecked the US economy.”

Brown noted China’s impressive “long-term growth and development,” its success revealing superiority over the flawed US model.

Instead of pushing China to operate like America, its policymakers should adopt Beijing’s model.

Its success reflects the superiority of its system, not “the power of capitalism,” as Forbes claimed.

The magazine that calls itself a “capitalist tool” praised China’s impressive development that far exceeds anything in the West.

“Hundreds of millions of people in China are far better off today,” Forbes stressed.

The nation is an economic success story unmatched in the West, China heading one day for becoming the world’s leading economy.

It’s why US policymakers want its economic, industrial, and technological development undermined.

In cahoots with other US dark forces, that’s what Haley’s “Stop Communist China” campaign is all about — an agenda doomed to fail.

China and other nations are rising, the US and West declining.

Already thirdworldized for its ordinary people, the disparity between the rich and most others is widening, things heading toward getting worse, not better — notably in the US.

Poverty, unemployment, underemployment, human deprivation, and police state control are growth industries in the world’s richest country.

Its fantasy democracy provides cover for steadily eroding human and civil rights, notably under current conditions.

COVID-19 and economic duress provide a pretext for convincing people to sacrifice personal freedoms for greater security, not realizing that both are being lost.

Endless wars on invented enemies and police state control in the US followed 9/11.

What’s ongoing now has the earmarks of 9/11 2.0 in new form. 

What Pompeo called a “live exercise” in March (state-sponsored, not natural?) may make the US more unequal, unsafe and unfit to live in than before what’s happening emerged.

What most Americans haven’t grasped is what should concern them most — not coronavirus outbreaks that will pass.

A Final Comment

Haley has high-level political ambitions. She may seek the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

Last year she was a Boeing board member, earning substantial six-figure compensation, perhaps more given her political connections.

In March, she resigned her board position, citing disagreement with bailing out the company.

Her memoir titled “With All Due Respect” was published to pursue her political ambitions, along with cashing in on her public persona.

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