Are the US and China on a Collision Course for Greater Confrontation?

Are the US and China on a Collision Course for Greater Confrontation?

by Stephen Lendman 

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US policymakers from both right wings of the one-party state want China’s rise on the world stage as an economic, industrial, and technological power undermined.

A undeclared Cold War between both countries rages. There’s always risk of things turning hot by accident or design when US imperialists choose this option.

Much like US propaganda war and unacceptable policies against Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and other sovereign states free from US control, hostile anti-China venom rages in Washington.

It’s notably at a fever pitch, a tactic by Trump regime hardliners to falsely blame Beijing for DJT’s failed and wrongheaded policies to contain COVID-19 outbreaks.

No credible evidence suggests that the virus was produced in a Chinese biolab. 

One or more outbreaks first occurred in Hawaii late last summer, not China. Nothing suggests the virus is bat or other wildlife-related.

Is COVID-19 a US-created bioweapon — unleashed on humanity with diabolical aims in mind?

It wouldn’t be the first time US policymakers used chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons against adversaries and its own people.

It happened time and again throughout US history. Are COVID-19 outbreaks the latest example of US Machiavellian tactics against humanity for greater wealth and power at the expense of public health and welfare?

The fullness of time will tell whether diabolical US objectives are behind what’s going on. If past is prologue, it’s clearly possible.

Blaming others for its high crimes and malfeasance is longstanding US policy.

China is falsely blamed for the Trump regime’s failure to prepare for and properly address COVID-19 outbreaks when occurred — even though the threat of what’s ongoing was known about years ago.

Establishment media operate as mouthpieces for the imperial state, publishing and reporting material hostile to other countries that reads and sounds like intelligence community, state and war department press releases.

The NYT slammed China’s Red Cross this week. Because it receives state funding, the Times accused it of being “an arm of the state” instead of praising its human health mission.

Citing no evidence, the Times claimed “the group’s goal of helping people (is pitted) against the party’s interests in maintaining control over society.”

Far and away, China leads the world in addressing and containing COVID-19 outbreaks — in contrast to Trump regime blunders and indifference to public health and welfare.

The Times falsely accused China of letting “protective gear s(it) in a sprawling warehouse as desperate health workers battled the virus without it.”

China widely distributes personal protective equipment (PPE) internally, along with exporting it to scores of countries worldwide.

Months after US COVID-19 outbreaks occurred, National Nurses United continue to complain about lack of enough PPE — despite the Trump regime’s Department of Health and Human Services having declared virus outbreaks to be a national emergency on January 30.

Through mid-April, over 9,000 US healthcare professionals contracted COVID-19. Lack of enough proper PPE leaves them vulnerable, the Trump regime doing little to help states address an issue that should be prioritized.

The Times is a lying machine. The same goes for other US establishment media.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post falsely blamed China for “spread(ing) the coronavirus by covering up initial reports about it (and) tr(ing) to use the pandemic to advance its authoritarian political model globally at the expense of democracy (sic).”

Separately, WaPo accused China of waging a “disinformation” campaign about the virus through “fake social media accounts (sic).”

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump regime “is tightening…export-control restrictions to prevent US companies from sending (high-tech) products abroad that could strengthen China’s military.”

The same policy applies to Russia, Venezuela and other invented US adversaries.

China’s Global Times (GT) said the Trump regime “is driving the US to failed state status,” the country already thirdworldized by its hostility to social justice.

Days earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said through April 20, Beijing “provided the US with over 2.46 billion masks, meaning seven masks for each (person) in the US, plus nearly 5,000 ventilators and many other types of medical equipment.”

Yet PPE and other supplies needed to combat COVID-19 haven’t been sent to states, Dem governors notably complaining about lack of federal help in dealing with a public health emergency.

GT: “China does need to take a lesson from the US and examine why (its ruling authorities) failed to protect (their) people, (let the country fall) into political division (at a critical time, and is) stunned by corruption and unparalleled social divide?”

China won’t play “scapegoat” to US indifference toward its own people, to its botched handling of COVID-19 outbreaks.

An internal GOP document obtained by Politico shows “Republicans have indicated they plan to make China a centerpiece of the 2020 campaign,” according to the broadsheet.

The Trump regime succeeded in alienating countless millions of people worldwide.

A Morning Consult poll conducted from April 24 – 26 showed Trump with a 41% approval rating, 54% disapproving of his performance as president.

Other polls earlier in April showed similar results, Trump’s disapproval exceeding 50% in nearly all conducted, 56% in a Global Strategy Group/GBAO survey.

The latest Gallup poll conducted in mid-April showed Trump’s approval at 43%, disapproval at 54%.

He’s an embarrassment to the office he holds. The option for US voters in November is no better.

Both right wings of the US war party operate the same way at the expense of ordinary people at home and abroad.

Whatever the outcome of dealing with COVID-19, the worst of times likely lies ahead in the US.

Voting achieves nothing, a popular revolution the only solution for possible responsible change.

Power yields nothing without strong resistance, the only sensible option looking ahead.

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