The People’s Choice Between Two Unacceptable Lessers for US President in November

The People’s Choice Between Two Unacceptable Lessers for US President in November 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

What passes for US-style “democracy” would make some despots blush. 

It’s more fanciful than real, an illusion of what doesn’t exist.

The nation was created to be run by its rich, well-born, and able, John Adams explained.

John Jay, the first US Supreme Court chief justice, said owners of the country should run it.

When US elections are held, outcomes are predictable, continuity assured every time,

Names and faces change, results always the same. 

Privileged interests are served at the expense of most others under one-party rule with two extremist right wings.

The nation’s bipartisan criminal class runs things for monied interests and themselves alone — at the expense of world peace, equity, social justice, and the rule of law they disdain.

When so-called elections are held, US voters get to choose between GOP and Dem presidential and congressional candidates for key posts who resemble an FBI most wanted list, not legitimate seekers of high office.

The race for the White House gets most attention for obvious reasons.

In November, US voters will choose between mentally unstable, narcissistic, congenital liar, disturbingly unhinged Trump, a person whose brain doesn’t work like normal people.

According to criminal psychology expert Robert Hare, he and hardliners surrounding him like Pompeo currently and Bolton earlier fit the definition of psychopathological derangement. 

They exhibit the following disturbing traits: “coldheartedness,” a “callous unconcern for the feelings of others,” a lack of remorse, shame or guilt, irresponsibility, an extremely high threshold for disgust, impulsiveness, emotional shallowness, “pathological lying,” a “grandiose sense of self-worth,” an incapacity for love, a “parasitic lifestyle,” among other “dissocial personality” abnormalities.

They “con others for personal profit…pleasure,” and power over other people they seek to dominate.

They operate like recklessly dangerous sociopaths and psychopaths, blaming others for their own failures and wrongdoing.

They turn truth on its head for self-aggrandizement and malevolent aims, indifferent to the human toll.

Trump’s consistent dissembling suggests an inability to distinguish between facts and fiction.

His misleading, deceptive, and falsified remarks on key issues show profound ignorance and an aversion to truth-telling. 

His callous indifference toward public health and welfare is polar opposite what responsible leadership is supposed to be all about.

In September 2017, thousands of mental health professionals said they believe that he “manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of president of the” US, adding:

“(W)e respectfully request he be removed from office, according to article 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which states that the president will be replaced if he is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.’ ”

As president and commander-in-chief with his finger on the nuclear trigger he’s able to squeeze against one of more nations on the US target for regime change, he represents a clear and present danger to everyone everywhere.

What about Joe Biden, the presumptive Dem presidential nominee? Does he represent a safe alternative to Trump?

He and DJT are two-sides of the same coin, differing only in style and party label.

They’re both unapologetically pro-war, pro-Wall Street, pro-the military/industrial/security/media complex, pro-corporatism over the general welfare, pro-police state control, and anti-what just societies cherish.

Biden is Hillary with a gender difference, assuring continuation of Obama’s disturbing record if elected — notably endless wars against invented enemies, force-fed neoliberal harshness on ordinary Americans, and police state crackdowns on nonbelievers.

Ahead of formally announcing his candidacy for president, he said:

“I’m Joe Biden and I work for you (sic)…Are you with us (sic)?”

Throughout his near half-century political career as US senator, vice president, and presidential aspirant, Biden’s agenda has been all about serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of public rights, needs and welfare.

He never met a sovereign independent nation he didn’t want forcefully transformed into a US client state by wars or other hostile actions.

His Senate record alone revealed the measure of the man, supporting wars of aggression, police state laws, the racist war on drugs, mass incarceration, and other harmful policies to ordinary people, notably affecting people of color.

He opposes Net Neutrality, the last frontier of free and open expression, a fundamental right too vital to lose.

He and Trump have been accused of sexual misconduct numerous times. 

Since the 1970s, many women accused Trump of assaulting them sexually.

As a private citizen, he earlier boasted about groping women. As a presidential candidate, he claimed many “women…got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me,” no evidence presented backing his claim.

One accuser said “(h)e was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere.”

Biden’s accusers are coming forth with lurid tales about him — from inappropriate touching to sexual assaults.

Psychology Today calls sexual assault “any sexual activity that occurs without consent,” adding:

It’s “a pervasive problem. In America, one in three women and one in four men experience sexual violence in their lifetimes, according to the National Institutes of Health.”

“And those numbers are likely an underestimate due to the shame and fear that prevent many survivors from reporting abuse.”

“Sex and violence are closely linked,” notably by “dominant men forcing themselves on women.”

“(S)exual assault is more about power than…sex…motivation stem(ming) from the perpetrator’s need for dominance and control.”

Sex is used by one person to exert power over another. Children and adolescents are affected like adults.

Men most often are perpetrators in male-dominant societies like the US. Trump long ago bragged that he could do what he pleased with women, saying:

“When you’re a star, they let you do it.”

Women in all walks of life tell horror stories of rape, assault, harassment, and abuse by powerful men, including politicians, celebrities, and the clergy.

Based on what’s know about Trump and Biden, neither figure is fit to hold any public office, notably not the highest in the land.

The choice for US voters in November is none at all. 

It’s nearly always this way, notably since the neoliberal 90s — especially in Trump v. Hillary and incumbent DJT v. Biden.

Whoever is inaugurated US president in January 2021 will represent continuity like earlier, most likely in harsher form based on what’s ongoing.

It’s the American way. Democracy in the country is pure fantasy, never the real thing, notably not now and what’s coming ahead.

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