Imperial USA Never Rests

Imperial USA Never Rests

by Stephen Lendman 

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With world attention focused on containing COVID-19 and efforts to incrementally end lockdowns at time of economic collapse, the scourge of US state terror remains active.

The Trump regime redeployed ISIS jihadists to Iraq, a strategy for maintaining permanent occupation of the country and control over its vast oil resources, along with wanting its territory used as platforms for endless regional wars.

US aggression in Syria continues unabated in its 9th year, largely in Idlib province bordering Turkey, sporadically elsewhere.

Southfront reported that “ISIS cells assassinated two Syrian intelligence officers and a supposed Hezbollah member in” southwestern Daraa on April 30 and May 2 — the latest incidents following earlier ones in the country.

US supported ISIS jihadists “expanded (their) operations in southern Syria,” Southfront reported.

Increasing numbers of attacks by its fighters reflect US attempts to maintain a permanent state of war and instability in the Middle East, the epicenter of its aggression in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, along with Libya in North Africa.

The Middle East and parts of Africa are plagued by the curse of oil and gas both right wings of the US war party want control over — willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives, the human toll of no consequence.

Last weekend, Venezuelan security forces foiled the latest US coup attempt to replace its model democratic governance with pro-Western fascist tyranny.

Elements called heavily armed “Colombian mercenaries” were killed or captured attempting to enter the country, including operation leader Antonio Sequea — a coup plot to try seizing Caracas and kill or otherwise neutralize President Nicolas Maduro.

According to AP News, former US green beret Jordan Goudreau, head of private security company Silvecorp USA, admitted his involvement in the plot.

According to him on YouTube, Guaido signed a “general services” contract last October to train and direct about 300 Venezuelan army deserters in Colombia.

Reportedly the plot, a mini-Bay of Pigs operation, was organized in cahoots with the Trump regime and its designated puppet Guaido.

A Bolivarian National Armed Forces statement said the following:

“A group of terrorist mercenaries, organized and trained in Colombia, tried to disembark with war material off the coast of La Guaira,” adding:

“The Bolivarian National Armed Forces categorically rejects these irrational acts of violence.”

Venezuelan intelligence apparently discovered the plot and were ready to counter it — much like how it defeated last April’s coup attempt.

Defense Secretary Padrino Lopez and Interior Minister Reverol explained that operations to protect Venezuelan sovereignty from hostile foreign actions continue, further arrests likely in the days ahead.

Both ministers said the Duque-led Colombian regime and Guaido were involved in the US supported plot — dubbed “Operation Gedeon.”

Maduro accused the Trump and Duque regimes of plotting to kill him. He indicated that two Americans were among the captured mercenaries, one reportedly a DEA agent.

Saying Venezuelan intelligence knew of the plot in advance, he accused elements involved of “playing Rambo.”

Interior Minister Reverol called their scheme an attempted “invasion by sea” with speedboats.

Photos of arms and equipment were posted online, including assault rifles, machine guns and munitions.

In April, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused anti-Bolivarian dark forces of exploiting current public health and economic collapse conditions to try achieving their imperial aims in Venezuela.

The same goes for US-led wars by hot and other means against other nations on its target list for regime change — what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

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