Reinvendting History a US Specialty

Reinventing History a US Specialty

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The power of endlessly repeated propaganda gets most people to believe almost anything — especially when pounded into the public consciousness by press agent establishment media.

In the US, they’re mouthpieces for monied interests and the imperial state. Following government pronouncements and their reports assures unawareness of reality.

China is in the eye of the storm. Over the weekend, Pompeo was at it again, diverting attention from Trump regime indifference toward public health and welfare by falsely blaming Beijing for spreading COVID-19 outbreaks and deaths.

“We have got an economy now that is really struggling and it is all a direct result of the Chinese Communist Party covering up, hiding information, having doctors who wanted to tell the story about where this began, how patient zero was formed and how it emanated from that person, and yet we cannot get those answers,” Pompeo roared, adding:

“Even now, 120-plus days on from the Chinese Communist Party knowing about this virus, they continue to hide and obfuscate the data from the American people and from the world’s best scientists.”

Reality is vastly different from Pompeo’s reinvented history, discussed in a same-day article.

Trump regime Iran bashing continues without letup. On Saturday, Pompeo ignored its breach of international and US constitutional law by abandoning the landmark Security Council adopted JCPOA by reinventing history again, saying:

Trump’s “bold decision…protect(ed) the world from Iran’s violence and…nuclear threats…”

Reality is polar opposite. If the world community followed Iran’s geopolitical example, global peace, stability and security would triumph over endless wars of aggression — the US, NATO and Israel the main offenders.

The same goes for state terrorism, the US its main backer and proliferator.

On the 75th anniversary of victory over the scourge of Nazism, the Trump regime ignored the indispensable contribution of Soviet Russia without which the war’s outcome might have been vastly different.

Pompeo’s joint statement with foreign minister counterparts from former Soviet Russian bloc states was a thumb in the eye to heroic Red Army efforts in defeating Nazi Germany.

Instead of praising its lead role in achieving victory in Europe, Pompeo slammed what he called Soviet Russia’s “iron grip over (Eastern European) captive nations (by) overwhelming military force, repression, and ideological control,” adding:

“For many decades, numerous Europeans from the central and eastern part of the continent sacrificed their lives striving for freedom, as millions were deprived of their rights and fundamental freedoms, subjected to torture and forced displacement.” 

“Societies behind the Iron Curtain desperately sought a path to democracy and independence.”

“Today, we are working together toward a strong and free Europe, where human rights, democracy and the rule of law prevail.”

Fact: Democracy, human rights, and the rule of law are abhorrent notions in the US dominated West.

Fact: Pompeo’s hostile remarks ignored the Red Army’s lead role in defeating Nazi Germany, ignored 27 million lost Russian lives, ignored the immense suffering of its entire population and devastation to its cities and towns.

He willfully pretended that victory in Europe was US-led West achievement.

Occupied France was out of the war. The US and Britain were junior partners to Soviet Russia’s war effort that enabled the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry responded strongly to Pompeo’s reinvented WW II history, a statement saying the following:

“Attempts to distort the results of the defeat of Nazism and the decisive contribution of our country, which do not stop in Washington even on the solemn days of the general celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory, are extremely outrageous.”

“In this regard, we cannot pass by the comment posted on the pages of the White House in social networks, where the victory over Hitler’s Germany is attributed exclusively to America and Great Britain.”

“On the eve of the holy holiday, American officials did not have the courage and desire to pay at least a half-word tribute to the undeniable role and enormous disproportionate sacrifices that the Red Army and the Soviet people suffered then for the sake of all humanity.” 

“US officials have also been extremely stingy in this regard.”

“Unfortunately, this attitude clearly dissonates with the statement adopted on April 25 by Presidents Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Trump on the anniversary of the historic meeting of Soviet and American soldiers on the Elbe in 1945.”

“The document highlights the joint efforts of our countries in the fight against the common enemy.”

“(T)he real facts of history cannot be ignored – regardless of the sympathies or antipathies that arise both in relation to the Soviet Union, which liberated the world from the brown plague in those years, and in relation to our country today.” 

“This is evidenced by the numerous well-founded responses to Belodomov’s tweets not only from Russians, but also from Americans who know American history, as well as people from all corners of the world.” 

“It is noteworthy that their correct and based on historical facts comments are systematically removed.”

“And this is done (by a nation) which tirelessly declares its ‘commitment to freedom of speech!’ ” 

“The theme of the sacred exploit of the older generation in war should not become yet another problem in bilateral relations, which are already going through difficult times.” 

“Russia and the United States, despite their differences, can, on the basis of trust, mutual respect and consideration of each other’s interests, jointly respond to the increasing challenges of modern times.”

“We intend to have a serious conversation on this issue with (Trump regime) officials.”

On Saturday, Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov slammed the Trump regime’s reinvented history of WW II.

Calling its belittling unacceptable, he said the following:

“The unleashed misinformation campaign in a number of countries and, unfortunately, in the United States, when they try to belittle the role of the Soviet Union or even, moreover, to say that the Soviet Union has started World War II, is simply unacceptable.” 

“I can’t even imagine how people can speak such blasphemous words today, knowing that the Soviets lost 27 million people.”

“(W)e should not stay silent. We should talk about it, but speak calmly, reasonably, try to convey to ordinary Americans, to ordinary people in Europe and all over the world, that it was Soviet soldiers who liberated Europe” — not the Americans, British or anyone else

The Red Army “defended the independence of Europe and the Soviet Union, and no one will ever make us forget those times, and no one will ever be able to shake our confidence that the most important thing is to be together in the fight against new challenges and threats. Today it is more important than ever.”

Moscow is justifiably furious over the Trump regime’s reinvented WW II history, including the White House tweeting:

“On May 8, 1945, America and Great Britain had victory over the Nazis!” 

“America’s spirit will always win. In the end, that’s what happens.”

Moscow urged the Trump regime to commemorate the Soviet Union’s indispensable contribution to defeating the scourge of Nazism – and not rewrite history.

The request that should have been respected and honored fell on deaf ears.

Note: In cahoots with US dark forces, Facebook banned from its platform a colorized iconic photo of Red Army soldier Yevgeny Khaldei’s raising Soviet Russia’s flag over the Reichstag in Berlin on May 2, 1945 — because it marked Moscow’s defeat of Nazi Germany in living color.

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