Trump Regime Anti-Iran Big Lies and Threats

Trump Regime Anti-Iran Big Lies and Threats 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US and Iranian geopolitical agendas are world’s apart.

Iran is the region’s leading proponent of world peace, stability, and mutual cooperation with other countries — at war with none, threatening none.

In sharp contrast, the US under both right wings of the one-party state is the world’s leading belligerent and violator of human rights at home and abroad.

It’s perpetually at war with invented enemies. Real ones don’t exist. 

Its imperial agenda poses an unparalleled threat to everyone worldwide because of its rage to smash independent nations unwilling to subordinate their sovereign rights to its interests.

It’s the only nation ever to use nuclear weapons in combat — twice against imperial Japan, months after it sought to surrender to the US but was turned down by Roosevelt and Truman.

The US is militantly hostile toward all nations it doesn’t control — notably China, Russia and Iran.

On Tuesday, the Trump regime’s State Department lied to Congress — falsely claiming Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Cuba are counter-terrorism outlaws, polar opposite reality.

These countries oppose terrorism in all forms everywhere. The US is its leading proliferator, using jihadists as proxy forces in its war theaters and elsewhere.

Both right wings of its war party pretend to be combatting the scourge of terrorists they actively support — arming, training, funding, and directing them to attack US enemies.

It’s highly likely that the Tuesday terrorist attack on a Kabul, Afghanistan hospital’s maternity ward was made in the USA. 

It killed over a dozen victims, including mothers, medical staff, and newborns, the brutal act likely carried out to maintain a permanent state of war and occupation of the country.

The Taliban denied responsibility. Russia blamed ISIS for what happened, the group created and controlled by the Pentagon and CIA — involved in orchestrating hostile actions for its jihadists to commit.

Separately, ISIS claimed responsibility for attacking an Afghanistan police commander’s funeral in Nangarhar, killing around two dozen mourners.

These actions and countless others like them are all about preventing peace and stability from returning to war-torn Afghanistan.

Endless wars serve US imperial interests and its military, industrial, security, media complex. Peace and stability defeat its agenda.

Falsely accusing Iran of state terrorism by the US aims to shift blame for its own high crimes of war and against humanity onto Tehran’s ruling authorities.

The whole world knows who’s to blame and who’s falsely accused.

On Wednesday, Trump regime special representative for regime change in Iran Brian Hook threatened that the US will unilaterally impose JCPOA-related snap back sanctions on Iran if the Security Council fails to do it.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, he demanded continuation of an arms embargo on Iran that expires in October, saying the Trump regime will do whatever it takes to maintain it.

He lied accusing Iran of “sending advanced weaponry to terrorists and militants” — a US specialty in the region and elsewhere, polar opposite how Iran operates.

He lied calling the IRGC “a terrorist group with a long history of targeting and killing Americans.” It defends the nation against hostile actions from aggressors like the US.

He lied saying “Iranian weapons…put American and allied troops in the region under threat and endanger Israel.”

Russia and China oppose extension of the arms embargo. It’s unclear where Britain, France, Germany, and Brussels stand.

Most often they bend to Washington’s will, even when harming their own self-interest, including by breaching their mandated JCPOA obligations, siding with the Trump regime’s flagrant breach of international law without admitting it.

Extending the arms embargo may drive a final nail in the JCPOA’s coffin, the Trump regime’s objective.

Hook said a US Security Council resolution was drafted, knowing it’ll be rejected by Russia and China.

The Trump regime no doubt will threaten secondary sanctions on nations selling arms to Iran if the Security Council does nothing to prevent their sale.

Its “maximum pressure” on Iran flagrantly breaches international and US constitutional law.

Hook threatened Iran and its allies, saying the Trump regime “will ensure (that the expiring arms embargo on Iran) remains in place…one way or another.”

The US is no longer a party to the JCPOA. It has no legal say over its implementation.

Last week, Iran promised an “appropriate and decisive” response if the arms embargo continues past its expiration date.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani warned the EU against siding with the Trump regime on this issue, saying the JCPOA will “die forever” if the arms embargo on Iran continues past its expiration date.

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