Trump: Unfit for Any Public Office

Trump: Unfit for Any Public Office

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again throughout his tenure, Trump proved he’s more a laughing stock leader than a legitimate one — along with being recklessly dangerous and indifferent toward public health and welfare.

Along with his endless wars by hot and other means, unilateral pullouts from landmark agreements, racist hatred of immigrants and other people of color, unprecedented hostility toward Palestinian rights, proliferator of state terrorism, and congenital lying, he risks elevating US anti-China/anti-Iran rage to dangerously high levels by his arrogance and profound geopolitical ignorance.

No longer part of the landmark JCPOA agreement, he and hardliners infesting his regime want the right to be out and in at time time. It doesn’t work that way.

They want Security Council snap-back sanctions reimposed on Iran without just cause, along with demanding that the expiring arms embargo on the country remain in place.

On both issues, they vowed to do whatever it takes to get their way, no matter how in violation of international and US constitutional law.

Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzya slammed hostile Trump regime demands, what Moscow strongly opposes.

The arms embargo that never should have been imposed in the first place expires on October 18.

Nebenzya explained that it was meant to be temporary and won’t be extended, adding:

“Let’s call a spade a spade. It was not in fact even an embargo. It is the provision where Iran is allowed to export/import armaments on the consent of the Security Council.” 

“Of course, you may call it a de-facto embargo, because we know what would happen if Iran asked for such waiver, but technically it was not an embargo.” 

“For us it’s clear.” On its expiration date, it’s no longer in effect. “We proceed from that fact.”

Time and again, the Trump regime tries having things both ways.

“In order to be able to use the instruments provided by JCPOA, you first have to be a participant of the JCPOA,” Nebenzya stressed.

“The US has not been a participant of the JCPOA for two years now.” It has no say on how it’s implemented.

In March, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said an arms embargo extension is not up for discussion at the Security Council. 

Under the JCPOA, Tehran may freely purchase arms, munitions, and military equipment from foreign suppliers when the mutually agreed on embargo expires.

The Trump regime has no say about it. Nor about demanding reimposition of snap-back sanctions.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov also rejected unacceptable Trump regime demands, calling them a “cynical” scheme to disrupt normal Security Council functioning.

The next “crisis” in the body “is imminent.” Whatever stunts it pulls during upcoming sessions, it “will not have an easy road,” Ryabkov stressed.

China’s Foreign Ministry also rejects unacceptable Trump regime hostility toward Iran.

Its UN mission tweeted: The Trump regime “has no right to extend an arms embargo on Iran, let alone to trigger snapback.”

The “US failed to meet its obligations under Resolution 2231 by withdrawing from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.”

Almost straightaway after taking office, the Trump regime escalated war on Iran by other means.

Will it overstep and risk confrontation? It’s the most recklessly dangerous regime in US history, why anything ahead is possible.

Separately on Thursday, Trump threatened to “cut off the whole relationship” with China — a harebrained threat given enormous investments both countries have in the other.

Rupturing the relationship would wreck their economies. Trump absurdly claimed that cutting off relations would save the US $500 billion.

It would cost the US countless trillions of dollars, along with risking direct confrontation if he pushed things too far.

Along with his other faults, Trump is a geopolitical know-nothing. Whatever hostile actions he orders against China as part of his reelection strategy will be strongly countered.

Instead of cleaning up his act, he focuses on blaming others for his own high crimes and failures.

His anti-China/anti-Iran crusades are doomed to fail. Neither country will tolerate it going too far without responding appropriately.

They prioritize cooperative relations with other countries. Hostile US actions wreck them with one country after another, including with allies.

If Trump starts a geopolitical confrontation, he’ll get a bellyful in response.

A Final Comment

In Thursday testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, demoted Trump regime Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) director/vaccine expert Dr. Rick Bright slammed what he called White House “cronyism over science,” warning:

“(T)he window is closing to address” widespread COVID-19 outbreaks and deaths in the US, adding:

If Trump regime mismanagement continues on this issue, the “darkest winter in modern history” will result later this year and in 2021.

In January 2017, the White House knew about the threat that’s now reality, but did nothing to prepare. Instead, it slashed public health spending instead of increasing it to be ready.

“We need to have the right testing for everyone who needs it,” Bright stressed. 

“We need to be able to trace contacts, isolate, quarantine, and appropriately — while striving to develop a cure.”

Countless thousands of “lives were lost” because of Trump regime bungling and indifference toward public health and welfare, including “front-line healthcare workers” in the line of duty.

When outbreaks began and increased, HHS officials told Bright that no critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) existed.

The lied, “and not only that, we were forced to procure these supplies from other countries without the right quality standards.” 

“So our doctors and nurses (still) have inadequate supplies of” proper PPE.

Instead of promising to correct failures and go all out to address the public health problem effectively, Trump blamed Bright, accusing him of doing a “poor job,” calling him a “disgruntled employee.”

Others call him a hero, a whistleblower who sounded a public health alarm because of Trump regime indifference toward addressing it responsibly.

No White House “master plan” exists to address the public health issue of our time, said Bright, adding:

“We don’t have a single point of leadership right now…”

It pains me to call Trump president because he most certainly is not mine — nor of any other ordinary American.

The same goes for the Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama — gangsters, not politicians, belonging behind bars. 

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