Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, New START, and Western Propaganda

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, New START, and Western Propaganda

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that OPCW Technical Secretariat director Fernando Arias refused to participate in a free and open Security Council discussion about his baseless accusations of Syrian use of CWs.

The OPCW’s so-called Investigation and Identification Team (IIT) made the charges without merit.

Arias ducked a SC discussion in deference to his US-led Western patrons.

MZ: His unacceptable action “is evidence that both the OPCW Technical Secretariat leadership and (the West) fear an open, substantive and professional talk about the (OPCW’s) activities, major goals and tasks of the so-called ‘attributive’ mechanism they created, since the reality is that its investigative findings are predetermined to yield anti-Syrian conclusions” — no evidence supporting them.

MZ explained that Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzya held a news conference to set the record straight.

Nebenzya: “Despite our open criticism of the illicit nature of the IIT, we were not opposed to the director-general briefing the Council on the report.” 

“Our only request was that this interaction is conducted in an open setting. Regrettably, (US and its imperial allies) insisted on holding this meeting behind closed doors, (belying) their slogans of openness and transparency of the Security Council.”

Nebenzya called this approach “unacceptable” and refused to participate in the sham session.

Pro-Western Arias is guilty of “malpractice,” he said — proved by repeated falsified OPCW claims of Syrian use of CWs, providing no evidence because none exists.

Nebenzya stressed that “Syria’s chemical weapons program has been shut down.”

“All its chemical weapons stockpiles have been eliminated and production capacities destroyed.” 

“Damascus has no chemical weapons capacity nor any intent or possibility to use” these banned weapons — what US supported jihadists used many times, Syria falsely accused of their high crimes.

So-called OPCW inspections since 2013 “did not reveal any Syrian undeclared CW stockpiles.”

Its authorities fully cooperated with OPCW inspections.

In its latest report, the organization “whitewash(ed)  illegal acts of aggression against Syria,” said Nebenzya.

It knows that its forces have no CWs, haven’t used any throughout years of war, yet pretends otherwise in deference to the imperial interests it serves.

The OPCW lost all credibility, notably by time and again breaching the Chemical Weapons Convention it’s sworn to uphold by willfully and maliciously producing falsified reports. 

MZ commented on the Trump regime’s intention to abandon the landmark New START agreement that expires in February 2021.

It’s the only remaining arms control treaty between Russia and the US — limiting the number of strategic nuclear warheads both countries are allowed.

The Trump regime wants no restraints on expanding the US nuclear arsenal — countless hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on these WMDs at a time when Washington’s only enemies are invented, not real.

Trump regime nominee for special presidential envoy for arms control Marshall Billingslea is a nuclear weapons know-nothing.

He’s been serving as US Treasury Secretary for terrorist financing.

MZ: He “has not been brought up to speed on his new job. For example, he clearly has not found the time to read his department’s report on the compliance of foreign states, including Russia, with international treaties and agreements.”

Moscow is in full compliance with New START. The department Billingslea was nominated to head is militantly hostile toward Russia — while admitting its compliance with the agreement.

Know-nothing Billingslea “disavowed the work of his own colleagues and representatives of other US departments that are involved in the implementation of this treaty,” MZ explained.

Russia wants the agreement extended in the interest of furthering world peace and stability — notions the US finds abhorrent.

MZ: Moscow is “ready to support any multilateral initiatives that can enhance international security and stability.” 

“However, (agreements) must be based on the free will of” participating nations.” 

“No country may be coerced into them. And the interests and concerns of all the potential participants must be taken into account.”

MZ slammed Russophobic Western media that consistently lies about Russia in deference to US imperial interests.

They falsely accused Moscow of covering up COVID-19 outbreaks and deaths, citing no evidence backing their allegation.

MZ notably slammed the NYT and Financial Times, stressing:

Their falsified reports were “not honest mistake(s).” They’re part of anti-Russia propaganda, including false reports about how the country is combatting COVID-19.

By letter to the editorial boards of the above media and others in the West, Russia asked them to “publish refutations” of their fake news — a wasted effort falling on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Anti-Russia propaganda continues relentlessly, truth-telling about the country on major issues banned in the West.

The same goes for fake news about other nations on the US target list for regime change.

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