Trump’s Mishandled COVID-19 Response Slammed

Trump’s Mishandled COVID-19 Response Slammed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A day after The Lancet medical journal sharply criticized Trump’s mishandled COVID-19 response, urging his defeat in November, Thailand Medical News (TMN) ripped him.

“Americans (lack) proper help (because of Trump’s) totally mismanaged” COVID-19 response, said TMN, adding:

“(T)he world (is) in a state of shock (over) what is happening in America, the country that was reputed to have the best medical research facilities, the best medical and healthcare professionals and the best healthcare facilities in the world.”

Yet its COVID-19 response has been abysmal at best, criminally negligent at worst.

The buck stops with Trump. As head of state, he bears primary responsibility for the world’s largest number of COVID-19 outbreaks and deaths — steadily rising daily.

TMN: “The US CDC was so ill prepared in its initial testing program that it created a” coronavirus epidemic.

For weeks after outbreaks began and increased, Trump pretended its was “common flu” that would fade and disappear on it own.

Worse still, “this ignorant individual (with) no formal medical training was allowed to dictate medical policies and protocols.” 

He “started by advocating usage of the lethal drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine which have no proven efficacy against COVID-19…”

Despite enormous harm to over 1.5 million Americans, the death toll likely to exceed 100,000 this week, no legal action was instituted “against the ignorant individual and his stupid minions for” their deadly mismanagement.

“The same stupid individual is now promoting the use of a COVID-19 testing tool that is not the least accurate and a fraudulent doctor in his team who is claimed to be an infectious disease expert is now promoting the use of a toxic drug called Remdesivir that has no proven efficacy against the COVID-19 disease except a lame study showing it reduces hospitalization time and there are to date no safety studies on the drug.”

TMN questioned the efficacy of lockdowns and social distancing because COVID-19 can be spread by speech and breathing.

It remains airborne for a considerable time in spaces far exceeding recommended six-feet distancing between individuals — notably indoors where perhaps it can linger for hours, especially on surfaces.

“(T)he virus is now everywhere,” said TMN. It’s not going away anytime soon.

Testing only works if repeated on individuals ad infinitum. Testing negative today is no assurance against becoming infected tomorrow, the next day or next week.

TMN urged adoption of the herd immunity approach even though antibodies in COVID-19 recovered individuals may only protect them for a few months.

Thereafter they’re vulnerable to reinfection. TMN also called for increased research and healthcare spending worldwide — for development of remedies and treatment for COVID-19 and other illnesses for everyone needing it.

TMN estimates that “at least 3-5 percent of the world population will die from COVID-19 over the next 3 years.”

If things turn out this way, over 400 million people could perish under a worst case scenario.

As for the likelihood of developing a cure or vaccine for COVID-19 ahead, TMN minced no words saying:

“(T)here will never be a cure nor a vaccine for this despite all the lies being spewed around.”

Despite many years of research, no coronavirus vaccine or cure was ever developed.

Trump’s claim about having a vaccine ready for mass production and distribution by yearend is not only mass deception, it’s criminal negligence.

Whatever vaccine may be made available ahead and touted as reliable will be hugely hazardous to human health and essential to avoid.

Vaxxed individuals may pay the price of pain, suffering, and/or premature death — besides possibly contracting the virus the vaccine will pretend to protect against.

No one should take the coming toxic brew if they value their health and welfare so Big Pharma can profit hugely.

No one should believe anything politicians or their press agent media claim, especially what relates to their safety and well-being.

A Final Comment

As a US army veteran, circa 1950s, I observed the inadequacy of Veterans Administration healthcare firsthand.

For a time when the VA offered no-cost, then extremely low-cost meds to vets, I occasionally went to a Chicago VA hospital for several prescriptions — long ago, no longer because VA medical care was and remains thirdworldized.

I never went there for treatment because I value my health. Their facilities are no place to assure it.

On Friday, the VA said it will continue using unproven malaria drugs on vets ill from COVID-19, despite the potential hazards of their use.

A VA statement said it never “encouraged or discouraged” its hospitals from using hydroxychloroquine on patients even though no scientific evidence proved its safety or effectiveness on COVID-19 infected individuals.

According to AP News, the medication is being used on hundreds of COVID-19 infected patients by the VA.

As of Friday, nearly 12,000 vets have been treated by the VA for coronavirus infections. Nearly 1,000 died, according to its records.

The department admitted that it has no evidence of hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in treating COVID-19.

Vets are being used as guinea pigs to learn the effects of the drug on coronavirus patients — one of countless reasons why the VA is no place to seek treatment when ill.

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