Bashing Historic Constitutional Changes in Russia

Bashing Historic Constitutional Changes in Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The deplorable state of Western media, especially in the US, needs no elaboration.

They explain it themselves best of all in daily print editions and electronic broadcasts.

They’re exercises of managed news misinformation and disinformation, along with lots of junk food news — truth and full disclosure on major issues prohibited.

Occasional resemblance to what journalism is supposed to be is purely accidental.

On geopolitical issues, notably related to nations free from US control, reports are virtual state-approved press release propaganda at all times.

Two current examples target Russia. 

NYT Russiagate reports alleging Kremlin offered bounties to Taliban elements in Afghanistan to kill US military personnel — repeated by other establishment media — was a new low by the broadsheet and its mimics, even by their own deplorable standards.

The Times reports rubbish and pretends it’s “all the news that’s fit to print,” its fake news exposed time and again, especially about sovereign independent states targeted by the US for regime change.

The other current target of its ire is constitutional change in Russia, a historic moment it attacked with an onslaught of disinformation, its customary affrontary — exposed by journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

Russia’s long ago outdated Constitution needed revising to meet its sovereign independent  standards, the objective of scores of amendments overwhelmingly approved by national referendum.

In typical Times fashion, it mocked the historic achievement — accomplished in a way the US ruling class in Washington prohibits, giving ordinary Russians final say up or down on proposed changes.

US policy-making is exclusively by its ruling class for its own interests, ordinary people exploited, not served — given no voice in how they’re governed.

Elections when held exclude choice. How can there be in a one-party state with two extremist right wings.

The Times turned truth on its head, mocking Russia’s vote by “ ‘referendum,’ ” putting the term in quotes to suggest the legitimate process lacked “legitimacy,” calling it “an elaborate spectacle of public affirmation (so) Putin can serve until 2036 (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie, typical Times perversion of hard truths.

The amended Constitution mandates a two consecutive term limit for presidents — going forward, time in office to now excluded.

The amendment on this issue was one among many others, including social justice issues like a living wage and pensions indexed to inflation — given scant attention, buried well into the Times propaganda piece likely missed by most readers

Putin’s current term expires in 2024. There’s no indication that he wishes to serve until age-84, how old he’ll be in 2036.

The Times quoted a pro-Western/anti-Putin ideologue, calling the referendum “theater (sic).”

According to Times disinformation, “Russia’s system under Mr. Putin depends on the appearance of popular support to confer legitimacy on decisions he has already made (sic).”

This type rubbish and countless more like it are typical examples of what appears daily in Times propaganda issues — “all the news” to ignore to avoid brainwashing.

The Times also quoted the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)-funded Russophobic Golos NGO election monitoring group, falsely claiming the referendum was “rigged.”

Election “rigging” is longstanding US policy, happening time and again at the federal, state and local levels since the early 19th century, today done with electronic ease.

International independent monitors of Russian Federation elections time and again called them scrupulously open, free and fair — reality ignored by the Times and other establishment media.

They’ll never admit that Putin is the preeminent world leader among major powers — a figure towering over his Western counterparts.

Instead of praise he justifiably deserves, they mock him instead — Big Lies, deception, and suppression of reality their customary tactics.

Convicted fraudster, self-serving opportunist, US National Endowment for Democracy pawn through funding support Alexey Navalny was quoted.

His pre-scripted pro-Western/hostile to Putin remarks read like anti-Russia State Department or US intelligence community press releases.

It was painful for the Times and other establishment media to admit that over three-fourths of Russian voters support proposed constitutional changes.

Turnout was almost 65%. In a previous article, I called the referendum a modern-day Russian declaration of independence.

It also reflects democracy in action, absent in the West, the notion considered abhorrent to privileged interests — notably by the US ruling class, served by the Times and other major media, the public trust long ago betrayed.

Coverage of Russia’s historic constitutional changes was also scoffed at by other establishment media.

WaPo headlined: “Russia’s referendum could keep Vladimir Putin in power until 2036”

The WSJ went the same way, headlining “Russians Vote for Overhaul That Could Keep Putin in Power Until 2036”

Reuters: “Kremlin calls vote allowing Putin to rule until 2036 a triumph as Russians ponder his next move”

AP News: “Russian voters agree to let Putin seek 2 more terms”

Fox News: “Russian voters keep Putin in power until 2036”

CNN: “Putin’s ploy to extend rule backed by Russians”

ABC News: “Putin granted right to extend rule till 2036 in overwhelming referendum result”

The BBC: “Putin strongly backed in controversial Russian reform vote”

Al Jazeera: “Russians clear way for Putin to extend his rule until 2036”

Deceptive headlined reports in the West ignored what the referendum was all about.

They falsely suggested it was a Putin power grab — a gross perversion of reality, a historic change in modern Russian governance left unexplained.

Instead of reporting accurately on the process and its purpose, Western media featured Russia bashing deception — their customary way of operating on virtually all major issues.

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