Russia’s Foreign Ministry on UNHRC’s Big Lie, Constitutional Changes, the US, Iran, and Afghanistan

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on UNHRC’s Big Lie, Constitutional Changes, the US, Iran, and Afghanistan

by Stephen Lendman

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) slammed UN high commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet’s Big Lie about Russia.

She falsely claimed Moscow is using COVID-19 outbreaks to limit fundamental freedoms — citing no credible evidence because none exists.

MZ: “Generally, to confirm the reliability of incoming alarm signals, UN agencies send corresponding requests to the authorities of the country in question to confirm or refute the information they received,” adding: 

“As of July 2, there were no requests for Russia on behalf of the UN monitoring mechanisms regarding violations of human rights during the effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

“Clearly, this is why (Bachelet) does not claim that the information she received is reliable.”

Notably in her remarks, she praised Russia’s “innovative technology” to combat the virus in remote areas, helping “indigenous nomadic peoples.”

Russia is dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks like many other nations by temporarily restricting public activities to curb them.

Commenting on historic changes to Russia’s Constitution by national referendum, MZ explained the following:

Over 250 voting stations “were set up in 144 countries” so Russian nationals abroad could vote.”

Voting in other countries took place mostly in Russian embassies and consulates.

Around 145,000 nationals abroad participated in the referendum.

“The vote took place in full conformity with election laws and the observance of proper safety measures and the sanitary-epidemiological recommendations of (Russia’s federal agency for consumer rights protection and human well-being, as well as) local authorities.”

Russian and foreign media covered the process. So did international observers.

A previous article explained that voting was scrupulously open, free and fair, few irregularities reported.

MZ slammed the latest State Department country reports on terrorism, the Russian portion sent to Moscow.

Its foreign ministry “lost…interest in these reports” long ago, she explained.

“Year in and year out, in almost identical, highly politicized terms, they repeat the same groundless (boiler plate) reproaches regarding Russia’s anti-terrorism policies.”

The Kremlin is falsely accused of “infringing on human rights domestically” — a US specialty at home and abroad, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

The US is notably omitted from State Department reports that are largely exercises of propaganda, targeting nations it wants transformed into vassal states.

Commenting on US war on Iran by other means, MZ noted illegal and unjustifiable Trump regime efforts to maintain a conventional arms embargo on Iran, along with wanting the landmark JCPOA destroyed.

MZ: The US “has neither the legal, nor any other grounds for using the UN Security Council’s powers in its self-serving interests.”

On October 18, the arms embargo on Iran expires. 

Trump regime hardliners want it continued as part of their unlawful “maximum pressure” on Iran.

It’s all about seeking control of the nation and its valued hydrocarbon resources, along with wanting Israel’s main regional rival neutralized.

MZ: Russia considers “additional restrictions on Iran not only unjustified, but counterproductive from the point of view of the prospects for keeping the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) intact.” 

“The main reason for the difficulties and failures in implementing the nuclear deal with Iran is the subversive activities by the US.” 

“It unilaterally (and illegally) withdrew from the JCPOA and continues to systematically violate UNSC Resolution 2231, and it also creates obstacles for its implementation by the conscientious participants.”

MZ slammed Pompeo’s false remarks about Russia’s policy toward Afghanistan.

He backs NYT fake news, claiming Moscow paid bounties to kill US forces in Afghanistan, what no credible evidence supports because none exists.

The Pentagon refuted the claim. So did the NSA. The CIA declined to confirm what it know is fake news.

MZ: “During his meetings with Foreign Minister Lavrov, Mr. Pompeo has never raised this issue.” 

“Russia supplied arms only to the (US installed puppet) government of Afghanistan, which is a well-known fact.” 

“If (the) US…want(s) to have a conversation in this context, it would be appropriate to recall the information circulating in Afghanistan regarding the US special services’ support for ISIS with the use of helicopters, which we covered extensively at our briefings one to two years ago, and shielding them from Taliban attacks.” 

“In addition, we should not forget about support provided to ISIS by US aviation during clashes with the Taliban.” 

“The latter was repeatedly confirmed by the Taliban in 2018-2019.”

At war on humanity at home and abroad, the US is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

World peace and stability champion Russia is its mortal enemy.

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