Longstanding US Policy: Falsely Blaming Others for Its Own Hostile Actions

Longstanding US Policy: Falsely Blaming Others for Its Own Hostile Actions

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Both right wings of the US war party are responsible for waging endless war on humanity by hot and other means.

At the same time, they falsely blame targeted nations for their own high crimes and other hostile actions.

COVID-19 was made in the USA, exported abroad worldwide, China falsely blamed for its origination and spread.

On Tuesday, Trump again blamed Beijing for what it had nothing to do with, saying the following:

COVID-19 was “unleashed in our country by China (sic).”

With nearly five million reported cases and over 160,000 deaths in the US, Trump downplayed the severity of what’s going on — along with ignoring economic collapse.

His remarks featured his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies.

DJT: COVID-19 outbreaks “should have been stopped very easily by China in Wuhan (sic).”

Fact: China leads the world in containing the made-in-the-USA coronavirus.

DJT: “(W)e’ve seen vast improvements in recovery rates across all age groups (sic).”

Fact: The US leads the world in coronavirus outbreaks and deaths, continuing daily.

DJT: “Compared to April mortality rates are 85% lower among individuals aged 18 to 69 and 70% lower among individuals over 70 years old (sic).” 

“We’ve also made significant strides in sheltering those at highest risk, especially the elderly (sic).”

Fact: For the 9th straight day on Tuesday, reported coronavirus-related deaths in the US topped 1,000.

Fact: Since US outbreaks were first reported in January, the Trump regime largely let state and local authorities cope with the issue on their own — offering little to no help.

Trump falsely claimed outbreaks are “going down very significantly” in hardest hit states (sic).

He, other regime officials, and establishment media are pushing fast-tracked to market mass-vaxxing with hazardous to human health substances over highly effective hydroxchloroquine (HCQ) when combined with either azithromycin or doxycycline and zinc in treating COVID-19.

HCQ is also effective in preventing coronavirus infection when taken prophylactically. 

Around for decades, it’s widely available in generic form, cheap and safe — polar opposite highly toxic hazardous to human health vaccines that are likely to be available in the coming months.

Anyone valuing their health and safety should avoid them. 

Ignore a blitzkrieg of official Washington, Big Pharma, and establishment media propaganda touting what no one should touch.

No “promising vaccines” exist. Despite years of research, no coronavirus vaccines were ever developed.

Trump, Pompeo, other regime officials, and establishment media continue a blitzkrieg of China bashing.

“(O)ur attitude on China has changed greatly since” coronavirus outbreaks in the US began, Trump roared, falsely blaming its ruling authorities for what’s going on — one of many made-in-the-USA Big Lies that won’t die.

He lied accusing Beijing of “secrecy, deception and cover-up” on the problem — a US specialty on countless issues.

Separately, the Trump regime hasn’t renewed visas of Chinese journalists in the US.

If expelled, Beijing will surely retaliate appropriately.

In March, China’s Foreign Ministry said journalists from the country were ordered to turn in their press credentials as the Trump regime intends reducing the number of Chinese nationals in the US.

A Final Comment

Weeks earlier, the Lancet disgracefully demeaned HCQ’s effectiveness in treating and preventing COVID-19.

On Monday, its editor Richard Horton took a different tact in a London Guardian op-ed, titled:

“This wave of anti-China feeling masks the west’s own Covid-19 failures,” saying:

“Western politicians, led by the US government, have escalated their attacks on China, ushering in the conditions for a new cold war.”

At the same time, he falsely accused Beijing of “tak(ing) a whole month to report” coronavirus outbreaks in Wuhan.

A previous article explained that the WHO was notified a few days after they first occurred.

Notably, Horton said “the scale of the anti-China reaction is disproportionate to the reality of the courageous contributions made by Chinese scientists to our global understanding of this pandemic,” adding:

“It was Chinese scientists who first described the human threat of this new disease.”

“It was Chinese scientists who first documented person-to-person transmission.” 

“It was Chinese scientists who first sequenced the genome of the virus.” 

“It was Chinese scientists who called attention to the importance of scaling up access to personal protective equipment, testing and quarantine.” 

“It was Chinese scientists who warned of the threat of a pandemic.”

China has done more by far than any other nation in containing the virus’ spread domestically, along with aiding other nations deal with their outbreaks.

Horton’s praise for China’s efforts is welcome. But I won’t let him off the hook for his earlier HCQ disinformation or fake news about China in his Guardian op-ed.

He falsely accused Beijing of conducting “wolf-warrior diplomacy” — a US, NATO, Israeli specialty.

He repeated US-led Western propaganda claims about repression of Uyghur people in Xinjiang and repressing Tibetans.

He falsely claimed Beijing is “belligeren(t) toward Taiwan,” slammed its South China Sea claims, and turned truth on its head about its new national security law.

He falsely called US recruited hooligans responsible for months of violence, vandalism and chaos in Hong Kong last year and at times this year a “pro-democracy movement.”

The US, UK and West abhor the notion, tolerating it nowhere, especially not in their own countries. Horton pretended otherwise.

While on the right side of some issues, time and again he’s gone the other way — or tries having things both ways as in his Guardian op-ed.

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