The NYT: Mouthpiece for Power, Proliferator of Fake News

The NYT: Mouthpiece for Power, Proliferator of Fake News

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Last month, the NYT falsely claimed that Moscow paid bounties to Taliban fighters to kill US forces in Afghanistan.

No evidence was cited because none exists. Nor was anything reported about why Russia would do what it’s never done before. What could it hope to gain?

At the time, the Pentagon denied the claim. So did the NSA, saying it had no corroborating intelligence that suggests it. 

The CIA refused to confirm what it knows is untrue. Even the Times shifted its narrative to paying bounties to “Taliban-linked militants,” using a a middleman “contractor (sic).”

Whenever claims are unsupported by by credible evidence, they’re baseless.

On Thursday, the Times resurrected the debunked Big Lie, citing Pompeo as its source.

Like Trump, he’s an exposed serial liar. When bashing nations on the US target list for regime change, virtually nothing he says is credible, everything polar opposite reality —a figure never to be believed or trusted.

No Russian bounties were paid to the Taliban or anyone else to kill US soldiers or others, no evidence suggesting it.

The Times cited Pompeo’s Big Lie claim that Russia’s GRU Unit 29155 was involved in what never happened.

Instead of holding Pompeo’s feet to the fire by debunking his false accusation, the Times supports the fake news.

On so-called Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (two of Washington’s global propaganda operations), Pompeo said the following:

“If the Russians are offering money to kill Americans or, for that matter, other Westerners as well, there will be an enormous price to pay. That’s what I shared with Foreign Minister Lavrov,” adding:

“I know our military has talked to their senior leaders, as well. We won’t brook that. We won’t tolerate that.”

No evidence remotely suggests that Russia enlists hitmen to bump off anyone like the CIA and Pentagon operate worldwide.

No Russian US election interference occurred earlier or is planned, no evidence suggesting it.

When US officials and their go-along media accuse other nations of wrongdoing, they’re engaging in mass deception, along with shifting responsibility for Washington’s own hostile actions onto others.

The Times admitted that Pompeo didn’t present proof to corroborate his accusation, adding:

He “provided few details.” His remarks were “vague and abstract.” He claimed what no legitimate tribunal would accept as proof beyond a reasonable doubt, nothing even close.

Asked whether he raised this issue with his Russian counterpart, Joint Chiefs chairman General Mark Milley failed to back Pompeo’s accusation, knowing he lied.

The CIA said nothing to Trump about this, the Times saying no one in the White thought the allegation was “worthy of sharing with” him.

Last month, Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed the Big Lie.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov minced no words, calling the allegation “100 percent bulls..t.”

The fake news laid an egg, hatched a second time by the self-styled newspaper of record.

In its initial report, the Times cited anonymous sources, a practice long ago sharply criticized by its own public editor, saying:

“There is nothing more toxic to responsible journalism than an anonymous source.”

Citing Pompeo as a source is worse, a known congenital liar, a Russiaphobe, Chinaphobe, Iranophobe, an unindicted war criminal, a common thug masquerading as chief Trump regime diplomat.

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