Biden/Harris Vow Unconditional Support for Apartheid Israel

Biden/Harris Vow Unconditional Support for Apartheid Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

If elected in November, Biden and Harris vow no change in one-sided US support for Israel at the expense of Palestinian rights.

The DNC 2020 platform is silent on illegal Israeli occupation of historic Palestine, supporting what breaches Fourth Geneva and other international laws.

An amendment that expressed opposition to unlawful Israeli settlements was overwhelmingly rejected by DNC platform committee members.

According to Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Action, majority Dem power brokers “voted to continue sending a blank check of our tax dollars to support Israeli apartheid over Palestinians,” adding:

“They voted to tacitly support the ongoing illegal military occupation.”

There’s nothing democratic about Dems so it’s no surprise that they support dirty business as usual continuity domestically and geopolitically.

The platform states that Dems “believe a strong, secure, and democratic Israel (sic) is vital to the interests of the United States (sic),” adding:

“Our commitment to Israel’s security, its qualitative military edge, its right to defend itself, and the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding is ironclad.”

“(W)e will work to help bring to an end a conflict that has brought so much pain to so many (sic).” 

“We support a negotiated two-state solution that ensures Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state (sic) with recognized borders and upholds the right of Palestinians to live in freedom and security in a viable state of their own (sic).”

Fact: Longstanding US support for Israel is all about advancing its own regional imperial aims at the expense of Palestinians and other Arabs wanting to live free from the boot of both countries.

Fact: There’s nothing remotely democratic about police state USA and apartheid Israel — both countries partnered in each other’s wars on humanity.

Fact: US and Israeli enemies are invented, not real.

Fact: Since Israel stole 78% of historic Palestine in 1948, stealing the rest in June 1967, the US and Jewish state opposed Palestinian self-determination, their policy unchanged today.

Ruling regimes of both countries only support a pseudo-Palestinian state, situated in powerless isolated bantustans on worthless scrubland — Jerusalem as Israel’s exclusive capital.

Fact: Dems, Republicans, and Israel don’t give a hoot about Palestinian rights, security, and a state of their own. 

Nor are they doing anything to resolve longstanding conflict. Their actions perpetuate forever conflict.

The only chance for Palestinian liberation and self-determination is through longterm struggle on their own.

The world community long ago abandoned them. Rare excepts among UN member states prove the rule.

Dems are as hostile to peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, and Palestinian rights as Republicans.

On Wednesday, Kamala Harris said “Joe has made it clear he will not tie security assistance to any political decisions that Israel makes and I couldn’t agree more,” adding:

A Biden/Harris regime “will sustain our unbreakable commitment to Israel’s security (sic), including the unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation (and)  guarantee that Israel will always maintain its qualitative military edge” — at a time when its only enemies are invented, she failed to explain.

She dubiously reiterated a Biden pledge to “reenter the Iran nuclear deal (and) improve it (sic).”

The JCPOA was achieved through years of negotiation among P5+1 countries China, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and the US with Iran.

It stands as affirmed by Security Council Resolution 2231 that automatically made it binding international and US constitutional law — not to be altered in any way for politicized US interests which is what Biden and Harris may have in mind.

Harris revealed her hostility toward Iran by suggesting she and Biden will seek revisions to landmark agreement if elected, along with falsely claiming that Trump’s abandonment of the deal “accelerated Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon” the whole world knows it doesn’t have or want.

She lied as well accusing Tehran of “militarism and regional adventurism” — US, NATO, Israeli specialties, not how the Islamic Republic operates.

Saying a Biden/Harris regime “will hold Iran’s government accountable and will rejoin a diplomatic agreement if (it) comes back into compliance (sic)” ominously sounds like they’ll continue unacceptable Trump regime anti-Iran policies.

“(W)e will work with our allies…to strengthen and extend the Iran deal and push back against Iran’s other destabilizing actions (sic),” she added.

Commenting on how a Biden/Harris regime may operate in the Middle East, three Dem National Convention Palestinian delegates slammed the party’s platform for its one-sided Israeli support.

Huwaida Arraf, Sam Hindi, and Zeina Ashrawi Hutchison said the following:

Dem party bosses “once again ignore(d) reality and basic Palestinian rights” by one-sidedly expressing support for apartheid Israel.

They “refused to acknowledge the fundamental reality that millions of Palestinians have lived under brutal Israeli military rule for more than 53 years,” a flagrant breach of their rights and international law.

The same goes for the Arab street throughout the region.

Both right wings of the US one-party state support its most ruthless despots, ignoring their high crimes, supplying them with advanced weapons and training to use for homeland repression and regional wars in support of Washington’s hegemonic aims.

The US, Israel, the Saudis, other gulf states, and likeminded despotic ones throughout the region wage permanent wars internally and abroad.

Americans in November will get to choose between growing tyranny by Republicans or Dems.

Either way, their health, welfare, safety, and other fundamental rights are fast eroding in real time.

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