US Cold War Politics

US Cold War Politics

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US pursuit of unchallenged global dominance includes endless wars by hot and other means against nations threatening no one.

Both wings of the US one-party state operate the same way on the world stage — notably waging Cold War on China, Russia and other nations they seek to transform into vassal states.

On Tuesday, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said starting what he called “a new Cold War” by the US is an attempt “to reverse the course of history and kidnap the world,” Xinhua reported, adding:

Wang stressed that China has no intention of engaging in this type activity. 

Its ruling authorities are committed to fostering cooperative relations with other nations, engaging in hostility toward none.

According to Wang, Cold War politics “is against the world development trend.”

“I think countries in the world are not going to be behind this mentality.” 

“Instead we are going to join hands to oppose anyone who is trying to drag us back into that ‘law of the jungle.’ ”

Separately, Beijing lodged a formal protest with the Trump regime over a Pentagon U-2 spy plane unacceptably entering a Chinese no-fly zone during a PLA live-fire naval drill — what it called a “serious violation” of area safety.

A PLA statement accused the US of “seriously interfer(ing) in normal exercise activities,” adding:

“It seriously violated the code of safe behavior for air and sea between China and the US and international norms.” 

“It easily leads to misjudgment, or could even cause accidents in the sea and air.”

“The move was an obvious provocation. China firmly opposes such provocative actions and has lodged solemn representations with the US side.”

According to longstanding US policy, spying on other nations, their officials, and military exercises is standard procedure.

It falsely claimed its U-2 overflight of live-fire Chinese exercises was “within the accepted international rules and regulations governing aircraft flights (sic),” adding:

Pentagon warplanes and spy planes will “continue to fly and operate anywhere international law allows (sic), at the time and tempo of our choosing (sic).”

Washington long ago abandoned the rule of international, constitutional, and its own statute laws — operating extrajudicially by its own rules, making them up as circumstances dictate, how all belligerents operate.

US warplanes and warships operate repeatedly and provocatively near China’s territorial waters, within its economic zone, and close to its coastline.

If China, Russia, or other nations on the US target list for regime change operated the same way, bipartisan hardliners in Washington would consider their actions a causus belli — according to their do as we say, not as we do principle.

They keep pushing the envelope provocatively against all nations the US doesn’t control, risking greater wars than already, even possible global war by accident or design.

Separately, the Trump regime’s aim to add another imperial trophy at the expense of sovereign independent Belarus and rights of its people continues as planned.

Ignoring reality on the ground, Pompeo days earlier turned truth on its head, saying the Trump regime supports the “peaceful expression of the Belarusian people seeking to determine their own future” — as long as they bow to Washington’s will, he failed to explain.

He falsely claimed that the August 9 presidential election was “flaw(ed).”

Incumbent Alexander Lukashenko won overwhelmingly by a near-62% majority.

US-designed puppet, political nobody Svetlana Tikhanovskaya lost, getting around 25% support.

Trump regime Assistant Secretary of State Stephen Biegun met with her in neighboring Lithuania, instructing her on what to do and say.

US aims in Belarus and other countries are profoundly undemocratic, much like how its ruling authorities operate domestically.

There’s nothing democratic about police state rule, how America and nations it controls are governed.

Sergey Lavrov also met with Biegun and EU officials, warning them against interfering in Belarus’ internal affairs, including continued efforts by the US to orchestrate and incite anti-government demonstrations. 

Establishment media propaganda never rests.

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) quoted Tikhanovskaya claiming a “revolution in Belarus” is ongoing, “a democratic revolution…the striving of a nation to decide for itself (sic).”

Nothing of the kind is occurring. Days of street protests were made in the USA, orchestrated by its dark forces, CIA and NED elements involved that are all about wanting Belarus transformed into a US vassal state.

London Guardian editors promoted the Big Lie about what they called “the battle for (Belarusian) democracy (sic).”

They falsely called its August 9 presidential election “rigged.”

Lukashenko clearly won overwhelmingly, just not as one-sidedly as officially reported.

In fantasy democracy Britain the Guardian supports, its editors slammed what they called “(t)he disregard for democracy and civil rights in Russia and Belarus (sic).”

In the West, democracy is fiction, not fact. 

Instead of calling on the US and Europe to clean up their act, govern according to the rule of law, and cease preemptive wars on nonbelligerent nations, Guardian editors joined with other establishment media in promoting unlawful regime in Belarus.

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