Russia Bashing Alexey Navalny-Related Propaganda

Russia Bashing Alexey Navalny-Related Propaganda

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Analysis by Russian toxicologists discovered no toxins in Navalny’s blood or urine, nor in his kidneys, liver or lungs where they’d likely be found if in his body. 

There were none to be found!

Berlin and German toxicologists failed to provide evidence of novichok nerve agent traces in his system as claimed.

Without it — identifiable by his DNA — claims of poisoning by this substance, able to kill exposed individuals in minutes, are highly likely to be invented, not real.

On Monday, Sputnik News reported that “Russia’s public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor has completed its probe on Alexey Navalny’s case,” the data made public for anyone to review.

Reality never deters establishment media from drawing their own conclusions that time and again unjustifiably bash sovereign nations independent of US imperial control.

Based on what’s known about novichok, the most deadly of all substances, had Navalny been exposed to it he’d have died before boarding a flight to Moscow.

The same goes for virtually everyone coming in close contact with him.

He alone is ill, hospitalized for over two weeks in Berlin, his condition diagnosed by Russian toxicologists as a metabolic disorder — unrelated to foul play.

Chances that he was poisoned by novichok is virtually nil, claims otherwise fabricated, the incident being used by Germany and the West to impose more illegal sanctions on Russia than already.

Bipartisan US hardliners want construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany halted, the project undermined altogether — to advantage US LNG producers in spite of gas in this form being 30% more expensive than what Russia can supply European countries.

NYT neocon extremist Bret Stephens is all over wanting Russia held accountable for what happened to Navalny.

He’s roaring about it despite no evidence of Kremlin responsibility for his condition, no motive for wanting him harmed.

In his latest Russophobic propaganda piece, Stephens called on Congress to pass “a Navalny Act” — demanding punishment despite no evidence of a crime, clearly none by Russia.

There’s been nothing revealed to corroborate German claims of novichok poisoning.

Whatever caused Navalny’s condition, no evidence links it to Russia.

Yet Stephens wants something on the order of unacceptable Magnitsky legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by Obama.

The 2012 measure is one of numerous unacceptable Cold War 2.0 actions against Moscow.

US lawmakers hold its authorities responsible for Russian national Sergey Magnitsky’s death in police custody.

An investigation ordered by then-President Medvedev blamed his death on medical neglect.

Magnitsky Act legislation imposes visa bans, asset freezes, and other sanctions on Russian nationals accused of committing human rights abuses. 

The US enacted law was and remains all about unacceptable Russia bashing — its ruling authorities falsely blamed time and again for things they had nothing to do with.

The most notable examples are nonexistent “Russian aggression” and Kremlin US election meddling that didn’t happen earlier or does any evidence suggest that it’s interfering in US November 3 elections.

Stephens wants Magnitsky legislation 2.0 used to impose illegal sanctions by the US and its imperial partners on an array of top Russian officials, likely including Vladimir Putin.

He wants any assets they may have in the West frozen along with travel rights to the US and likely other Western countries banned.

He reinvented political nobody Navalny with scant public support, ignoring his rap sheet.

He’s a convicted embezzler, a phony anti-corruption activist, a self-serving opportunist funded by the CIA and NED — reinvented by Stephens and likeminded media propagandists into a larger-than-life figure which he’s not.

Stephens also slammed Angela Merkel for supporting Nord Stream 2, ludicrously calling her “Putin’s greatest enabler in Europe.”

He wants Navalny legislation to sanction anyone involved with continuing Nord Stream 2’s construction, banning them from doing business in the US.

Journalism Professor Robert Jensen slammed the Times for “giving right-wing ideologue Bret Stephens a piece of the most valuable real estate in US journalism, a regular spot on its op-ed page,” adding:

He rarely finds any of his writing “compelling,” some of it “embarrassing(ly)” inaccurate.

His politics support the worst of predatory capitalism and imperial wars on invented enemies. 

He’s an embarrassment to what journalism is supposed to be, the same true for other Times propagandists on its payroll.

Note: According to Berlin’s Charite clinic on Monday where Navalny is being treated, he was removed from a medically induced coma and is responsive, adding:

It’s “too early to gauge the potential long-term effects of his” illness.

Claims that he was poisoned by a novichok nerve agent were fabricated for political reasons — wanting Russia falsely blamed for what no evidence suggests it had anything to do with.

A Final Comment

Even a broken clock is right twice daily. 

Trump correctly said “(w)e haven’t had any proof yet” that Navalny was poisoned or by Moscow. 

He also said he wants to “get along” with Russia — a positive statement deserving praise.

Not for Stephens, saying “(i)f ever one needed another reminder of why he’s unfit to be president, this is it.”

The Times and other establishment media ignore legitimate reasons why he’s unfit to serve.

Rejecting a rush to judgment on a Russia connection to what happened to Navalny, and wanting to get along with its leadership are major pluses in his favor.

Too bad he doesn’t exhibit lots more of the same.

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