Russophobic Establishment Media Rear Their Ugly Head Again

Russophobic Establishment Media Rear Their Ugly Head Again

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Western establishment media jump on any invented reasons to bash Russia.

The same goes for other nations free from US imperial control.

As mouthpieces for powerful interests at the expense of truth and full disclosure, they long ago lost credibility.

Following them for news, information and analysis assures knowing only state-approved mush.

They’re all over fake news claims that Navalny was novichoked — ignoring that exposure to even a minute amount of the most deadly known substance causes death in minutes.

Below are examples of their latest Russophobic propaganda on this issue, stuff unfit to print or read but here goes.

The NYT dubiously claimed that “(t)ies between Berlin and Moscow…eroded by” whatever caused Navalny’s illness — clearly not novichok as falsely reported by a German military lab.

The Times falsely said “the Kremlin does not seem inclined to offer…an explanation” for his illness.

Russian doctors explained their diagnosis in detail, not their German counterparts, stonewalling on providing proof to back their novichoking claim because none exists.

Like other establishment media, the Times defied reality, falsely claiming “Russia has a long history of using poison in assassination attempts, including novichok agents (sic).”

Whatever happened to Sergey and Yulia Skripal in March 2018 had nothing to do with novichok or other nerve agent poisoning.

No evidence connected their reported illnesses to Russia.

Not according to establishment media, notably not to the self-styled newspaper of record.

Saying the Skripals survived, a virtual impossibility if poisoned by novichok, the Times ignored their highly likely involuntary house arrest to silence them, saying “they are in hiding (sic).”

True enough, “little is known about their condition.” Perhaps UK authorities “silence(d) them” permanently.

As the saying goes, dead men (and women) tell no tales. The truth about what happened to them is world’s apart from Britain’s fabricated Russia-bashing version that long ago failed the smell test.

The CIA-connected Washington Post quoted Russophobic remarks by Navalny’s wife Yulia on Instagram, likely scripted for her by Western dark forces, saying: 

“When a patient gets to a Russian hospital, it suddenly turns out that the hospital administration considers him/her to be its property (sic),” adding: 

“They think they can divulge diagnoses in the mass media, publish the results of the tests, smack them up and dilute them with their ideas (sic).” 

“At the same time, they think they can deceive relatives, keep them away from the patient, and make up their own rules literally turning the hospital into an analogue of a Russian prison (sic).”

The above — likely scripted — remarks responded to noted Russian physician/president of the country’s National Medical Chamber Leonid Roshal, last Sunday saying the following:

“Many people are concerned about Navalny’s fate, and the National Medical Chamber has now appealed to the German Medical Chamber…to create an expert group with them to study the main reason for Navalny’s condition,” adding:

“Let us gather calmly — the representatives and specialists of Russia, as well as toxicologists and specialists from Germany — and we will discuss whether or not (Navalny was poisoned), because if it turns out that Navalny was, indeed, poisoned, we believe that it is necessary to initiate a criminal case in Russia.”

At the same time, Roshal stressed that Russian doctors in Omsk where Navalny was treated performed expertly, saved his life, and found no evidence of toxins in his system.

So far, Navalny’s wife alone responded to Roshal’s request, not German officials or doctors.

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Germany may impose sanctions on Russia over what happened to Navalny — despite no evidence linking his illness to the Kremlin.

At the same time, the Journal quoted Angela Merkel’s late August statement, saying Nord Stream 2 “must be finished…It’s a project by economic actors from Russia and Europe.”

Bipartisan US dark forces are going all-out to undermine its completion.

Given its importance to Germany and other European countries, they’re highly likely to be disappointed.

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