Russia and Belarus Committed to Union State

Russia and Belarus Committed to Union State

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Addressing the 7th Forum of Russian and Belarusian Regions, Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of mutual cooperation between both countries, adding:

He and Belarusian President Lukashenko “agreed we should do more to encourage the implementation of mutually beneficial projects (and) giv(e) (greater) impetus to the development of interregional ties.”

Leadership of both countries “are also committed to implementing the Treaty on the Creation of the Union State.

According to terms of the 1999 treaty, both countries would retain their sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitutions, and statute laws.

The treaty also called for close political, economic, trade, and foreign policy coordination.

Longer-term, a united parliament, single currency, and perhaps common constitution were envisioned.

Union State decisions must be approved by both countries, work underway to unify them — what Sergey Lavrov called “steps  that would make our integration fit current circumstances.”

Putin stressed that “Belarus is going through…difficult (times), including unprecedented external pressure that followed the presidential elections” Lukashenko legitimately won. 

Russia’s president vowed to support Belarusian sovereignty, calling bilateral relations “timeless and all-weather.”

Longstanding Russia/Belarus ties include mutual cooperation “in the sphere of politics, the economy, industrial cooperation, high technology, cultural and humanitarian affairs,” said Putin, adding: 

“But, without doubt, trade and investment are the priority areas of cooperation between the Russian and Belarusian regions.”

Last year, bilateral traded totaled $35.5 billion.

“More than 2,000 companies with Russian participation operate in Belarus.” 

“A major hi-tech investment project, the construction of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant in the Grodno Region, which costs around $10 billion, is being successfully implemented.”

Russia is Belarus’ primary investor. Russian companies account for about half of all direct foreign investment in the neighboring state.

Moscow provides significant financial support to its economy.

Bilateral agreements reached through the 7th Forum will further strengthen mutual economic, financial, and strategic cooperation, said Putin.

Separately on Tuesday, French President Macron met with US designated puppet-in-waiting/political nobody Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in Lithuania — unlawfully meddling in Belarus’ internal affairs, a flagrant UN Charter breach.

On Sunday, he shamefully said Lukashenko “has to go (sic).” After meeting with Tikhanovskaya, he invited her to address the French parliament.

Reportedly, she’ll address the lower house foreign relations committee.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov downplayed their meeting, saying it was between “the French president and a Belarusian citizen.”

European Council President Charles Michel irresponsibly overstepped by calling for “peaceful transition” in Belarus and “holding of free elections under international observation (sic).”

They were held on August 9. Lukashenko overwhelmingly trounced Tikhanovskaya.

OSCE officials were invited to monitor the process. They refused to send representatives.

Knowing Lukashenko would easily triumph, they abstained to ally with Washington’s pre-planned coup plot for regime change.

On Tuesday, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Rabb said the Boris Johnson regime sanctioned Lukashenko, his son, and other government officials — imposing a travel ban to the UK and asset freeze if have any in the country.

Canada joined with Britain in sanctioning senior Belarusian officials — on the phony pretext of “uphold(ing) democratic values” both countries abhor.

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