The Navalny False Flag and Nord Stream 2

The Navalny False Flag and Nord Stream 2

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Germany’s Angela Merkel and her EU counterparts know that Russia had nothing to do with what happened to Alexey Navalny.

They also want Nord Stream 2 completed, a project to supply readily available, low-cost Russian natural gas to Germany and other beneficiary Western countries when operational in the coming months.

Last week, Sergey Lavrov urged everyone “to calm down on this issue,” adding:

“We see (Trump regime hardliners) publicly try(ing) to humiliate the European Union, especially Germany…”

They “demand…that Germany…strengthen its energy security, which according to the US means abandoning Nord Stream 2 and switching to much more expensive American liquefied natural gas.” 

“I believe – this is my personal opinion, I am not speaking officially now – I believe this issue is now a point of honor for the Federal Republic of Germany.”

Great expense, planning, and labor have been involved in completing the project.

Germany and other Western beneficiary countries would shoot themselves in the foot if abandon it at this late stage.

Was Navalny’s illness a diabolical  made-in-the-USA plot to sabotage completion of the project, what the Trump regime is hellbent to stop?

On Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry discussed the Navalny incident, stressing that the Kremlin has been transparent and straightforward about what happened to him since boarding a flight  to Moscow on August 20.

Rushed to Omsk for treatment after falling ill airborne, Russian doctors saved his life and stabilized him, making his transfer to Berlin for further treatment safe.

Russia’s ministry explained that Omsk “doctors passed on to their German colleagues the data they had collected on (Navalny’s) health condition and were ready to continue to work together for the sake of his speedy recovery,” adding:

“(I)n response, (Berlin for over a month) refus(ed) to cooperate in establishing the truth about” his condition.

Straightaway, German authorities “baselessly accus(ed) (the Kremlin) of poisoning” him — a perversion of reality, no evidence suggesting it.

Despite Russian toxicologists finding no toxins in his system, no trace of a novichok or other nerve agent, their German counterparts “immediately (invented) the presence of cholinesterase inhibitors in (his) analysis, claiming he was poisoned.”

Anti-Russia hysteria heightened after so-called experts at Germany’s Military Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology invented novichok poisoning.

“Germany’s actions were so well-coordinated that a lot of questions started to surface about whether we are dealing with another staged mystical use of chemical weapons, though now not in Syria and the UK, but in Russia,” its ministry explained, adding:

“(F)acts lead to” this conclusion, including:

“(T)he immediate involvement at the highest level with requests to expeditiously take the blogger to Germany for treatment” — despite state-of-the-art care he was receiving in Omsk.

“(T)he presence of Bundeswehr (defense force) representatives and specialized vehicles of the German Ministry of Defense during his transportation.”

“(I)nvolvement in the situation of the top military and political leadership, declaring that (Navalny) was their guest.”

“All these organizational issues seem to have been part of a plan to politicize this incident with the clear aim of accusing Russia of violating the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)” — despite no motive or credible evidence suggesting it.

Instead of cooperating with Russia as required by the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (1959) and Additional Protocols, Berlin is willfully obstructing mutual cooperation with Moscow on this issue — a breach of international law.

The chemical watchdog OPCW is involved in cahoots with Germany and no doubt the US to falsely blame Russia for what it had nothing to do with.

The politically motivated scheme has no credibility, the latest example of unacceptable Russia bashing.

In this case, it appears all about a diabolical US plot to block Nord Stream 2’s completion.

The Trump regime and Congress want high-cost US LNG sold to European countries over cheap Russian natural gas.

A Final Comment

In close contact with and treating Navalny in Berlin, “Bundeswehr representatives and German doctors w(ore) no protective suits, mandatory” that’s required if Navalny was exposed to novichok or another deadly nerve agent, said Russia’s ministry.

In Tomsk, Russia, including at his hotel, at the airport terminal, and after boarding his flight to Moscow, Navalny showed no symptoms of illness.

After arriving in Berlin for treatment, Russia’s ministry said “fantasy amazing things happened,” adding:

Berlin’s failure to comply with Russia’s requests “for legal assistance constitutes a direct violation of paragraph 2 of Article VII of the CWC, which obliges all states parties to provide such assistance.”

Demands by Merkel’s government for Moscow to “facilitate” an investigation under OPCW “auspices” is all about wanting the imperial tool organization to “interfere” in Russia’s internal affairs because Navalny became ill in its territory.

Involving the OPCW in this matter “is quite questionable,” Russia’s ministry stressed, adding:

Before Berlin requested its involvement, OPCW director general Fernando Arias took “preparatory measures” ahead of the formal request.

“This circumstance clearly exposes the warped judgment and political bias of the Technical Secretariat that has never mentioned its active cooperation with Berlin when communicating with Russia’s Permanent Mission to the OPCW.”

In early September, it took biosamples from Navalny before its involvement was requested.

Evidence shows that Arias is complicit with Germany and the US to unjustly frame Russia for the Navalny incident.

OPCW involvement began “without a proper mandate.”

The organization “overstepped its mandate” in flagrant breach of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Article VII of the CWC authorizes no OPCW involvement in “pre-investigative and investigative proceedings carried out by the states parties within the framework of their legislation.”

The organization has no legal authority to disclose information it has on this matter without Russian consent, according to CWC confidentiality principles.

Russia’s ministry slammed its leadership that time and again “become(s) embroiled in political intrigues…ignor(ing) its obligations and (pursuing a) travesty…by hiding its involvement in the (Navalny incident) at Berlin’s behest.”

The whole ugly business is all about falsely blaming Russia for the incident.

Likely planned, orchestrated, and implemented by the US, it aims to undermine Nord Stream 2’s completion.

Will Germany shoot itself in the foot by going along with the diabolical scheme or serve its own interests by rejecting it?

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