China Mocks Farcical US Political Process

China Mocks the Farcical US Political Process

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The farcical US political process lacks legitimacy, a fantasy democracy, never the real thing. 

The way it should be is abhorred and not tolerated by its ruling class at home or abroad.

Bipartisan US war by other means on Venezuela’s world class social democracy is Exhibit A — what’s considered the threat of a good example by both right wings of its one-party state.

China’s Global Times (GT) mocked “deep flaws of the US” political system.

It called 2020 a year of one crisis after another “chasing the US,” including its upcoming November 3 presidential election.

Saying its process is “creaky,” GT highlighted a possible changing of the guard challenge by Trump if Biden defeats him.

“Who will determine the result of the US presidential election? The American people or certain politicians? The question is surprisingly left unanswered,” said GT.

According to US legal scholar Lawrence Douglas, constitutional and US statute law do not mandate a peaceful transition of power post-elections.

When foreign elections go “against the US will,” rejecting its candidates of choice, Washington considers them fraudulent, said GT.

US democracy in name only is “hypocritical, inequitable, and incapable of meeting or even reflecting the will of its people.”

“Its elections are kidnapped” by dark forces to assure continuity every time.

Ordinary Americans are “helpless voters” with no say over how their country is run or by whom.

Tuesday’s debate “was like the country: Everybody’s talking. Nobody’s listening. Nothing is learned. It’s a mess.”

So-called debates are part of the sham US political process. Tuesday’s spectacle showed neither candidate qualified for the nation’s highest office — or any other public one.

The South China Morning Post slammed Trump’s Big Lie, falsely blaming Beijing for made-in-the-USA COVID-19 and economic collapse.

Along with mud-slinging on other issues, Tuesday’s Trump v. Biden spitting match featured China bashing.

The US consistently blames other countries for its own wrongdoing, notably its high crimes of war and against humanity.

The topic is excluded from US political discourse, including scripted theater mischaracterized as presidential “debates.”

What Trump calls the “Wuhan (or) China virus” was made in a US biolab.

Do presidential debates matter? Not according to analyst Thomas McLoughlin, saying they “more often…confirm existing preferences,” adding:

“And there are fewer undecided voters” this year to sway.

China’s Xinhua reported that Trump v. Biden round one “descended into chaos,” both figures “clashing fiercely” with each other.

Political science Professor Christopher Baldieri was quoted saying it’s doubtful Trump/Biden debates “will have much impact.”

Americans watch “to see how their candidate does, rather than to make up their minds.”

According to the most recent polls monitored by Real Clear Politics that were conducted up to September 26 or 27, Biden leads Trump by 5 to 6 points.

Earlier September polls showed Biden ahead by 5 – 12 points.

China’s official People’s Daily broadsheet slammed how US politicians cite a nonexistent “ ‘China threat’ to” look tough on the world stage, notably against invented US adversaries, adding:

“The US can neither achieve lasting unity by ‘making’ foreign enemies at the expense of (its) own interests nor deceive the public for a long time by playing a dangerous game of misleading the world about its relationship with China, as truth will come to light sooner or later.”

Asia/Pacific expert David Lampton was quoted saying at a time of “worldwide economic distress, and racial and social injustice at home and abroad, China is not America’s biggest problem.” 

“The only question in this US political season is, ‘Who will have the guts to blurt out this truth?’ ” 

Both wings of the US war party “damage(d) international relations” in pursuit of their own hegemonic interests, said the People’s Daily, adding:

China will “safeguard its own sovereignty, security and development interests, and will not give up its own principles to respond to the US elections.”

Washington’s biggest problem is itself, decaying internally from growing inequality and rage to smash other nations in pursuit of its hegemonic aims — instead of serving all its people equitably, fostering peace, and seeking cooperative relations with other nations.

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