Russia to Normalize Military Cooperation with Iran

Russia to Normalize Military Cooperation with Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On October 18, the UN arms embargo on Iran expires.

Last month, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said the following:

“New opportunities will emerge in our cooperation with Iran after the special regime imposed by UN Security Council Resolution 2231 expires on October 18,” adding:

Russian cooperation with Tehran “has nothing to do with the unlawful and illegal actions of the US (regime), which is trying to intimidate the entire world.”

Around the same time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov explained that Kremlin policies toward Iran won’t be influenced by unacceptable US demands, saying the following:

“We have heard Washington say that all who those who will fail to share its view of the situation, which brings us back to the need to restore sanctions on Iran, will be punished by additional measures that the US will take, including economic ones,” adding:

“I can only speak on behalf of Russia.” 

“When building its policy, Russia will in no way take into account these aggressive demands that have no legal force.”

“I hope that other countries that cooperate with Iran will take a principled stand and will be guided by their national interests and not by the need to listen to orders from overseas.”

“We are trying to explain to (the Trump regime) that (its) attitude to(ward) international law will lead nowhere.” 

“We don’t know yet what the result will be as we see how arrogantly Washington takes such calls.”

On Saturday, Russia’s envoy to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan said when the UN arms embargo on the country expires this month, “Russia has no problem delivering S-400s to” its military — already operating S-300 air defense missiles.

“This was never a problem from the very beginning” for Russia to supply Iran with S-400s, he added.

“The Russian side has said from the start that there would be no problems selling arms to Iran starting on October 19.”

Last month by executive order, Trump threatened unlawful sanctions on nations, entities or individuals that legally sell conventional arms to Iran when the UN embargo expires.

Russia intends selling arms to Iran. So will China most likely.

Days earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said once the UN arms embargo ends, “we will be able to satisfy our needs with the help of countries with which we have strategic relations, for example, Russia and China,” adding:

“We can provide for ourselves. We can even export weapons.” 

“(W)hen necessary, we can buy from these countries. I doubt that secondary US sanctions will be an obstacle for them.”

Decades of hostile US policy toward Iran, notably Trump regime “maximum pressure,” failed to achieve its objectives.

The Islamic Republic foiled over 40 years of US efforts to transform the country into a vassal state under pro-Western puppet rule.

Along with Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and other sovereign independent nations, Iran remains free from US imperial control.

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