Big Lies of Our Times — the Navalny Hoax

Big Lies of Our Times — the Navalny Hoax

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Europe is preparing to sanction Russia unlawfully for what happened to Navalny — knowing it wasn’t from novichok poisoning and that Russia had nothing to do with his illness. 

More below on this.

On all things Russia (and other independent nations), truth-telling journalism is the first casualty, propaganda featured instead.

Establishment media operate as agents for the imperial state and monied interests — reporting rubbish to demonize invented US adversaries, reality ignored.

Time and again, Russia is falsely accused of things it had nothing to do with.

US dirty hands are behind phony accusations, colonized Europe going along — even when harming member states’ interests.

It happens repeatedly with disturbing regularity. Imperial USA calls the shots, subservient European countries bow to a higher power.

Before the Navalny hoax, false accusations against Russia included:

Fake US election meddling!

Fake meddling in European and other elections!

Fake aggression in Ukraine!

Fake Crimea annexation!

Fake downing of MH 17!

Fake novichok poisoning of the Skripals in Britain!

Fake cyberattacks on the US!

Fake theft of DNC emails!

Fake bounties to Taliban fighters to kill US forces in Afghanistan!

Fake threat to the US power grid!

Fake Kremlin threat to the West and world peace!

Big Lies repeated enough by politicians and establishment media get most people to believe almost anything.

No matter how often people are deceived, they’re easy marks to be duped again.

Propaganda works. Polls on public sentiment show it.

Most Americans are easy to fool by the power of repetition and distracting bread and circuses.

They’re the most over-entertained, uninformed people anywhere – despite easy access to online and other ways to stay informed. 

Since George Creel turned pacifist Americans into raging German-haters in 1917, giving Woodrow Wilson involvement in WW I he sought, the US public mind has been manipulated time and again — convincing most people to go along with, or not to resist, policies harming their well-being.

Social psychologist Alex Carey’s book titled “Taking the Risk Out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda versus Freedom and Liberty” explained the following:

“The twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.” 

Big Lies and mass deception are the stock and trade of powerful interests — used yo manipulate the public mind.

Go-along establishment media are essential to successfully manufacture consent. They’re weapons of mass deception.

Industrialist Henry Ford said if Americans knew how US financial interests operated, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

There’s no exact quote of what he long ago said. The 1937 House Congressional Record paraphrased his remark in language similar to the above.

In his likely ghost-written 1922 book titled “My Life and Work,” he said the following:

“The people are on the side of sound money. They are so unalterably on the side of sound money that it is a serious question how they would regard the system under which they live, if they once knew what (bankers and other financial interests) can do with it.”

On Wednesday, a joint statement by Germany and France said the following:

“France and Germany reiterate their strong condemnation of the poisoning of…Navalny on Russian territory (sic), using a military-grade nerve agent from the novichok group (sic).”

“… France and Germany have repeatedly called on Russia to fully investigate the circumstances of this crime and to account for the perpetrators (sic).” 

“No credible explanation has been provided by Russia so far (sic).” 

“In this context, we consider that there is no other plausible explanation for Mr Navalny’s poisoning than a Russian involvement and responsibility (sic).”

“Drawing the necessary conclusions from these facts (sic), France and Germany will share with European partners proposals for additional sanctions” on Russia. 

“Proposals will target individuals deemed responsible for this crime (sic) and breach of international norms (sic), based on their official function, as well as an entity involved in the novichok program (sic).”

No such Russian Federation program exists.

The above hyperbole reinvented reality.

Sanctioning Russian officials and/or entities is largely symbolic, part of longstanding Kremlin bashing — Europe bowing to a higher power in Washington.

On October 6, Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed what it called “predictable” OPCW claims about the Navalny incident, adding:

“(T)his…fantastic story…continu(es) (a) pre-planned conspiracy scenario.”

Russia “intends to distribute its vision of the situation on Germany’s cooperation with the OPCW Technical Secretariat, at the current session of the Executive Council.” 

“It will present the chronology of backstage manipulations by the main actors in this play to the participants of the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

Four separate “inquiries…by (Russia’s) Prosecutor-General’s Office…to German authorities” for information on Navalny went unanswered — a cover-up by Berlin in cahoots with the US, Britain, and Brussels.

Phony claims about the August 20 Navalny incident are among many Big Lies of our times.

Russia and other nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to US interests — at the expense of their own — are targeted time and again.

Big Lies facilitate actions taken — no matter how unjustifiable and illegal.

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