Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Bolivia, Iran and Other Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Bolivia, Iran and Other Issues

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on “destructive forces” that undermine conflict resolution in Syria.

Notably it’s because of US occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory, along with its support for anti-Assad jihadists.

Pentagon arms and munitions continue to pour into US-occupied Syrian territory from US-occupied Iraq.

Reports also indicate “stepped-up activities of the Islamist radicals that are penetrating regions controlled by the lawful Syrian authorities and engage in local armed clashes with the Syrian military,” said MZ.

On November 11 and 12, Syrian authorities will hold an international conference on aiding the return the refugees from abroad and internally displaced people from years of US aggression.

Russia co-organized the event to help Syrians displaced by war return to their home areas.

MZ commented on the defeat of US-installed coup d’etat rule in Bolivia by MAS candidates, headed by President-Elect Luis Alberto Arce.

He’ll take office in the “first half of  November,” according to Telesur.

Turnout was a record-high 87%.

Under the online heading “Time to Escape,” news of ousted from usurped power Jeanine Anez’s request for 350 US visas went viral on social media.

Reportedly, she and co-coup plotters fear prosecution for high crimes against the state and Bolivian people.

MZ noted that strong anti-coup regime public sentiment “overc(ame) any attempts at political engineering, including that imposed from the outside” like last November against legitimately elected President Evo Morales.

MZ stressed Russia’s “readiness to strengthen our political dialogue and mutually beneficial trade, economic and investment cooperation in fuel and energy, science and technology, agriculture, education, culture and other areas of mutual interest.”

Commenting on the defeat of Trump regime efforts for Security Council imposed snapback sanctions and indefinitely extending an international arms embargo on Iran, MZ noted that its hardliners persist in their “misguided” policies toward the country,

They’re “out of revenge” in vain, she added.

MZ: “US attacks and threats against various countries and international organizations” happen with disturbing regularity.

“This behavior is…absolutely unacceptable.”

“The US military-industrial complex” aims to flood the Middle East with weapons to continue ongoing wars and prepare for new ones.

Russia’s agenda is polar opposite Washington’s —“partner(ing) and cooperat(ing)” with other nations, confrontational toward none.

Its geopolitical agenda very much includes cooperative relations with Iran.

“With regard to defense industry cooperation, Russia’s policy is entirely consistent with international law and is carried out in full compliance with Russian laws, which are among the toughest and, unlike in the United States, do not depend on political whims or attachments,” said MZ.

“The Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran maintain longtime friendly and diverse ties and a relationship that has always been aimed at creating the required conditions for regional peace and stability.” 

“Both countries are vitally interested in neighbors living in peace and addressing mutual problems at the negotiating table and on the basis of international law and principles formalized by the UN Charter.”

Commenting on fabricated US/UK charges of foreign hacking by six Russian officials, MZ slammed what she called fabricated accusations of Russian” illegal actions in the information space,” adding:

“(W)e live in the world of an infodemic.” Fake US-led Western accusations are made “routine(ly) nowadays,” notably “bogus (claims) about…Russian hackers…ratcheting up…grievances to the point of absurdity.”

On conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, MZ said “(t)he situation…is in an active phase, which unfortunately  involves bloodshed.”

“Service members and civilians are dying.” Russia’s position is clear and stated many times.

Moscow seeks a negotiated ceasefire followed by diplomacy for conflict resolution based on compromises by both warring sides, according to international law.

Since conflict erupted in Nagorno-Karabakh, “Russian and Iranian leaders have repeatedly discussed the conflict’s escalation at the high and highest levels,” seeking ways to halt fighting. 

So far, efforts by Russia, other Minsk Group countries, and Iran to achieve ceasefire and conflict resolution have been in vain — because Azerbaijan and Turkey want war, not peace.

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