Russian Foreign Ministry on Nagorno-Karabakh, Deescalating East-West Tensions, and Other Issues

Russia Foreign Ministry on Nagorno-Karabakh, Deescalating East-West Tensions, and Other Issues

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on Azeri war on Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh (NK below).

Fighting continues fiercely after being launched on September 27, no letup so far despite Sergey Lavrov’s all-out efforts to try halting it diplomatically.

MZ explained Russia’s efforts, including that Putin “speaks regularly by telephone with the leaders of” warring sides.

Moscow remains concerned about about reports of Turkish-deployed jihadists to NK.

On Saturday, Armenia accused Azerbaijan of using white phosphorous in the enclave.

The terror weapon burns flesh to the bone of exposed individuals.

According to Armenia’s Human Rights Defender and Artsakh (NK) ombudsman, Azeri forces are using these banned weapons that are also able to cause environmental destruction by setting areas ablaze.

On Saturday, Armenia’s United Information Center reported the following:

“In the morning, hostilities resumed in the northeastern, southern and southeastern directions.”

“The enemy continues to attack peaceful settlements and civilian infrastructure. The enemy used weapons containing” white phosphorus (that’s) prohibited by the Geneva Conventions.”

On the same day, Baku denied the accusation, saying:

“We officially declare that the Azerbaijani army has no weapons and ammunition prohibited by international law.”

False! According to reports on the ground, Azeris are using banned Israeli-supplied cluster munitions in NK residential areas.

Remnants of unexploded Israeli Mo95 submunition bomblets were found on the ground.

No evidence indicates that Armenian or NK forces have these terror weapons.

On Saturday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Moscow “will render Yerevan all necessary assistance if fighting takes place directly on” its territory, repeating pledge it made earlier.

On October 30, foreign ministers of both warring sides met with OSCE Minsk Group representatives in Geneva.

According to a press statement, they met separately and jointly with Russian, French, and US officials.

Discussions failed to halt fighting in NK.

Days earlier, Turkish F-16s — Erdodan said aren’t used in NK — attacked a maternity hospital and school in the enclave.

In response, MK failed to address the issue herself, instead quoted Sergey Lavrov, saying:

“We call on all outside players to do their best to prevent the further unfolding of the military scenario, cool the parties’ emotions, and step up work to create conditions for a re-launch of the peace process.”

So-called “outside players” in the US and West consistently reject calls for diplomatic conflict resolution whenever it’s at odds with their imperial aims.

According to MZ, Vladimir Putin days earlier proposed steps to deescalate tensions with the West.

He reaffirmed Russia’s “call to NATO to announce a moratorium on the deployment of ground-based intermediate-and shorter-range missiles” — what the US, UK, and other NATO countries rejected.

MZ: “It is difficult to see Europe’s position as anything other than evidence that it does not want to search together for a mutually acceptable solution to the missile crisis, for which the US and its NATO allies, unconditionally supporting Washington, bear full responsibility.”

Time and again, Russian diplomatic overtures to the West are rebuffed or ignored.

Clear evidence shows that taking this approach by Moscow accomplishes nothing.

The only language the US, UK, other NATO countries and Israel understand is toughness. It’s been this way throughout the post-WW II period.

Commenting on US announced plans to deploy hypersonic missiles to Europe to contain nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia, MZ advised “US political elites to contain themselves.”

The announcement by Trump regime national security advisor Robert O’Brien followed Putin’s call for an East/West moratorium on deploying short and longer-range missiles in Europe, including mutually agreed on verification steps.

If the Trump regime follows through on its announced deployment, it’ll succeed only in heightening tensions instead of going all-out to step back from the brink.

On October 28 in Philadelphia, Russian journalists were “surrounded by a crowd of looters and had to defend themselves,” MZ explained, adding: 

“Despite the resistance they put up, they…lost their equipment and” were injured.

No law enforcement officials came to aid them.

No assistance was rendered by Philadelphia police to help the injured.

MZ: “This level of impunity for crimes against journalists sounds like a chronicle from a war zone and does not at all fit in with the image (the US pretends) to project on the international arena.”

Its actions domestically and abroad describe its true nature — a belligerent rogue state at war on humanity.

Ironically, the incident happened shortly ahead of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. 

The US long ago abandoned rule of law principles at home and abroad.

Separately on October 27, an RT journalist was mistreated in New York.

According to Tass, “US intelligence services interrogated Konstantin Rozhkov, a Russian (photojournalist) working for RT channel, for several hours” in mid-October.

Russia’s embassy in Washington  demanded an explanation for what happened.

Without just cause, Rozhkov was unacceptably interrogated “for several hours.”

He came to the US in connection with a Russian documentary “about America in the run-up to the presidential election.”

He was unacceptably asked to “provide access to all existing electronic devices, and then to give an explanation to information available for public access, namely the Russian national’s Sputnik V (vaccine shot against covid disease) and the text messages related to (his) activity.”

According to the embassy, “the interrogation of a member of the Russia media went beyond regular procedure related to ensuring public security.”

“We consider the incident as a blatant attempt by the American government to pressure a representative of the media that provides an opportunity for the audience to see alternative views to those prevalent in the USA.” 

“We demand an explanation from the US State Department.”

MZ slammed US “intimidation, pressure and harassment of journalists and discrimination against Russian citizens on the grounds of nationality,” adding:

“We regard these actions by the US as a direct obstruction of free and independent media and restriction of freedom of expression, which runs counter to (its) international obligations…”

What happened is typical of how police state America operates extrajudicially at home and abroad.

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