Russian Foreign Ministry on Nagorno Karabakh, Syria, and Other Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry on Nagorno Karabakh, Syria, and Other Issues

by Stephen Lendman \( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that fighting in Nagorno Karabak continues without let up.

Both sides are targeting civilians, said MZ, committing war crimes when striking them.

Days earlier, Vladimir Putin spoke to Armenian and Azeri leaders, urging them to end fighting and resolve differences diplomatically.

Sergey Lavrov got both sides to agree on ceasefire three times, each time failing to halt fighting.

At this time, clashes continue, notably near Shusha, the Lachin corridor, and Stepanakert.

Whichever side triumphs over the other in these areas will likely control the enclave.

Yet fighting continues endlessly, including artillery strikes near and around populated areas.

Putin again stressed that “Russia is doing everything in its power to make sure that the conflict in the South Caucasus ends as soon as possible, as well as to protect the lives of people who are unfortunately looking at each other down the barrel of a gun and are using weapons against each other,” adding:

“We maintain contact with both Armenia and Azerbaijan. I hope that we will manage to achieve results on a basis acceptable to all those living in the region.”

It hasn’t happened so far and won’t ahead easily. Nor will it likely be soon.

On Syria, US aggression and sanctions created “socioeconomic crisis” conditions for its long-suffering people, MZ explained.

If Biden succeeds Trump in January, war will continue and likely escalate.

Both right wings of the US one-party state are belligerent, Dems more than Republicans.

A Biden/Harris regime will likely launch one or more new wars, along with no end to ongoing ones — together with piling on more sanctions on targeted countries to increase suffering of their people.

US-controlled ISIS is very much still around in Syria and elsewhere.

MZ said their elements stepped up terrorist attacks “in central and eastern Syria, including the Kurdish-controlled region on the northern bank of the Euphrates River.”

She denounced what she called “chemical blackmail” by the OPCW in cahoots with the US and other Western countries, falsely accusing Damascus of failing to provide information about its long ago eliminated CW weapons.

They no longer exist. To its disgrace, the OPCW pretends otherwise.

Time and again, I’ve stressed that the organization should be disbanded, its officials sacked, a new independent body replacing it — beholden to no one and nothing but truth-telling.

Commenting on farcical US November 3 elections, MZ noted accusations by Trump of election fraud, incomplete results in key swing states targeted by GOP lawsuits.

On December 14, US (Electoral College) electors are scheduled to meet and vote. 

In January before Trump’s term in office expires, House, Senate, and National Archives representatives are scheduled to certify results of the presidential election.

Ordinary Americans have no say over who serves as president or in key congressional posts.

Behind-the-scenes dark forces control everything.

Commenting on a German letter to Russia on the Navalny issue, MZ said the following:

Moscow is still waiting for responses by German authorities regarding their unacceptable actions that damaged bilateral relations — in deference to US dark forces and their own internal ones.

On October 30, nearly three months after Navalny’s illness occurred and medical treatment he received in Berlin did Russia’s Prosecutor General’s office receive a letter from Germany’s Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection about Navalny.

MZ: The unacceptable letter confirmed “Berlin’s avoidance of constructive collaboration to clarify the real circumstances of the incident with the Russian citizen.” 

It took “German law enforcement bodies nearly three months to formulate this short runaround reply.”

Instead of straightforward answers to Russian questions, Berlin delivered “counter-questions.”

It showed that Merkel’s government has no intention of cooperating with Russia on this issue.

Nor will it provide evidence of novichok nerve agent poisoning because none exists.

It’s also unwilling to provide Russia with results of medical tests performed on Navalny.

MZ: “What information are German counteragents hiding, and why are they afraid of disclosing it?

After continued obstruction for months, it’s clear that German authorities don’t give a damn about cooperative relations with Russia.

They’ve gone way out of their way to cause serious harm to bilateral relation that won’t be easily repaired.

On issues connected to Russian relations with the US, Germany, and other Western countries, Moscow has adversaries, not allies.

It’s been this way for over a century, except for short-lived interregnum periods.

It begs the question. Why do Russian authorities spend time pursuing cooperative relations with backstabbing nations?

Why do they waste time on what accomplishes nothing but betrayal time and again?

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