The Shame of the Self-Styled Newspaper of Record NYT

The Shame of the Self-Styled Newspaper of Record NYT

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since its 1851 founding, the NYT served wealth and power interests exclusively over truth-telling journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

Its editors, columnists and correspondents never met a US war of aggression against a nonthreatening state they didn’t wholeheartedly cheerlead.

Before her fall from grace, the Time gave feature front-page coverage to Judith Miller’s Big Lies about nonexistent Iraqi WMDs.

As Washington bureau chief before sacked, her job was selling war ahead of Bush/Cheney’s 2003 aggression against Iraq and its people.

Like Times misreporting before and after her time on staff, she featured propaganda over truth and full disclosure.

The late Alex Cockburn ripped her, saying:

“With Miller we sink to the level of straight press handout.” 

“Lay all Judith Miller…stories end to end, from late 2001 to June, 2003, and you get a desolate picture of a reporter with an agenda, both manipulating and being manipulated by US government officials, Iraqi exiles and defectors, an entire Noah’s Ark of scam-artists.”

The same thing is true about current Times reporting on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

It’s surely true about Trump v. Biden/Harris coverage — one-sidedly bashing DJT in daily editions since defeating media darling Hillary in 2016, while reinventing Biden/Harris.

Misreporting on Election 2020 occurred during its run-up and aftermath, including in the latest Times edition.

A feature November 11 story falsely claims no electoral fraud occurred — ignoring it in key swing states. 

The Times: Trump, others around him, “congressional Republicans and right wing allies have put forth the false claim (sic) that the election was stolen from Mr. Trump and have refused to accept results that showed Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the winner (sic).”

If Biden/Harris are inaugurated as expected because of a rigged process unlikely to be judicially or otherwise reversed, they’ll have been selected, not elected, to high office.

It won’t be the first time farcical US “elections” turnout this way — for president and other offices, ones at the federal, state, and local levels.

“Democracy” in America is a figure of speech, a process of mass deception that’s worlds apart from how the nation is run in reality.

Mass media like the Times are part of the deception — featuring state-approved propaganda, concealing what’s most important for everyone to know.

The Times has been operating this way for nearly 150 years.

Along with selling wars of aggression and scorning peace, its misreporting on Election 2020 is some of the worst throughout its odious history.

Citing and quoting what it called “top election officials across the country,” claiming “there was no evidence that fraud or other irregularities” in the race for the White House occurred, they and the Times (along with other media) are part of a massive coverup of reality. 

Saying Election 2020 was “a remarkable success” ignored brazen fraud for Biden/Harris over incumbent Trump.

US elections notoriously aren’t open, free and fair. Power brokers in cahoots with monied interests decide things.

Ordinary Americans are left out entirely, having no say over who serves in high places.

Claims otherwise by politicians, bureaucrats, and media defy reality.

On election day November 3, an Issues and Insights (I&I) editorial headlined the following:

“(Dems) Deny Voter Fraud Exists As They Plot To Steal Pennsylvania,” saying:

State Dems “laid the groundwork to commit targeted fraud,” adding:

The incomplete November 3 “electoral map (shows) Biden (leading) Trump (by a) 260 (to) 258” margin, based on the Real Clear Politics average — a virtual dead heat.

“That…leave(s) Pennsylvania as the deciding state, which Trump won in 2016 by” over 44,000 votes.

“Well, guess what (Dems) managed to pull off in Pennsylvania.” 

“They’ve practically rolled out the welcome mat to voter fraud.”

“The rules put in place by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for 2020” allow:

“Ballots that arrived late without a postmark must be presumed to have been mailed before Election Day.”

Were they actually mailed or part of pre-and/or-post-Election Day ballot box stuffing by state election officials for Biden/Harris?

“Signatures on the mail-in ballots don’t have to match those on record to be counted.”

Pennsylvania’s High Court “stripped (state) election officials of any practical way to challenge mail-in ballots of whatever provenance before they are counted.”

According to former federal and state prosecutor George Parry:

“(T)he outcome of the presidential election (in Pennsylvania) will come down to a post-Election Day ‘knife fight.’ ”

“Don’t expect (it) to be fair,” said I&I.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro virtually promised a Biden/Harris victory in the state, tweeting:

“If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose.” 

“That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process.”

Separately he tweeted: “If Trump’s lawyers “want to try us, we’d be happy to defeat you in court one more time.”

Pre-election, Trafalgar Group pollster Robert Cahaly said that for Trump to win Pennsylvania, he’ll need a “four or five (point margin) to overcome the voter fraud that’s going to happen there.”

His firm correctly called key swing states for Trump in 2016. 

This year, he had Trump winning several key ones again that went to Biden/Harris — most likely the old-fashioned way by election-rigging.

I&I editors expected Pennsylvania Dems to “make voter fraud legal” to swing the state for Biden/Harris over Trump.

Reality is polar opposite claims by the NYT, other establishment media, and swing state officials for Biden/Harris that no fraud occurred.

It was brazen and clear to make Trump a one-term president.

I’ve said before and I’ll repeat it again now.

Trump, Biden and Harris aren’t fit for any public office, surely not the highest.

When farcical US elections are held, governance the way it should be is off the table.

Privileged interests alone are served, ordinary Americans exploited so they’ll benefit.

Things turn out the same way every time. Rare moments otherwise are short-lived and reversed.

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